Clan Of The Drake: A Short Story

His soul burning like a raging wildfire, he slayed every goblin that dared to challenge him. Only 20 years old, he was the leader of the Clan of the Drake. Only 7 years before… His village was plundered by the goblins. His father was killed, trying to protect his clan’s honor and his family, and his mother was taken. He was one of the only surviving members of his clan. Samuel, only 14 years old, had everything taken from him. His clan was crippled, burnt down to ashes by the goblins.? I will kill you! I will kill every one of you one by one, ten times over, you hear me, I’ll kill all of you, you greedy bastards!?

From then on, he soul was raging like a wildfire, and will continue to for the next 10 years of his life. Samuel, continually and slowly gathered his people, one by one, mostly children, and raised them himself. Then he came across a little “Come here, the worst has passed. ” Samuel says,”Join me and I will make you strong and you will never fear them anymore. ” The girl’s name is Ava. ” Wh-What happened to the village? ” “It’s gone” He says,” It’s all gone” She wept so hard she couldn’t even stand. Samuel felt bad for Ava. She’s only 5 years old and she has experienced more loss than any man in a lifetime.

The Goblins will pay for this. “We must rebuild our huts and get ready for spring, so that we may replant. Luckily, they did not find the seed, for they surely would have destroyed that and salted the land. ” “Why? ”Ava asked,”why would they do such a thing? ” “They only believe in war and destruction, and the ones who are weaker than them do not deserve to live” Samuel, now a leader of their once dead land, brings his people back together and rebuild their land the only way they know how to-smooth and fast, since they do not believe in a permanent location.

He continued to rebuild their defence and continue to prepare for spring, planting time. “ I must leave all of you to fend for yourselves, for I will come back stronger, and will teach you what I will be taught. ”Samuel says,” and I will only take one other person to travel with me on my journeys. ” “I’ll go with you. ”Ava says,” I will travel with you to the far reaches of the land and not back down. ” “The plan is to leave three days from now, and if you are not prepared by then, I will leave alone, no matter what. ”

“Then so be it, I will have all the materials needed to travel long distances. As the pair leave for their journey, They are met by a stranger that the village has never seen before. ”Hello there, children”, the man says,”What are you doing all by yourselves in a Drake infested area? ” “What do you mean? ”, says Samuel, “I should be asking you the same thing. ” “What is your name, little boy? ” “Samuel” “Well, Samuel, the area that you are in is utterly infested wi…run past me now. ” ‘Wha…” “RUN!!! ” As Ava and Samuel look behind them, there stood a wild Drake, as tall as a house and as wide as an oak tree, with bare fangs and golden-green eyes.

The two let their guard down and the Drake snuck up on them without so much as a sound through the trees and bushes. Immediately, they were running right at it. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!! YOU’RE RUNNING THE WRONG WAY!!! ARE YOU BLIND!!! ” “Shut up, we know what we’re doing,” Ava says. As the Drake primes its claws for a lethal blow, Ava runs straight at it, Samuel runs toward the claws that is just about to swing and jumps onto its shoulder. “Now, Ava! ” Ava, at full sprint, dives straight under the Drake and grabs its tail, while Samuel has climbed onto the neck of the Drake and jumps to the ground, grabbing the Drake’s nose at the same time.

Both Ava and Samuel are now pulling opposite directions as soon as Samuel hit the ground. The Drake had no time to react, and it was laying on the ground. The man stood there in shock as to what the heck just happened. The Drake struggled to get Samuel off its nose, so much so that it completely forgot about Ava, who was already on its back rubbing it. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!! YOU’RE ON TOP OF IT!!! YOU’RE CRAZY!!! ”

“Would you shut the hell up and relax, we’re taming it! What we are doing, we learned when we were three years old, and I need to focus on holding it down! Then Samuel focused onto the Drake’s eyes and glared at it ferociously, with such confidence that he eased his grip on its nose. The Drake slowly started to relax and almost tremble in fear. The only thing that is keeping it from running like a jackrabbit through the forest is Ava, still rubbing it down in such a way that it is being comforted by her. Finally, Samuel let go of the beast’s nose, which quickly sits upright and holds its nose.

The Drake looked straight at Samuel, wondering why, even though he and Ava had the advantage, did not kill him. There. ”said Samuel. “Wh-wh-what did you do exactly? ” “I tamed it the only way I know how to- mercy. ” “Soo… what you’re saying is that you could have killed it? ” “Yup. ” “With your bare hands? ” “Yup. ” The Drake sat there for a while, looking at him for a while, then looked over at the stranger, then began to bear its fangs. “NO! ” Samuel yelled,”HE IS A FRIEND, NOT FOOD! ” “Speaking of which”,said Ava,” What is your name? ” “Wilson” “Do you plan on answering his question or not? ” “What? ” “Why are you in Drake territory? ”

Oh, I am a traveler, and I’m looking for gems to bring back to my homeland in the east, for there are Tyrants who expect to get five pounds a day” “What is that? ” Samuel asked. Wilson, dumbfounded asks,”Where exactly are you from again? ” “We come from the south through those thorny shrubs and past the redwood forest. ” “Why are you all the way out here, then? You’re so young! ” “I’m looking for a master so that I may learn from him the ways of combat. ”, says Samuel,”If I don’t, how will I ever make those that have done wrong upon innocent people suffer in agony? ” “Now that is brutal.

