Rape Victims Rights Essay

Rape is a serious problem that affects millions of people every year. Rape victims often face many challenges, including social stigma, legal hurdles, and emotional trauma. However, there are many organizations and individuals working to help rape victims recover and rebuild their lives. As a social worker, you may be called upon to support someone … Read more

Cyberbullying Critical Analysis

Cyberbullying is a relatively new term that has been increasingly recognized in recent years. Cyberbullying is defined as the use of electronic communication to bully a person. Cyberbullying can take many different forms, such as sending mean or threatening emails, instant messages, or text messages, posting hurtful comments on social networking sites, or even hacking … Read more

Forensic Science Essay

Forensic science is the application of scientific methods and techniques to investigate criminal activity. Forensic scientists use a variety of disciplines, including biology, chemistry, physics, and other sciences, to analyze physical evidence from crime scenes. This evidence can be used to identify suspects, understand how crimes were committed, and help solve cases. Forensic science has … Read more

Crime in Sports

With the World Cup in full swing, it’s a good time to take a look at the darker side of the beautiful game: crime in sports. While most athletes are upstanding citizens, there have been plenty of cases of criminal activity in the world of professional sports. From match-fixing and bribery to assault and murder, … Read more

Computer crime essay

Computer crime is a growing problem around the world. With the increasing use of computers and the internet, more and more people are finding ways to use them for criminal activities. Hackers are constantly finding new ways to break into systems and steal information. They can also use computers to spread viruses and malware, which … Read more

Sociology Of Serial Killers

Sociology is the study of human social behavior. Sociologists examine the ways in which people interact with each other and how they use and maintain power within society. One area of sociology that has received a great deal of attention in recent years is the study of serial killers. Serial killers are individuals who kill … Read more

Media And Crime Essay

The television has become one of the most important sources of information for people in today’s society. It is also one of the most powerful tools that criminals have at their disposal. The media has a lot of influence over how the public perceives crime, and this can have a significant impact on the justice … Read more


One summer night, Angel Resendez-Ramirez, a lean Mexican immigrant with black hair and striking green eyes, scaled the fence around rusty cross ties and prowled through California’s San Gabriel commuter rail yard. He scooted along an elevated platform as trains rumbled noisily past. But instead of jumping onto a departing train as he had done … Read more

Sociology Of Serial Killers

Serial killers are talked about quite often, especially if their name keeps coming up in the news. Serial Killers are people who kill multiple people (usually several), usually one by one. They make a “cooling off” period between their crimes; this may be anywhere from days to decades. Serial killers may work alone or with … Read more

Argumentative Essay On Gun Control

Gun violence is an ongoing issue in the United States. Gun control laws attempt to reduce the amount of gun-related crime that occurs by placing restrictions on who can own guns, where they can be sold, and how they are sold. Gun rights supporters argue that gun control restricts their Constitutional right to bear arms … Read more

Forensic Science Essay

The Forensic science is the scientific method used for investigating and detecting crime. Forensic scientists collect, preserve, analyze and report on scientific evidence found at the scene of a crime or in connection with another criminal act. Forensic Science was born around 200 years ago by Italian scientist Alessandro Volt27). Forensic science is still a … Read more

Serial Killer Essay

A serial killer is a person who murders three or more people, in two or more separate events over a period of time, for primarily psychological reasons. The United States FBI asserts that serial killers commit crimes (the unlawful killing of one or more human beings by another) to satisfy some abnormal psychological need for … Read more

Day Reporting Center Pros And Cons

The John Augustus Massachusetts Reporting Center is a program for those released from incarceration and put on probation. The Reporting Center focuses on altering former offenders’ behavior so they can stay out of prison and not commit any more crimes. The Reporting Center uses monitoring equipment, such as GPS devices and alcohol detectors, to supervise … Read more

