Short Story Of Suzy Robbins

At 2:23 a. m. on Tuesday, April 25, 2017 there was a 911 call received from a man, Tom Robbins, who claimed his wife, Suzy, had never come home from work, and he had not been able to find nor contact her in any way. They lived in a small town, Eureka Springs, with a … Read more

Mental Shortcuts

Jurors are a fundamental part of the legal system, and the role of this position is to listen to evidence presented during a trial, and decide on the guilt of the defendant (Queensland Courts, 2014). It is important this decision is based on factual evidence from the trial and not other information, prejudices or biases, … Read more

Scottsboro Case Summary Essay

The famous Scottsboro case began on March twenty fifth nineteen thirty one on one of the Southern Railroad’s trains that was to travel from Chattanooga to Memphis. On this particular day there was approximately twenty four people “hoboing” or hitching a ride on the top of the train most of whom were young males. Among … Read more