Types Of Love And Spying Essay

Love is considered to be a deep feeling or an intense affection that you feel for something or somebody. A spy can be said to be a person working for another individual that gathers information on something to then give it back to the individual that the spy is working for. A spy and love, by definition, do not compare to each other for several reasons but they are considered to be a type of brother and sister. Can a spy ever truly love? Is a spy capable of trust? These are opinion related questions that allow you to look deeper into the relationship a spy has with another, so called important person in that spy’s life.

In fact, maybe the best known spy to man in James Bond, aka double 007. Exploring many readings and movies of James Bond has allowed me to realize how spies are able to do their jobs and still love. Often, spies fall in love but because of their humanly nature, are unable to be trusted, which in the end enforces them to realize that a spy cannot be trusted. What is trust and how does trust affect the life of a spy? Trust is the confidence, willingness, belief, and ability to believe that the person or thing will do right by you. Trust is kind of an expectation.

Trust is an expectation because you are expecting that what you put your trust in will hold the obligation to not betray you. Trust is important in anyone’s life, particularly a spy’s life. Trust in a spy is a blind type of trust which shows entitles that the person the spy is deceiving isn’t sure about their self. Trust is also dependent on loyalty, which a spy does a great things of showing. It is said that you need to confront yourself when dealing with loyalty issues. Once again a spy does a great job in showing that you can trust them but in the end loyalty isn’t what a spy is.

A spy is always in mission and does it’s best to not get distracted. A spy does this by keeping their eye on their main goal which is the mission. But during a mission a spy always has to rely on others to get done what they cannot. Although, one most likely cannot trust a spy, spies countlessly rely on others for key information. According to psychoanalyst John Bowlby there is need to for a mutual protective alliance. He goes further on to say that this needs to last a long life time and that this is a way for couples to stay aware of their spouse.

Early in the relationship love and trust is easy but later is when it gets harder. Later you fear depending on your other half, you feel stronger but not as secure. In relating this to a spy, I see that a spy cannot truly hold these qualities. Although it may seem that a spy can hold these qualities, they cannot because trust is something a spy depicts very well. Looking into a spy and love, I can see that although there are five types of spies, none hold the quality of love. A local spy deceives people with kindness. “Spies cannot be properly managed without benevolence and straightforwardness (39).

This is an inward spy perfectly described by Sun Tzu. This is the type of spy that will love you until you love them back. This type of spy will make you trust them and believe in. They expect you to be straight forward with them. Will all the honesty you have until they stab you in the back. Once this happens they can care less about you and what you do with yourself. This type of spy does not hold the quality of trust nor true love. An inward spy is a spy that knows the enemy very well. This spy hates the enemy and will do whatever it takes to take that enemy down.

Another type of spy is the converted spy. This type of spy because for itself because the converted from one side to the other. A converted spy was once with the enemy, so you cannot truly trust them because they may convert again which says that this spy may be the most untrustworthy spy. A doomed spy makes the enemy believe one thing is happening when something different is totally happening. In the end this type of spy is doomed and this type of spy may be playing games on you as well. The last is the surviving spy. This type of spy always survives and is the greatest type of spy to have.

Although this spy is the easy spy to trust you, they cannot be trusted because they still are a spy. All these spies have one thing in common, and this is that they cannot be trusted. Along the line there will always be a situation in which the spy has to choose the mission or themselves and the spy will always choose themselves. “Terri said the man she lived with before she lived with Mel loved her so much that he tried to kill her. Then Terri said “He beat me up one night (170). ” This form of love would be stated as Eros love.

Eros love, in my opinion is the deepest form of love because it is an emotion and physical way of showing love. In the short story, What We talk about when we talk about love, Raymond carver shows this type of love in various ways. This form of loves also ties into any type of love that a spy believes they are showing. One occasion of a spy showing love like Terri and her ex-husband was the showing of James Bond in the film Goldeneye. In particular is the scene of Bond and Xenia. Bond is relaxing in a spa type of area and Xenia comes into the same room as him showing him a lot of sexual attention.

Xenia is also a spy and in this scene she is doing this to obtain important information from him. They both kiss and fight until Bonds stops all of the nonsense. This scene validates the fact that a spy cannot be trusted or capable of love. Xenia went in the room for one reason which wasn’t to have a good time with Bond. Again this showed the form of Eros love, but it showed that a spy cannot love this deeply. It showed that a spy cannot care for someone as deeply as they care for their work. Another example from What We talk about when we talk about love is the relationship between the young couple.

This young couple, Laura and Nick, were full of love because they just started their relationship. Although they were in love I would call their love a form of storage love. They were very close basically like a long type of friendship not knowing how it would end up in the future. In relating to spied I believe this is how a spy ends up in love. A spy is always on a mission so when a chance of love or even a close knitted friendship comes around they take that opportunity. But a spy does not know how to control this feeling because in the end the always end up betraying that person.

An example of this is Bond in Goldeneye. After he escaped the, whatever could’ve been brutal helicopter, he was captured as well as the Natalya. They were then together throughout the movie until the train scene where Bonds did not choose to save her. This was bond’s betraying her. This was Bond’s sort of creating a relationship with her and then pouring it all down the drain. In the film Goldeneye Bond’s also left double 006 to die. Although double 006 told him to leave, as a partner you would never leave you other partner behind. This is a form of distrust and disloyalty.

In conclusion often, spies fall in love but because of their humanly nature, are unable to be trusted, which in the end enforces them to realize that a spy cannot be trusted. James Bond is a perfect example of this spy because Bond is the most selfish spy there is. He will leave anyone behind to save his own self. A spy also loves but because of the spies nature they are unable to show and continue to show what kind of love they compassionately have for a person. Trust is not easy to come by and neither is love but in the case of a spy this will never be a possibility.