Cell Crash Short Story Essay

It was a bright and sunny day me and my friends were on are way to my house and all the sudden the ground started to shake and we heard a really big crash and it was a plane that crash into the a really big building.Then we started to run and we seen these people dress in army close and on these hover boards and they were really big and we got down really fast. Well we were there for the rest of the night and we slept and until it was morning and then we got up and we headed out before we got caught well we got up about four hundred feet and then we heard a scream.

So we ran and got cover because it was my friends mom that got caught by the people and he was worred about his mom they took off on their hover board and they were going some where.Then we followed them to were they were going and they were going to a place called they holding cell they put here in there well after they did that we went over there to see his mom. Well we got over there and he yelled for his mom and so we got here out of the cell and then we were walking until we got caught so we ran and fast.

So we kept running and until we lost them. Then we sat down for a little bit and it started to get dark so we went to sleep and wild we were sleeping we heard a hover board and we just stayed still.quit after it finally went away then we looked over the hill and terrorist were destroying stuff and it was bad so we go up and ran to somewhere else. While the terrorists were destroying the city, we were heading toward the woods and then we found us a spot to sit. So we sat down and talked about how we were going to stop this terrorism and how we could possible fight them. Dad said, “I don’t know what we are going to do.”

“But dad, we can’t let them win,” I said. well i know that but how are we going to do this dad said well that is a good reason how are we going to do that i said idk dad But they have hover boards wait a minute we could walk behind them and and get them off there hover boards and then we could have power over them.While we were still thinking about how we were going to do this we started to gather stuff and we started to build us some weapons so we could fight them so we didn’t have anything to use. Well we got done building are stuff so we headed out well we got to the point to that we were really close to getting there well we got up to the guy and push him off his hover board then we hop on to it and it took off.

Then we had them chasing after us so we went faster well we finally got away from them and finally we stopped. The terrorist went to go destroy more stuff but we need to stop the terrorist because we don’t need them to destroy our city and ruin everybody life.Well later on we decided to go back to where we came from and try to defeat the terrorist and stop them for what they.do and help people who have been caught by them.So we built a big machine that should help us destroy them and make it stop terrorist for what they do and hopefully we can go against them. Well finally we called them out to fight us and get this war over with well they did they fought us to end it well it didnt go that well one of my friends didnt make it was sad that we lost him but we fought for him.

So the war was still going on until we heard something we it was are parents to come help us fight this war and get terrorist done and over with so what they did is the brought more weapons.So on we just had to keep going and end it but that didnt happen well we said we are going to end this the hard way well we bomd them and there were only a couple thousand left.Quit after we had to stop and fight in the morning and try to get rid of them all tommorow well it was the next morning we woke up some were strange and we were in the terrorist area we are going have to get out of here.

Well so on we finally go out of there and they seen us and then we went back to the war and it started once a again it we fought all day long until it was bedtime. Soon after we heard a really big crash once again it was the terrorist plane that crash into a really really big building and it was really bad and we ran and ran to go see it and they had it block off and we snock past them to see it.Well we got there and we thought it was a plane but it was a tank hover board and it was really big and i couldn’t even believe it was actually happening right now. Well so on we just kept watching it and we were surprise it wasn’t the next building well here soon there it was the next building was hit by a airplane this time and the whole building came down and there were a lot of people who just lost there life it was sad.

After that happen they finally caught us once again and and we took off and started to run and run so we could get away from them.Well we didn’t get away from them because they did a road block and they were all over the place and we couldn’t get anywhere we were trapped we were done. They put us in the dungeon and that was it we couldn’t do anything but we could try to get out of terrorist area.I think that if we could beat them it would be easy but we need more people.Well why were thinking my friend got an idea he thought if we can get out we can get a hover tank and we can blow up the terrorist and get rid of them all and then the war would be over for them and we would be done with them.

I thought that was a good idea so we went with his idea and it was a good idea and it work and we destroy lots of them and there was about 1000 left and i think we can finally stop terrorism and it will be done.Which after that i think something will end up happening again and it will be war all over again and it will be more terrorism and it will be just so stupid and dumb. But the terrorist think it is funny to do that but we wish it would stop and go away and just stay gone forever and never come back to terrorize.But they wish they would be able to come back and do it again.I think if we can get past all them it will be okay and it will be all over and no more terrorist then it will be a good world once again then we will be happy forever again. But i wish it would just go away in our world and it would be awesome and we wouldn’t have to worry about getting bomb anymore.

Quit after everything that happen it started to get really quiet and it was awesome and i wish and hopefully it stays this way and no more terrorist to destroy anything. Well it was quiet for a little bit until we heard a big kaboom some where around us and it was loud and we were afraid something was going to happen to us.While we were looking out for anything weird we didn’t see or hear anything after that big kaboom then were starting to get freaked out by stuff so we just went somewhere else. While we were walking we heard a kaboom again and then we were scared to death and didn’t know what to do so we just kept walking on and then we found were it was coming from and it was bad because it was the whole city that was on fire.Well we had to go help people without getting caught by the terrorist and be careful on what we do today to save some people’s lives.

So we went on to the first building help all the people well we got lots of them but some didn’t make it through the building it was sad that they didn’t make it.But it is okay because we are going to get through this and help these people do it so we went to the next building and got them people out and all of them made it. But we were happy that everyone that made it is happy right now because they didn’t lose their life over this situation right now because it is stupid.but the building that were standing the people it them none of them made it. But it was okay because we still had a lot of people to save and help us remember these people and help these people make it through and fight with us .

So we can destroy these mean and hateful people who did this to us and why they did it for reason but it should all go away and we won’t have to fight anymore against them so it will end today and right now. So the war went on until one of these teams were standing and then it was the final part this war was about to end terrorism and let there be no more so it ended and .thanks to me and my friends the war will not go on.Well the war ended and there are no more terrorist and i was so happy that it ended so we can actually do stuff around here so we finally have freedom. Well why me and my friends can do stuff we got to do anything we wanted to do because the war was over for good and now i am so happy.So on we kept doing what we were doing and then we seen someone walking with a couple other people well it was are parents and i was happy to see them because i really missed them well why we seen are parents we went somewere else to do stuff.

So we got to are spot to where we were going so we played football with are parents well we got done playing football.Then we went to playing song on our guitars and drums and anything else we had so we played a lot of songs and then i made a fire so we could have marshmellow around the fire and sing to. Well we were on the way to go get something to eat from a restaurant that was still open in town well we went there the lights were on and there was fresh food that was the only thing i was worried about right now that i get to eat i am starving and i don’t feel good right now and i wish it would stop the end this story takes place in paris 1957 time:12:58

me:jack i like football and video games and a whole bunch of other stuff. dad:russ he like football and basketball so do i but he also likes hunting me to. friend:robert he one of them that doesn’t like anything