Criminal Investigation Research Paper

The whole purpose of setting up a perimeter around a crime scene is to protect potential evidence within. The third step in a criminal investigation is initiating a preliminary survey. This step is basically an initial walk through of a crime scene. What investigators are looking for in this step is obvious evidence. This stage … Read more

Grisham Case

Question #1 states “Grisham identified four (4) United States supreme court (USSC) cases linked to the Fifth (5th) Amendment. Identify each case presented in the book and provide a one to two sentence statement about that case. ” The first case discusses Hopt v. Utah in which the court stated “The supreme court ruled that … Read more

Example Of Neutralization Essay

Furthermore, Clarke & Cornish (1985), note that it is important to understand the why behind the commission of criminal offending. We have moved past an era where we blame just or genetics, the researchers and authors presented this semester are interested in learning more about the how, why, and the belief system to get a … Read more

Compare And Contrast White Collar Crime Vs Street Crime

Crime occurs almost every day in the United States. Many crimes that occur have motives and there are countless types of crimes such as armed robbery, murder, and embezzlement. Crimes can be categorized as street crime or as white-collar crime. Street crime does more harm than white-collar crime. Street crime is more harmful than white-collar … Read more

Ucr Crimes

According to the Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) (1960 – 1995), which is the official arrest statistics, both males and females are tend to be arrested because of less serious offenses. The five most common arrest categories are other except traffic, driving under the influence (DUI), larceny-theft, drug abuse, and other assaults. While arrests for serious … Read more

Mental Shortcuts

Jurors are a fundamental part of the legal system, and the role of this position is to listen to evidence presented during a trial, and decide on the guilt of the defendant (Queensland Courts, 2014). It is important this decision is based on factual evidence from the trial and not other information, prejudices or biases, … Read more

American Prison System Analysis

Seven hundred and seven people for every hundred thousand people are behind bars in the United States as of twenty-twelve, compared to Norway, whose prison population is seventy-two out of a hundred thousand people (see fig. 1 and 2). American prison systems need to be updated similar to the Norwegian prison system, via using taxpayer … Read more

Forensic Evidence History Essay

The world of crime has been around for thousands of years, with no way or form to properly solve these crime, many innocent people were framed into being thought guilty, and in return getting punished. That all changed at the beginning of the 19th century with the introduction of forensic science. Forensic science was a … Read more

Psychological Theories Of Crime Essay

For many centuries crime is what keeps the world in order but how can people understand crime? In Criminology we are taught to understand the aspects of crime. It is very important that people crime and the different perspectives. To understand the broadness of Crime we must understand the different theories and sub-theories of crime. … Read more

Lollapalooza Effect Essay

**Lollapalooza** >When you get two or three of these psychological principles operating together, then you really get irrationality on a tremendous scale. If two or more of psychological principles or misjudgments work in the same direction, you get a lollapalooza effect, “irrationality on a tremendous scale. ” What are some psychological principles that cause misjudgments? … Read more

The Importance Of Police Legitimacy Essay

n order for police to effectively police an area they must have cooperation. With this comes the ability to lower the crime rate and make the community feel more secure, but how is this done? Police alone cannot make people feel secure and community members cannot make others feel safer alone either, this come when … Read more

Criminal Law Purpose Essay

Purposes of Criminal Law Introduction The question as to what the criminal law aims to accomplish is one that cannot be easily answered as criminal law has a wide variety of purposes that work individually to manage different aspects of society. These purposes are split into two categories, instrumental and non-instrumental that together aim to … Read more

The Pros And Cons Of Japanese Policing Essay

Many policing agencies around the world deal with crime in various ways, some adopting community based policing techniques while others may adopt a militaristic approach. In the case of Japanese policing however some researchers believe that their methods are the most effective or considered to be the best. This paper will document why these methods … Read more

