Short Story

Its been two weeks, and I havent made any real friends. Its just that, I feel as if no one likes me. Sure, Ive talked to a few people, like Jessica and this really hot guy Chase, but Im starting to feel lonely again. I mean, I was captain of the cheerleading squad at my old school, and was one of the popular girls. Diary, I just dont get it. Well, whatever, Im way too tired to keep on writing so, lets just hope tomorrow will be at least a little different from the norm, that Im slowly getting used to. Until next time.

Carissa woke up the next morning and carelessly stumbled out of bed. She looked in the mirror and thought no wonder no ones really talked to me, I look like crap. Despite her morning thoughts, she and everyone else knew how gorgeous she actually was. With her hair done, face fresh, clean, made-up, and new clothes to show off, she headed out the door and jumped into her car. She sped down to the nearest Starbucks, just like she did every morning. She finally got to school, still getting used to how different things looked compared to her old one.

Carissa was still not used to her dads line of work, even though it was the fourth time his company had transferred him. Following the same routine she had been going through for the past two weeks, Carissa sat in the courtyard and read one of her favorite novels, The Joy Luck Club, and sipped on her brand-name cappuccino with extra whipped cream, hoping that someone would take interest in her and maybe even spark a new friendship. Carissa was reading water had turned a deep golden color, and then red, purple, when she was suddenly startled by someone who knocked over her cappuccino.

Without even looking to see who did it she blabbed out, Look! You need to watch where youre going, Loser. Carissa looked up and suddenly felt her heart sink and her face turn as red as an apple. It was Chase, and before she could even begin to apologize, he jumped in saying, Oh, damn. Hey, umm, its Carissa, right? Im so sorry, I was totally zoned out. Here, I have a Starbucks ccino, too, and I didnt even do so much as breathe on it yet. How bout you take it, and well call it even. Oh, my God! Hes so cute! Calm down.

Dont make a fool of yourself. Breathe, breathe, breathe. With all these thoughts bouncing around in her head, she managed to spit out an, Okay. Thanks. Relieved that she smoothly rolled that off of her tongue, she began a conversation, but before it could go anywhere, Chase broke in again with, Carissa, I really have to get going. I have to see the witch, Mrs. Maitherly, before school starts, but hey, Ill catch you at lunch, alright? She answered with a silent nod, and he was off with a quick smile of his pearly whites.

First period was slow, and Carissa had to keep herself awake, or she would have landed herself a detention. Her second class was a change of pace. Science was her favorite subject, and they just getting into the juicy stuff. But finally, third period rolled around, and she couldnt wait to get to lunch. The teacher, Mr. Wethers was lecturing, During the Great Depression Ha, thats exactly was this class is, a great depression thought Carissa to herself. Her notebook was full of drawings and doodles just to keep her occupied.

It would have been amazing to look over her shoulder and see how many ways there are to write the name Chase. Where is he? Way to go Carissa, youve probably scared him away. Snapping her out of her thoughts, Chase sat down next to her. Score! was all she could think at that moment. They both began to eat when out of the blue, Chase says, Hey Carissa, this may seem a little sudden and all, but I think youre beautiful and smart. Like, there arent many other girls who find pleasure in reading a book every morning.

She replied with, How do you know I read every morning? Not wanting to freak her out, he just said, Ive seen you a few times here and there. Its nothing bad. I, actually, think it is way cool. Anyways, back to what I was going to ask you. Would you like to go out with me this Friday? Hello! Say yes! What the heck is taking you so long! What if this is a joke? What if we end up having nothing in common? Just stop it, Carissa! Go for the kill! Yeah, Id love to. Ill give you my number right before lunch ends.

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