Essays About English Language

I love English language! I think it’s amazing that there are so many words to choose from, and that we can use them in so many different ways. It’s a very expressive language, and I enjoy using it to communicate with others. I also appreciate the fact that English is widely spoken around the world, … Read more

My Childhood Development Essay

My name is Jack, and I am 19 years old. Ever since my early childhood years, I have developed an interest in psychology and how the brain operates. Because of this interest, I decided to research the development of the brain throughout life. Here are some key points that were found by researchers on how … Read more

Personal Essay About Soccer

Soccer has always been in my blood. Soccer is in my family’s blood, and I was brought into the game when I was only five years old. Soccer became a big part of my life at a very young age, and it remains a large part to this day. Soccer occupies more than half of … Read more

Five Strengths Essay

As a high school freshman, my life revolved around classes and student government. I was a member of the debate team, environmental club, and a senator in student government. Through these experiences, I got to hone several strengths that have been with me ever since. The first major strength that I learned to harness was … Read more

Personal Narrative-The Team Player

It was 95 degrees, the hottest day of the year so far. In my left ear I hear kids laughing and parents talking about how nervous they are about the game. In my right ear I hear my team, there nervous too but not for the same reason as the parents. As I stare forward … Read more

Personal Narrative: Zen Week

Bryon closes his speech with one of his own personal quotes, “Success isn’t easy, if it were, we will all be successful, but success doesn’t equate to the figures in your bank account, success is the feeling of fulfillment and happiness one gets from achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself. ” Zen Week is … Read more

Personal Narrative: KU And Greek Life

Tom! I haven’t seen you in years man! I can’t believe you didn’t make it to the reunion. I hope you recieve this and aren’t dead in a ditch somewhere. I was planning on telling you all about the past 20 years, in Rome, but I will just do it now. After highschool I went … Read more

Personal Narrative: Blue Skiing

Fear saturated my very being, with the doctors’ orders echoing in my head, tainting my thoughts for the worse as my eyes reinforced my fear. The tumultuous waves resembled the arm of a violinist, vigorously delivering a musical piece with precision and aggression while still maintaining the tragically beautiful sound the music was predestined to … Read more

Military Personal Narrative

It was about noon. The sun was high and bright. The air was crisp, clean, and without a breeze. It was about 87 degrees with about 10 % humidity. The city was busy, infact really busy. A lot of people were out and about, taking advantage of the weather after a cold spring. The weather … Read more

Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette

“And no wonder Paris, land of novelty and distraction, is the greatest city of the flanuer – that aimless stroller who loses himself in the crowd, who has no destination and goes wherever ca-prise or curiosity directs his or her steps. ” These wanderers observe Paris from the inside, bringing insight on the history of … Read more

Personal Narrative: The Shadow Children

Most people can remember their parents reading them bedtime stories as a kid, but I can’t recall if my parents did. That could be a reason as to why I was never crazy about books, and surely never wanted to read one. I eventually gave into reading and found that I loved it. My favorite … Read more

Clan Of The Drake: A Short Story

His soul burning like a raging wildfire, he slayed every goblin that dared to challenge him. Only 20 years old, he was the leader of the Clan of the Drake. Only 7 years before… His village was plundered by the goblins. His father was killed, trying to protect his clan’s honor and his family, and … Read more

Futile American Beauty

The American Dream is futile. There is not much point chasing after something that is pointless and unsatisfying once it is thought to be obtained. People thought that the American Dream was a measure of how successful you were in life. If you had a wife, two children, a nice house, two cars and a … Read more

Hockey Game Analysis

I always love the game of hockey no matter what the score is. I’ve been on teams where we might win only six games, or we win, lose the same amount of games, or we win a lot more than we lose. But I always know that somewhere in me I’m attached to this. I … Read more

Grandmother Interview Research Paper

I want to start off by saying that I could not interview anyone in my family; my grandparents have been deceased for years on both sides. I will be talking about what I remember as a child. My grandmother on my dad’s side passed away in 1981; my grandfather on my mother’s side passed away … Read more

Personal Narrative: A Career As A Counselor Essay

People have several different reasons for deciding they want a career as a counselor. Why would someone want to be a professional counselor and make it their career choice? Developing a professional and authentic relationship with a wide range of individuals. Helping not only families, but groups of people in need accomplish mental well-being, wellness, … Read more

Personal Narrative: The Music Career Essay

It all happened on a Monday at around 4:30p. m. The audition was supposed to go perfectly. I had practiced the music over and over again. I knew it by heart and could play it at a moment’s notice. But it didn’t go as planned. That’s the one thing that I remember most, things don’t … Read more

