Ap Psychology Chapter 8-15 Questions Essay

Final Exam
TECA 1303

Answer 12 out of the 15 questions covering chapters 8-15. Each answer is worth 5 points. Only complete sentences, which include the question in the answer, will be awarded points. Yes or no answers will be awarded zero points.

1. *Which of the three parenting approaches mentioned in the chapter do you prefer and why? How were you raised? How do you think the way you were raised affects you now?

Out of the three parenting approach mention in chapter 9 I prefer The Authoritative Approach. This approach takes into consideration the needs of the child along with providing limits and control as needed. Although, I prefer this approach with my children I was raised using the Authoritarian approach. The way I was raised affects me know because I sometime convert to the way I was raise. For example I get to the point where I expect my children to do as I say or I become every strict without any balance. This causes a lot of miss understanding because my children start to feel like they cannot talk…

The feeling that they feel from the loss like sadness, and crying which is part of emotional response when using scripts to convey how someone may feel. One of the cultural scripts I have is the way people should act when deaths happen and their reaction to the situation. Another scrips I think I have is knowing how people feel before they tell me. I believe looking at me child and being able to tell they need to talk or just need a hug to help there feeling is a cultural script.

3. *How much does self-esteem show? Is it easy to tell who has high-esteem and who doesn’t? The text says that people aren’t always what they seem. Do you believe that statement? Has that been your experience? Do you have some examples to back up your opinion?

Self-esteem shows by the way a person dresses act, walk and talk. Whether a person has high or low self-esteem. I highly likely I can…