Life With Respect Research Paper

JongHeon Kim
Mrs. Marquart
English 9
Period 6
December, 2015

How we live life with respect?

What is being respect? How we show respect? When we need to show respect? Why we show respect? To solve these questions, we need know what is respect is first. Then what is being disrespect? Disrespect is Lack of respect, esteem, or courteous regard. Just opposite to respect. Then is not being respect is always disrespect? We have to find out what is “Respect” means before we answer these questions. There can be variety of ways that we can define and explain “Respect” through establishing our personal criteria, observe our school STM, and by examining the Oxford English Dictionary,, and the Bible definitions.

Respect is that how we think, take care, and treat each other nicely in our life and also society.
Mark is volunteer. He loves to work for another. He goes orphanage and senior citizen center once a month to take care of children and old mans who needs help and care.. He always donate $100 every month anonymously even if his job is taxi driver. He always being modesty, nice, and try to understand others.
Mark being respect, because he volunteer to help who needs help in our society….

(OED) “Respect is that how we think, take care, and treat each other nicely in our life and also society.” In other word, it means it’s a having relationship. “Respect is that we understand each other and accept each other.” We make connection with people while we live our life, and we have to accept others to maintain connection with them. “Respect is appreciate about what they’ve done and what their doing. Show deferential regard for and esteem or admire, also build monument of that specific person.” We talk about somebody (reference), we talk about what they’ve done and we talk about outcome, what they’ve changed. We try to remember somebody and respect somebody through have conversation about…