Essay about Spring Break: A Short Story

Growing up, I was met with darkness. Every time I thought I had done something right, it always turned out to be wrong. Everything I did wrong ended in my own desolation. He called me feeble; because I could not handle the agony he forced me to face everyday. I could not escape his wrath; … Read more

My Experience Of Grief Essay

Grief is something that you cannot truly understand until you experience it. As a kid, I heard about grief in class, but was unable to comprehend that feeling. I heard about the grief my mother fought through when her mom died but was unable to understand how she felt. I would think about my parents … Read more

Kelsey Picciano Analysis Essay

Within the plain, white, confining walls that border our composition classroom in the depths of the Netherlands core, there sits a student who is so completely opposite to the barriers that surround us all. As an avid participant in classroom discussions, she is easy to notice amongst the blur of faces as one looks around … Read more

My College Goals Essay

There are many goals in my life that I want to achieve; therefore, I came up with a few goals to help me out along the way. It is currently my second semester in college, but my first goal is to graduate college in four years and open my sneaker store I want to open. … Read more

Evaluating Career Development Essay

The aim of this essay is to reflect upon and evaluate my personal, academic and career developments since I have started university. I will be reflecting upon my experience of the work placement and feedback received from my first semester assignments, along with evaluating my career aspirations and creating an action plan on how to … Read more

Personal Narrative: Princess Landia Essay

Once upon a time there was a young man named Prince Juan who lived in a magical place called Princess Landia. Just kidding his name was Greg, and he lived in an apartment building in Wethersfield Connecticut. He had a degree in science and was very smart. One night he got a call from his … Read more

Engineering In Roller Coasters Essay

College Algebra Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch, as you’re entering your favorite amusement park, you hear the chain hills caring a cart full of people. Soon after the sound of the chains is replaced by people screaming as they go downhill at top speeds. Your stomach drops, the combination of fear, anxiety, and excitement build up more as you … Read more

Personal Narrative: My Chemical Romance Essay

I’m pretty much angry every day and it’s pretty much always for the same reason: My Chemical Romance. I first listened to MCR when I was 11 or 12. I heard a song called Cancer while creating a playlist on a website called 8tracks. My friend told me to put the song on the playlist … Read more

Essay: How To Pot Train Your Dog

One of the first tasks that should be accomplished when you get a dog, regardless of the age of the dog is to make sure it is housebroken. There are many different ways to potty train your dog. I strongly recommend combining it with crate training as this makes it much faster. Regardless of the … Read more

Personal Narrative: My Social Identity Essay

Social identity can be explained by social identity theory, and according to, Marsiglia, & Kulis, (2015) “social identity theory provides insights into how and why people choose to be part of one or another group and what being a part of that group means to them” (p. 103). In this aspect I will attempt to … Read more

Pink Floyd The Wall Analysis Essay

Perhaps, the single most important text that I have ever encountered is Pink Floyd’s The Wall. The album has been constantly listen too, thought about and felt throughout my childhood; and now my adult life. I cant quite remember why I found the album attractive in the first place. I started listening before I could … Read more

Personal Narrative: My Favorite Vacation Essay

My Favorite Vacation I sat at the resort’s buffet with my mom, grandparents, and my brother, while we were relaxed and we enjoyed ourselves. I could smell the salt from the seawater of Gulf of Mexico, it was a rather odd smell, it smelt bitter, fresh, and clean all at the same time. The smell … Read more

My Junior Year Essay

It all started my junior year of high school. I was excited to begin my wonderful journey in Future Farmers of America. I was nervous but the road ahead of me was going to be an awesome experience. Some of my experiences include showing my animals, the competitions I attended, being a FFA officer and … Read more

Essay on Fighting For Freedom-Personal Narrative

This I believe. A fighter, That’s what some people call me. Family, friends, people I don’t even really know. They call me a fighter because I fight in my head, against something that can be way more powerful than me. If I win a fight, they call me a fighter because I overcame it, I … Read more

Descriptive Essay On A Cleat

For two years, I played each soccer game with the same pair of cleats. These cleats stayed with me 6 different seasons, 5 different teams, and almost 100 games. The cleats were dark blue (once light blue), and had neon yellow laces. They weren’t the finest cleats, but I had grown a bond to them … Read more

Lacrosse Personal Narrative Essay

Lacrosse is a contact sport created by the North American Indians, in which the ball is thrown, caught, and carried in a long-handled stick with a triangular frame and shallow netting at one end. The sport is still played today, and is a known tradition in my family. I first started playing when I was … Read more