Abstract Concept In Nursing Essay

Identify the concept and purpose for studying the concept of a word. Like the words stroke, heart, culture, power, and or sensitivity can be used in health care has a meaning. These words can be also used in other discipline outside of nursing and have other meanings, for the purpose of this assignment, the word that is identified is the holistic care approach in nursing.

The concept of the word holistic can have different meanings, and it is usable either in nursing as part of patient caring, and it is also usable in philosophy which is characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. a life style of ethnic group. In this assignment, the concept of the word culture will be used solely The concept of a word is a phenomenon that occurs in nature or in thought and is derived from certain attributes.

To meet the needs of the people in the healthcare settings, it would be an imperative for nurses to integrate a concept that may allow them to understand the roles as a caregiver and the patient’s needs. This nursing concept may be used as a guide in developing the patient care and management. In order for the health care providers promote an ultimate care to their patients, it would be appropriate to understand the patients with their problems so the nurse can assist the vulnerable patient through advocacy and that nurses ought to understand the patient’s needs and the patient adequate care can develop.

In this case, the nursing concept that may promote patient care management that can be identified as the concept and purpose in studying the concept of a word in the holistic care nurse throughout. Describe reasons for this concept being of interest to nursing and its body of knowledge A good patient care should be the concern of any nurse either in the hospital settings or at home. The holistic care embraces many areas in administering patient care management. One of the reasons is to be the patient advocate.

The role of nurses is to advocate for their patients to promote safety, to understand the needs of their patients, their families, and their love one. According to Selanders and Crane (2012), “Since the time of Florence Nightingale, however, the goal of nursing has remained unchanged, namely to provide a safe and caring environment that promotes patient health and well-being” By becoming a patient advocacy, it is important for nurses to be concrete in their actions and to be loyal of the clinical ethics consultant.

Another reason that the holistic concept is f interest to nursing career and to its knowledge is patient caring. The holistic approach incorporating humanistic and altruistic values that facilitates the nurses to promote the good care management and the positive health outcomes within their practice. Moreover, the holistic care approach that should be related to the current practice as the caregiver, nursing instructor is to promote a realistic care which fosters to see the patients in whole. The fundamental practice of nurse is to focus on the patients first before the care can should even start.

In this aspect, the patient discharge is to be start prior the patient is admitted to the floor. There were many patients where there their problems were not only health related issues only. “Holistic nurses conduct holistic assessments, select appropriate interventions, and assist the client in exploring self-awareness, spirituality, and personal transformation in healing” (Mariano, 2005, p. 49). Some of these patients needed social workers, transportations, a housekeeping to clean their home for sanitary and hygiene to prevent complications. This is where a holistic care nurse was important.

Define the attributes of the concept and relevant uses. The healthcare organizations should see the patients in deep instead of see these people as their clients, I hope that they could follow the concept of Healthy People in promoting patient care management. Many people are sick and they become much sicker just because their medical care was not handled properly. The concept of holistic nursing care approach means a lot in clinical care practice and evidenced-base practice. This the approach that I develop that helps me understand my patients as a whole the person, the disease, and their environment.

This concept should be an interest to all health care settings. To understand the patient conditions, their needs, and their environment, and also to treat them accordingly, holistic care should be the center or the heart of patient’s cares. Provide the theoretical and operational definition of the concept based on the review of literature. (Theoretical is pure definition and operational is how it is used in practice. ) The abstract concept is a term that can be referred as an idea or concept which has no physical referents. The concrete term is referred to objects or events that are available to the senses.

We all as nurses want to make our patients feel comfortable. The term comfortable as an abstract term is not the same to everyone. One patient may be felt comfortable in the supine position while another patient may be felt comfortable in Fowler’s position. In the concrete concept for example giving a pain medication to a patient who is in severe pain to make this patient feels comfortable is a concrete concept. “It has been shown that concrete concepts are more easily learned than abstract concepts” (Hill, Korhonen, & Bentz, 2014, p. 163).

Concrete terms are clearer and more interesting than abstract terms. The real value of nursing can only be represented by a broad theoretical framework that includes both tested procedures and the human caring role” (McCrae, 2011 p. 225). Nursing is the only profession that embraces: clinician, teaching, and advocacy which the concept of human caring. In Unit 2 I had chosen the concept of holistic care approach in patient care and management. The theoretical and operational definition that can be applied to the concept of holistic care approach in patient care and management is to see the patients as whole which addresses the body, mind and spirit.

According to Klebanoff, & Hess (2013), holistic nursing is based on a philosophy of living and being that is grounded in caring, relationship, and interconnectedness. The goal of the holistic care nurse is to identify the underlying cause that may cause an impact in patient health. If a patient, for example, has a health condition it is important to look at how it impacts the patient’s health emotionally, physically, and spiritually. If someone has a spiritual or emotional crises like grieving the death of a loved one, then we look at how it impacts them physically.

Apply the concept as it relates to your practice and how you will use this concept in the future. The holistic approach is a concept that should be developed while the health care providers take care of their patients. The holistic care can be applied anywhere like in the hospitals, nursing home, at the patient home, doctor’s office and at any place where the health care must be provided. For example, there are some patients who discharged from a health care setting to go home, and their care need to be continued at home.

If the care providers feel like the home environment of the patient can cause an impact in healing. This is where the holistic care is important. It would be appropriate as the nurse to refer these patients to a social worker to find out better resources. In applying the concept as it relates to the practice and how it would use in nursing practiced either today or in the future, nurses have gone beyond of what they have called to do. In many cases, Nightingale set the example in showing patient’s advocacy. Since the beginning of the modern era of nursing, advocacy has become increasingly more important to the nursing profession” (Hanks, 2013, p. 167).

This concept of holistic care management goes beyond the medical needs. “Holistic care is a comprehensive model of caring which is believed to be the heart of the science of nursing” (Zamanzadeh, et al. , 2015, p. 214). The practice of holistic requires nurses to integrate self-care, self-responsibility, prevention, treatment and management of illness or disease and the preservation, maintenance or restoration of mental, physical and spiritual health through holistic methods.