Life With Respect Research Paper

What is being respect? How we show respect? When we need to show respect? Why we show respect? To solve these questions, we need know what is respect is first. Then what is being disrespect? Disrespect is Lack of respect, esteem, or courteous regard. Just opposite to respect. Then is not being respect is always disrespect? We have to find out what is “Respect” means before we answer these questions. There can be variety of ways that we can define and explain “Respect” through establishing our personal criteria, observe our school STM, and by examining the Oxford English Dictionary, www. urbandictionary. com, and the Bible definitions.

Respect is that how we think, take care, and treat each other nicely in our life and also society. Mark is volunteer. He loves to work for another. He goes orphanage and senior citizen center once a month to take care of children and old mans who needs help and care.. He always donate $100 every month anonymously even if his job is taxi driver. He always being modesty, nice, and try to understand others. Mark being respect, because he volunteer to help who needs help in our society. How many people who is going orphanage and senior citizen center once a month?

At least one of them? There is not many people who can do this every month. We can think about it, it’s really hard to make this into real. Also his job is taxi driver, that earn very little money. Even if he needs something and don’t have things, he keep donate $100 every month, which is really hard to do. He volunteers to do those job because he respect other people. Jake is CEO of Food company. He donates $500 every month through TV show that find people who need and somebody donate for them. He never been to orphanage and senior citizen center voluntarily, but for his business.

Even if he donated $500, he didn’t consider about others feeling who is getting help by him. For him, $500 is not huge thing for him. It’s not about how much money he donated, but what that money mean to him. He’s act can not say that it was volunteered, because it wasn’t by himself, but forced by situation or because of his need Respect is that we understand each other and accept each other. Alex and Emily just got marriage. Now they’re in social structure called “Family”. Alex act as husband and Emily act as wife.

They accept their own hobby, and lifestyle. What is family? A fundamental social group in society typically consisting of one or two parents and their children. ” (The free dictionary) There is many different form of family. Family that consist by parents and child, only dad and child or only mom and child, sometimes grandparents and child. Even if there is many different form of family, and there is many different way to react and different life style. Family member always try to suffer problem together, help each other, childrens are being nice and courteous. Also parents showing their respect on their child by give their love Family is the first social group that we be in part of.

A marriage signified the creation of a new social group. Wife and husband respect each other. They’re showing they are accept and respect each other’s life style through marriage. Marriage is type of promise and broadcast to people that they decided to love and respect each other, so they’re going to live together. Mike and Jake are roommate. Both are going same college and same subject. Mike loves sports, he always work out and exercise. Jake usually stay at room and play xbox or play some computer games. However, Mike always try to force Jake to get him work out, and Jake hates it when Mike does it.

They live together, share room, and share their life. However, they are not sharing their interest or hobby. Also they don’t accept that they have different life style and different hobby. Even if their in part of each other’s life, they don’t respect each other. Respect is appreciate about what they’ve done and what their doing. Show deferential regard for and esteem or admire, also build monument of that specific person. John is a veteran. He served three years in army, two years in navy, and five years in USSF. He entered both Vietnam War and Korean War.

People erect a monument to praise sacrifice of soldier and build cenotaph for sacrificed soldiers during both wars. People respect sacrificed soldiers and veterans like John through make monument to remember what they’ve done and what they are doing also show grateful about what they sacrificed for peace and own country. Adalhard was a director of a ghetto. He was managing when move jews and how to find other jews still outside of germanic area. After World War, german made monument of Adalhard infront of concentration camp and ghetto.

Even people made monument, purpose of that monument is not for appreciate his work, but to remind people to don’t make same mistake and get shocked by it was a real event. Respect is relation, connection, reference, and regard. (OED) “Respect is that how we think, take care, and treat each other nicely in our life and also society. ” In other word, it means it’s a having relationship. “Respect is that we understand each other and accept each other. ” We make connection with people while we live our life, and we have to accept others to maintain connection with them. Respect is appreciate about what they’ve done and what their doing. Show deferential regard for and esteem or admire, also build monument of that specific person. ” We talk about somebody (reference), we talk about what they’ve done and we talk about outcome, what they’ve changed. We try to remember somebody and respect somebody through have conversation about it.

Ephesians 5:33: Give everyone what you owe him: If you owe taxes, pay taxes: if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor. However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband. Bible) Such as an Alex and Emily’s situation, they created new relationship called marriage, husband and wife. They decided to live with rest of their life, because they respect each other. Sometimes it’s hard to give what I have, but if I and others start to respect, giving is not hard anymore. To treat people in the manner in which you expect to be treated. To show consideration for another person’s feelings and interests. An attitude demonstrating that you value another person. You should treat your friends with respect. (Urban Dictionary) Mike and Jake are roommates who has totally different hobby and lifestyle.

They often get mad of each other because they don’t understand each other. If they tried to show consideration for another person’s feelings and interests, then it wouldn’t happened. In other word, if they respected each other, they might not fought. Respect is that consider others and think about what would happen and what would be others reaction when I do something. During lunch time, everyone is lined up while waiting their order to get lunch. We keep our line even if we’re all hungry and want to eat first, but we keep line, because we know that I’m not the only one who is in cafeteria and hungry.

Everyone is hungry and wants to cut line to eat first, but they keep their order, because they consider each other and think what happen when they cut line. Before PE class, at the locker, there is lots of noise and play around in locker. They talk loud, make a noise, and play around while everyone is changing their cloth, because they don’t respect others, but only for their fun. Keeping promise is the best way to show and keep respect, but also it’s a really basic thing we need to keep. Some students are late for class, because they spend break time to talk with their friends.

They are disrespectful to teacher, because break time is for prepare for next class and move into next class room. They spend that time wrong way, and they didn’t kept their promise that they must be in class before bell ring. Since they’re late for class, they are not respect to teacher. When our friend ask us to show our homework or tell the questions from quiz or test that they’re going to take, we have to tell, because they’re our friend. This is not respect to both teacher and friend. The reason is that we lie to teacher since we tell every test or quiz questions to friend and let them copy our homework.

Also we’re taking our friends to study for quiz or test and do their homework by themselves so they can study. Sometimes respect can be showed by our attitude not only way we talk. During mass and class, some kids are talk to each other or messing around each other. This is really disrespectful, because mass is time to give and show ourselves to God. Time to intellect with God, and must be reverence for God. Through their messing around during mass, it makes other people to distract from their own time to pray to God and more faithful.

Above that during class time, it distracts almost entire class room, so this make unable to continue class. Fell asleep during class or sickness make us to unconcentrated. Sometimes there is several times that it is hard to concentrate in class, when specially it’s because of our body. When we have a headache or stomachache during class time. Our attitude become really unconcentrated. Without our opinion, when body automatically make our attitude really disrespectful, it is really hard to show that we’re still respect teacher or our classmates.