Victorian Horror House Short Story Essay

The story of the Smy’s is an eerie one, but one that needs to be heard. It all started about five years ago when the family of four decided that they needed a bigger place to stay. They searched for the perfect home for a few years, until they finally came across it. It was a beautiful Victorian mansion with full glass stained windows and a whole lot of character. Inside were these murals across each and every walls, they were creepy ones, but Mrs. Smy found them beautiful and felt that they should not be covered up because each one had it’s own story that just added to the houses personality.

When showed this house, Mr. Smy and Mrs. Smy loved it right away. Their girls were a different story. Sally Smy their 14 year old girl thought it was creepy and over all disgusting and she wanted to have no business living there. Sarah Smy found the place interesting, but she didn’t want to live there as much as her older sister Sally. It gave her the feeling of not being alone, but not the comforting kind. It was the kind that made your heart beat faster and gave you that gut feeling to get out as soon as possible. It was not a pleasant feeling

Despite the way the girls felt about the house, Mr. and Mrs. Smy decided to put an offer on the place. They thought the girls were out of their minds for not liking it and they told them that they were going to have to learn to like it. Well, little did they know that Sarah knew something about the house that they didn’t; the house was haunted, and Sarah wasn’t messing around, for she had a special talent. She could communicate with spirits and sense when they were there, and she sensed that this spirit was not peaceful, nor friendly.

Two weeks after moving in, the family had some unusual experiences. Sometimes you would hear footsteps, on other occasions you could hear faint screaming at night, or even whispers. The parents just brushed it aside and claimed that the house was old and creaky and at night the wind creeps through the house causing the screaming and whispering noise, As for the footsteps, everybody just pretended not to hear those. One day though, Sarah followed the sound of the footsteps. It lead her to the basement. Sarah didn’t feel too well about that place.

It was dim, and dark down there and it always felt damp. “Hello? Is anybody there? ” Sarah asked nervously. Nobody answered. Then out of nowhere an ice cold breeze flew through the air and left the room in a few seconds. That was all Sarah needed to actually believe that her and her family were not alone in that house. She ran up the stairs and went to find her sister to tell her what had happened. When Sarah found Sally, she was reading a book on how to get rid of ghosts. “There is something in this house,” she said.

Sarah then tells her about her experience and they both start crying. “We have to get out of here,” Sally states. “Before it’s too late,” Sarah agrees. The next day, the girls decided to find out more about the history of the house. They searched all over online until they came across an old newspaper from 1912. It had a black and white picture of the house, and it had just been built. It talked about how a local rich family decided to build a house here in the heart of Arizona. Then it went on to talk about the family. There was a young mother and her name was Edith.

She had a beautiful daughter that looked exactly like her. Her name was Helen and she had coal black eyes, long dark brown hair the color of a chocolate bar, and perfect natural ringlets in it. She also looked around the age of about seven. The father, whose name was Louis, was a young man, who looked tough and nothing at all like his daughter. Then beneath that was another newspaper with a picture of the titanic on it. They scrolled down. At the top it read: “Titanic Disaster Kills Edith and Louis Brown” Stunned by what they found, the girls kept reading. So if her parents both died, what happened to Helen the little girl? ” Sarah asked. “She probably became an orphan” Sally responded.

They read on. Then they reached the most interesting part. Everyone forgot about the little girl and it wasn’t until the house was put up for sale and the neighbor was touring it that they found her little body in the basement. To this day they still don’t know how she died. “The basement,” they both read off at the same time. That night the girls went to the basement to summon the little girl out. “Helen, can you hear me? Sarah asked shakily. The lights went out and cold air filled the room in a split second. Then there was whispering. “Hello? Who’s there? ” Sarah asked. Nothing answered. Then all of a sudden, a small figure appeared. It was Helen, except her hair was matted and she smelled like rotting flesh and chlorine. The girls screamed. “What do you want? Why are you bothering me? ” she asked angrily.

“That’s what we came to ask you” Sarah said. She looked back at her sister who looked like she was about to make a run for it. “I want you out of my house” she said like a brat. Well we want you out of our house” Sarah replied cautiously. “I’m not going anywhere, you are” she said simply. Then like that she was gone and the lights turned on. “We made her mad and that’s not a good thing is it? ” Sally asked worriedly. For the next few weeks Helen taunted the Smys. When they had had enough, they called in the professionals, who called themselves Paranormal Solution. These people tried and tried but they could not get rid of Helen. They just made her more and more mad every time they came back. Finally, Helen got tired of everything.

She just wanted the Smys gone and if they wouldn’t move out then she had another way, but she was going to have to get her hands dirty. She waited until all of them were asleep, then she went in and killed them all. Little did she know that that wouldn’t make them go away it would do the opposite. For the rest of the years the house was standing, the Smy’s spirits haunted the house looking for revenge on whoever moved into the house after them. One couple who moved in later even said that they had mistaken Sarah as their own daughter because of their similar icy blue eyes and golden brown hair.