Zombie Apocalypse Short Story Essay

It was another terrible day. It has been more than five years since the zombie apocalypse began. Normally on a day like this, it would smell like flowers, and sometimes car smoke when cars passed by, but when the zombies came, it always smelled like a dead body. Outside, the only sound you heard were the dead wind, and a zombie would make a sound every now and then. The sky was rarely blue anymore, it was always a dark grey sky. Food now was very hard to find, and when you did find some, it tasted like dog food. Besides all of that, everything else was fine.

Dr. Richtofen, a German scientist with black slicked back hair, and about six feet tall, is in his lab finishing his teleporter. Sometimes a zombie would walk into the room, but Richtofen was able to kill them easily. He knew that the reason they were here because of him. If he just left the unknown element alone, none of this would of happened. Richtofen needed to find out where the other German scientist went before he could do anything bad. Richtofen had to kill the German scientist. The scientist went into his own teleporter and went to an unknown location.

The only thing he knew was that the teleporter didn’t only just teleport people, but it could also time travel. Richtofen didn’t only have to find out where he went, but when he went. He knew he could time travel because he just had to shoot himself in the face when he came through into the current year, 1985. Richtofen only had two predicted years he could of gone, 1923, or 1942. About an hour later, Richtofen finished his teleporter. He knew that what might happen could start a chain of events that could ultimately end the world. Nervous, Richtofen stepped into his eleported, put in the year 1923, and he teleported. When he got to 1923, the area looked almost like it did in 1985. The area was just a little brighter. By the sound, he could still hear zombies, but they sounded very far away. The smell was a little better, but there was still a scent of dead bodies. The area almost reminded him of a very dark island, he remembered this place. Richtofen saw out in the distance a Red Army camp. He began to walk over to the camp, hoping there would be signs of other human life, or evidence showing where the german scientist might of gone.

When he walked into the camp, he saw someone on the ground, he looked like he was knocked out, and the room looked like someone was looking for something. Richtofen walked up to the man and woke him up. The man said “What happened? Who are you? Are you another German scientist to steal more stuff? ” “Not to fear sir, I am not crazy, but I am a scientist. What happened when the scientist came in here? ” Richtofen asked. “Well crazy german came in here saying he was looking for a uh, fuse or something. We had one and he found it.

I was hiding before he came up to me and knocked me out,” the man said. “Strange, I wonder what he needs a fuse for? Do you know where he went, and I’m Dr. Richtofen, who are you? ” Richtofen said. “He was talking to himself saying something about a World War 2 or something, something like 1942, and my name is Nikolai,” Nikolai said. “World War 2, that can’t be good. Nikolai, I need you to come with me, World War 2 is not a one man job. ” Richtofen asked “Why should Nikolai help other german man after other german man came in and took a fuse? ” Nikolai asked. The thing he wants to do with it could end this world, you and I must track him down and kill him before he does anything bad,” Richtofen said. “Oh, then Nikolai must help save all of what’s left of humanity,” Nikola answered. Richtofen and Nikolai left the camp. They stepped into the teleporter, and went to the year 1942. The area they were in was very cold. There was snow on the ground, and buildings were on fire. There was no real sound, there was the sound of fire crackling. Behind some building, there was a giant robot with its head hanging above the body over a crane.

Richtofen began to go down a set of stairs, and Nikolai followed him. There was a little area that lead into the back of wherever they were. In the back, there was another teleporter. Inside the teleporter, there was a Japanese man sitting. “Do you know who that man is? ” Nikolai asked. “Nein, I don’t know who that is, he does seem familiar for some reason,” Richtofen replied Richtofen and Nikolai walked up to the man. The Japanese man got up and looked Richtofen in the eye. The man was tall with black hair. His hair was in a pony tail.

He had a beard and mustache, and looked as if he was in the Imperial Japanese Army. “Who are you people? How did you get here? ” the man asked. “I am Dr. Richtofen, a very smart German scientist, and this is my friend Nikolai, who might you be sir? ” Richtofen asked. “I am Takeo, I was brought here through this strange device. Some other German scientist put me in here and set me to this time. He said for what must happen, the four must be separated. I do not know what that means, but if I see that scientist again, I will end him,” Takeo said. Crazy German man also saw me, but I do not know what the four are, and Nikolai is very smart,” Nikolai said “I know what he’s talking about, it’s the reason why I feel like I’ve seen you before,” Richtofen said. “What do you mean? ” Takeo asked. “We all know each other in different universes, but there’s a dominant version of everything. The recessive versions of ourselves know each other, and it is okay if they die, but we are the originals, we can’t die now, or else the whole timeline since the big bang is based off of us.

Our ancestors were the goddess that created the universe. That scientist told me this information. Because of this, as long as we are able to stay alive, the universes stay,” Richtofen said. “Well if that’s the case, then where’s the fourth man? ” Nikolai asked. “He is on the moon, with the scientist that has separated all of us. If we know what year he is in right now, we can kill him before he tries something, and I might know what he’s doing,” Richtofen said. “What is this man’s name, and what does he want to do? ” Takeo asked.

I believe his name was Dr. Groph, and sometime soon, he wants to blow up the Earth, and go to the other planet, known as Mars,” Richtofen said. “Why is it bad that he blows up Earth? ” Nikolai asked “If he blows up the Earth, It will erase everything that was on Earth. All the universes will just disappear, and Earth will just be a forgotten memory, we must find out when and where he is and stop him before he does anything,” Richtofen said “As long as Groph is dead, I’m happy, count me in, I want to kill him” Takeo said.