Patch Adams Essay

I never believed it was a real-life narrative. Who would believe that an apparent lost soul and confused individual became a fantastic professional doctor? Mr. Arthur Mendelson, a guy who has a diagnosis of “Genius Syndrome,” and the one who likes to inquire how many you see in his four fingers, taught us to Patch … Read more

The Other Wes Moore Essay

Many individuals, throughout history, have encountered many horrible characters or events that molded them into the people they are today. Personality molding, on the other hand, might have a good or bad impact on a person. It has the ability to shape someone’s personality for the rest of their life. In the book, “The Other … Read more

Relationship Between Ownership And Sense Of Self

When we think about ourselves, we tend to think of ourselves as individuals with our own thoughts, experiences, and perspectives. But what does it mean to be an individual? And what is the relationship between our sense of self and the things we own? One way to think about these questions is in terms of … Read more

Critical Reflection Paper Example

In the portfolio, we were informed that we had to address an issue with adult education. My instructor explained the portfolio to us during the first week of class, and we spent many weeks preparing for it. She assisted us in improving our critical and rhetorical analysis capabilities, which would play a significant role in … Read more

My Ideal Job Paragraph

I often think about what my ideal job would be. I’ve had a lot of different jobs, and while some of them have been okay, none of them have really felt like the perfect fit. So, what exactly would my ideal job entail? For starters, it would involve American football. I’ve always loved the sport … Read more

Dance Observation Paper

Over the past few months at Marymount, I have noticed my major flaw in dance is lack of awareness, both mentally and physically. In general, I need to break the habit of simply executing the “correct” movement. Instead, I need actively think about what am I am doing and why I am doing it. For … Read more

Beach Blondes

The title of my book is Beach Blondes. This novel was written by Katherine Applegate. The genre is realistic fiction and there is a little bit of suspense throughout. Katherine lives in California with her husband and two kids. She mostly writes young adult fiction and children books. She has also sold more than 35million … Read more

Cosmetics Animal Testing

People say animals are just another tool placed in the world for the use of the human race, regardless of the consequences on the animal’s part. There are also a few people who argue saying animals are not just a tool for the humans, that they too are living and deserve better treatment. Animal testing … Read more

Physiological Pithole

Every so often we come face to face with an obstacle that seems even greater than the last. We fall into a deep physiological pithole where we fear our efforts to climb to the top will not be sufficient enough to actually reach it. First, we try to rationalize the situation. We tell ourselves that … Read more

In A Ted Talk Analysis

It’s so easy to create a professional website these days, one that looks trustworthy and reliable. Of course, that does not mean that the information contained within it is also reliable. You would think that would be obvious, we would all like to think that we’ve impervious to bullshit. Alas, that is not the case. … Read more

Adnan Sayed Research Paper

Adnan Sayed is guilty. I believe he murdered his girlfriend Hae Ming Lee in a case that has brought widespread public discussion through the forum of a contemporary radio show: Serial the Podcast. How do I know Adnan is guilty? Well of course I have no way of knowing, but in a completely different sense, … Read more

Humanity In Thomas Hobbes Leviathan

In Hobbes’ “Leviathan”, we spoke about how he viewed primal humans as being in a “state of war/nature. ” Although this was hypothetical, I do agree with it to be somewhat true. Back in a time of humans with no structure or agreement socially of norms or folkways, it probably made life confusing and unpredictable. … Read more

Aaron Beck’s Cognitive Behavioral Theory

Cognitive therapy, originated by Aaron Beck (1976), was inspired by Stoic philosophers who believed that by discarding false beliefs through the means of logic, a person could prevent emotional disturbances (Murguia, & Diaz, 2015). Cognitive refers to; thinking, conclusions, understandings, schemas, and biases. Behavioral refers to measurable changes in the way people conduct themselves (Lorenzo-Luaces … Read more

Tao Te Ching Analysis Essay

The Tao Te Ching is a book that is very well known in the scholarly community. The text itself appears to have a myriad on self-contradictions, not to mention the debate many scholars have over the various translations available. One of the more interesting contradictions on the Tao Te Ching is over learning. In the … Read more

Examples Of Conflict Transformation Essay

Key Ideas Conflict Transformation Chapter 1: “Conflict transformation is based on two verifiable realities: conflict is normal in human relationships and conflict is a motor change. ” (4) I have understood for a long time that conflict is a normal part of being a human, without conflict there would be no order or balance, but … Read more

The Vanishing American Analysis Essay

“Ridiculous. The mirror was curved. How do you expect to see yourself in curved mirror (275)”. The Vanishing American by Charles Beaumont is a story about a man “vanishing” to the people around him. The story has deep meanings throughout it and requires the reader to read it more than once. Three major points is … Read more

Cell Crash Short Story Essay

It was a bright and sunny day me and my friends were on are way to my house and all the sudden the ground started to shake and we heard a really big crash and it was a plane that crash into the a really big building.Then we started to run and we seen these … Read more