Respect And Disrespect Essay

Respect, to me, meant the way that you treat yourself and your environment in a positive way. When I looked this word up on dictionary. com, it was defined as the condition of being esteemed or honored, and esteem for or a sense of the worth of excellence of a person. Now that I look back at the word, it isn’t a verb meaning the process of doing something nice for yourself and your environment. It is how well you and your environment are kept up. Or it is how you hold them in admiration or honor. Showing respect is showing that you care about something. To show regard for something or someone.

Disrespect means to show a lack of courtesy, or being impolite. Basically, if you violate people’s expectations of how you are supposed to behave towards them, you are being disrespectful. This means, respect is to behave the way others feel you should behave. Or to behave in a way towards others in a way that you would like to be treated. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” or “Treat people the way you want to be treated. ” Disrespect would also be described as showing no concern for another’s time, feelings, or being. It could be to deliberately do things to upset the person and go against what they stand for.

Respect is an “eye of the beholder” concept. What one person sees respectful may be considered disrespectful by another person. From your perspective, you may always be right. It is important to gain a person’s respect. When someone respects you, they believe in your abilities and judgement. They think highly of you and trust you when you are speaking the truth. You will know when someone respects you because you can feel and notice when they hold you in high esteem. They will listen. Though one person may love that you are honest and will hold you in high regard for that, another may perceive you as being discourteous for the same behavior.

Within their own frames, they’d both be right. One of the most widely used tips on how to respect others is to listen to them. People like to be heard and have their thoughts and ideas considered. This helps build trust. “Trust is the grease of changing minds and listening is the key. ” This helps a person feel important. At my age, I have also learned that there is an importance to respecting adults. Respecting adults will inspire them to return the favor and treat you as someone who is mature. Respecting adults will help you develop a positive attitude and succeed in the future.

There are different things you can do to respect an adult. You can say please and thank you to show appreciation for what they are giving you and providing. Do not interrupt and adult when they are speaking because it is very rude. When you interrupt someone, you are showing poor manners. Using foul and slang language is disrespectful and inappropriate. Confusing adults by using slang terms and and using profanity is unacceptable. Offer help to them. Just because they do not ask for help doesn’t mean they don’t need it. Ask questions if you are not sure what an adult has told you to do.

When you ask questions, you show that you care to get the information correct. Be honest because when you lie to an adult, you are violating their trust in you and it could create obstacles in your relationship. Remember the information they give you. When an adult gives you information it is usually valuable and helpful so that you will not continuously repeat the same mistakes. Having respect for yourself is just as important as having respect for others and your environment. Self-respect will give you a sense of confidence and you will love yourself more, but you have to earn self respect just as you have to win it from others.

To earn your own self-respect, you must first love yourself. If you do not love yourself, you will never be able to have respect for yourself. You should look at your pluses, personal traits, and skills. Everyone has their own special abilities. Just because you don’t have the skills one person has, doesn’t mean that you don’t have other skills that they lack. Nobody is perfect. After understanding you need to love yourself, you need to believe in your choices and abilities. If you can’t believe in yourself, nobody will. Respecting your home and the items in it is important.

If you respect your belongings, they’ll respect you as well. For example, if you keep jumping on your bed when you’re only supposed to sit down and lay down in it, it could break. If it’s an air mattress, it will pop. You didn’t respect your bed, now it can’t respect you. There are plenty of examples for this, but the main lesson is to just use items how they are supposed to be used. It is even more important for you to respect property and items that do not belong to you. First, before borrowing or using something, you should ask for permission form the owner of that item before using it.

If you do borrow that item, you should take care of it as if it were your own, and maybe even better. If you are only borrowing the item, you should remember to return it to the owner. If the item gets broken, you owe an apology to who it belongs to. You should then repair or replace the broken item. You should also be just as careful when handling public property. For example spitting on roads, throwing garbage on roads, causing harm to plants in the parks are all included in disrespecting public property. When you take care of another person’s property, you are showing them that you are considering and care about their feelings.