Essay On Early Childhood Trauma

Trauma is becoming an increasing problem for our youth and impacts every facet of a child’s life. Numerous young children have been a victim of maltreatment with their own parents or caregivers responsible for the trauma. From early infancy through adulthood, trauma can impact how we view the world and ourselves. Trauma can alter how … Read more

Eriksons Psychosocial Analysis Essay

Introduction Erikson’s psycho-social stages of development provides great insight on the process of child development. It is composed of eight stages that range from infancy to adulthood. However, the first four stages are what will be discussed in this analysis paper. The first four stages are Infancy, Early Childhood, Preschool, and Middle childhood. The infancy … Read more

Argumentative Essay On Curfew

There’s a problem that the city believes that they have the right to give people’s children a curfew outside of the curfew the parent has created. This argument is just beginning to gain traction as teenagers want to stay out later to spend time with their friends “Netflixing and Chilling”. According to Jonathan Zimmerman’s article … Read more

Agencies Involved In Safeguarding Essay

There are various organisations that may be involved if a child or young person has been abused or or harmed, these include Childrens Social Care which provides support for vulnerable children, these include Social Workers and Family Support Workers who usually work together, this is called multi-agency working. They are responsible for coordinating and implementing … Read more

Neglect Case Studies Essay

Neglect is also an important factor leading to child death and was highlighted in the high-profile cases of Victoria Climbie (Laming 2003) and Danial Pelka. In Daniels case, weight loss, the stealing of food and how Daniel was withdrawn and showing little interaction with other children was all noticed by school staff, yet the school … Read more

Authoritative Parenting Styles Essay

The authoritative parenting style is about setting limits, reasoning with kids, and being responsive to their emotional needs. This style is common in middle class parenting throughout the world, and it’s connected with the most successful child outcomes. While authoritative parents are very sincere, nurturing, and open towards their children, they also expect high levels … Read more

Goodnight Moon Analysis Essay

In the children’s bedtime storybook, Goodnight Moon, written by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Clement Hurd, the author introduces the reader to “… the great green room” (1) in which greeting the inanimate objects that are first seen when the story begins. The storybook consists of simple lines of rhymes throughout each page along … Read more