Gerry Mitchell Case Study Essay

Dear Sir/Madam, I provide this submission on behalf of Mr Gerry Mitchell in response to the Notice of Intention to Consider Refusal of his application for Partner Visa (Class UK) (Subclass 820) on the grounds of subsection 501(1) of the Migration Act 1958 (Cth)”the Act”, dated [date of NOICR]. Introduction Mr Mitchell was convicted and … Read more

The Career Of Criminology Essay

After taking a survey I was matched with the career subculture of human services. With much extensive research, I discovered the career of criminology. Criminology is the scientific study of crime, including its causes, possible outcomes, effects on society, and methods of prevention. It is a branch of sociology, which is the study of social … Read more

Chicago World’s Fair Thesis Research Paper

At the turn of the twentieth century, many American cities were struggling to find their place in the world. One such city was Chicago, Illinois, the focal point of Erik Larson’s The Devil in the White City, a nonfiction ode to history about the events that took place during the World’s Columbian Exposition. In 1893, … Read more

Essay about America’s Real Criminal Element: Lead’

In the article “America’s Real Criminal Element: Lead” by Kevin Drum, he describes crime rates and how they relate to use of lead in gasoline and many other things. The audience Drum seems to focus on primarily is parents and potential parents. Since they usually have full-time careers, parents may not have enough spare time … Read more

Yummy Sandifer Thesis Essay

Throughout history there are people who are doomed to die without living a full life from the moment they take their first breath. Robert “Yummy” Sandifer is one of the hundreds of deaths in Chicago who did not have the chance to live a good life, no chance to be happy, or even experience what … Read more

Three Strikes Law Essay

According to President Bill Clinton, “We have a chance to pass the toughest, smartest crime bill in the history of the United States,” and this was the belief that most California residents felt at the time the “Three Strikes and you’re out Law,” took effect in 1994. The purpose of the Three Strikes Law is … Read more

Mass Incarceration Essay

The Incarcerated. America land of the free and home of the great, But in all reality is America as great is we all make it to be. Mass incarceration is growing at a rapid rate. I am going to be discussing the effect of how mass incarceration affects the youth. When you turn on the … Read more

Lizzie Borden Murder Essay

Could a Lizzie Borden really have taken an ax and ended her parents lives committing a double murder, its been 120 years and this is still a continuing question? On August 4, 1892 a double murder was committed. Abby Borden was discovered dead upstairs and her husband Andrew dead downstairs. Both were axed to death … Read more

Roy Criner Case Essay

The body of Deanna Ogg was found in a secluded wooded area near an old logging road on September 27, 1986, in Montgomery County, Texas. The cause of death was determined by autopsy to be blunt trauma injuries to the head and multiple stab wounds to the neck. The victim was also sexually assaulted. Roy … Read more

Ronald Cotton Case Essay

On April 19, 1989 a white female jogger was attacked and raped in Center Park, NY. The jogger was twenty-eight-year-old investment banker, Trisha Meili. The attack on the female jogger left her in a coma for 12 days. Five juvenile males—four black and one of Hispanic descent—were wrongfully convicted of the attack, each one sentence … Read more

Mass Incarceration In Prisons Essay

The American prison system is an incredibly expensive part of our economy, with incarceration costs going up each year. A 2014 data collection of state correctional expenditures estimated that the economic costs of administering overcrowded prison systems are over 48 billion dollars each year (Kyckelhahn 2014). This money is coming from American taxpayer dollars and … Read more

8th Amendment Essay

The death penalty is an archaic procedure which operates on a rampant racial bias. Its use is not only tremendously expensive but also ineffective in complying to its purpose : deterring crime and controlling criminal behavior. The courts have struggled to define” cruel and unusual,” because the term is ultimately vague and the definitions applied … Read more

Racial Profiling Persuasive Essay

Racial profiling has always been a major topic and, still is today. Due to constant media attention, racial profiling remains the most talked about. It receives the most attention online and, remains the most debated about in our legal system. Racial profiling is one topic like so many others, that stands out in the U. … Read more