How do you expect to find a master if you don’t even know which direction you’re going to go? ” “I…didn’t think about that. ” “Thought so. Well, in that case follow me and I’ll set you up for success. ” “Why would you do that for us, some kids you found on your journey to explore new lands? ” “Are you serious?!? You saved my life! That is the least that I can do for two young people, who happen to be the clan of the Dra… did I say that out loud? ” “You knew about the Drake clan before we met you? How? Noone of the clan ever speaks of it,and no normal person could ever get near it, let alone see it, feel it, and smell it.

It is too sacred a place. Tell me now or else! ” “I heard from a goblin family that their sons went to war with a clan. I investigated the city and got some more info on what the clan was. ” “That doesn’t answer my question. ” “Hold on, I’m getting there. I got most of my information from a deserter who got drunk and he spilt the beans, including the information on where the ruins of the Drake clan were, but now I know for sure that the clan lives on. ” “Never, ever tell anyone that the clan still lives on. I’ve got a score to settle with the goblins.

“Ok, deal. Now, then, do you want me to take you or not? ” “Lead the way” Two years later… “Thank you for all that you have done for us, Wilson. We would not be here if it weren’t for you. ” “Same goes for you too, considering that you saved my life when we encountered the Drake. Best of luck to you two. ” “The same goes for you, too, traveler, now make yourself scarce and live your dream. ” “Soo… what now? ”says Ava “We’ve got our training from a woman that we still do not know the name of, and it is about an eight days’ walk back home.

Where will we go next? ” “We head home and teach them, as I promised. ”says Samuel. Eight days later…. The Drake Clan finished harvesting, and it just turned noon when the two travelers came back home. As soon as one saw them, word spread all over the clan, and all rushed to see their beloved brother and sister back into their homeland. “I have come with good news! ”, says Samuel, over the cheering clan. “I have been shown the ways of the warrior! ” The crowd cheers even louder. “And I will show you, my beloved brothers and sisters, the ways of the warrior!

For now, we are not only are we hunters, we will now and forever be the iron sword forged in the ashes of our fallen, and strike down those who have done wrong upon the innocent! ”The clan roared with happiness and glee, for not only have their travelers returned, they returned as warriors. 5 years later… “Wow”Ava says,”All this and you built it yourself? Impressive. ” “I believe that they are ready. ” says Samuel,”What do you think, my Queen? ” “They are ready. ” “I’ll gather the men up, then. ” Bells go off while the men gather before their king,”Come around! For this day, we will make our way to battle! The warriors yell in passion for their king’s devotion.

“We shall rise forth on our Drakes and take to the sky and fall upon them like angels from heaven, but we will not be as merciful as them, for we shall kill every last one of them! ” The men shrieked with excitement, for they are bloodthirsty for the goblin’s death. As they mounted their Drakes, Samuel takes the one he tamed so many years ago, and he is now answering its call for blood. When they got to the battlefield, though, there was not one goblin anywhere to be found. “Where are they! Cut off their heads! Fight me like you did my father!

I dare you to take me like my mother was taken! ” Then the ground started to shake. Nobody knew where it was coming from. Everybody looked down and… they came up armed to the teeth with swords and spears. The fight was on. “ATTACK!!!!! ” the bloodthirsty warriors called. The fight did not stop for 2 days, nonstop killing. Some of the soldiers’ weapons broke, so they started to break their necks in every way possible. Toward the end of this horrific battle, the Goblins finally slowed down their assault. Now it was Samuel’s turn. “Everyone, start digging, we’re paying them a visit! ”

The warriors dug and dug. Finally, the warriors made it under. They started to move toward the heart of the goblin’s homeland. “Find any and all of them! ”said Samuel,”show them no mercy and take everything like they did seven years ago! ” The entire place was plundered of everything they had, even furniture. The orders that Samuel made on that day he would regret the rest of his life. Samuel found a secret chamber. He did not tell his men, for he knew exactly what this was.

This was the way to the goblin king. “Why did you do it! ” What do you mean? ”said the goblin king,” I didn’t do anything” You arrogant piece of —-, you know what you did seven years ago. “I was not the king seven years ago” “What? ” “My father was always a very shady goblin, even to me, his one and only son. I was glad that the poor fool died, he was too arrogant anyway” “So… all that work that I did for seven years was worthless? ” “Seems to be that way, yeah” “If that is the case,… ” The battle was won, but not in the way that Samuel wanted it to be. Instead he got a better one. He wanted to get revenge for his family’s death but instead he talked to the goblin king and promised that the two nations would never war against each other again.