Essay on Disney Princess Personality Types

Disney Princess Personality Types “I try to build a full personality for each of our cartoon characters – to make them personalities. ” – Walt Disney The sound of kids laughing ringed through my ears as the Disney AllStar Movies transportation bus pulled up to the parking lot at Walt Disney World Resort. My stomach began to turn as the butterflies fluttered rapidly. I trailed behind my family as we walked towards the opening gates. My smile stretched across my face, and my cheeks began to feel sore. I listened as my mom gave her safety instructions. I was ready to go.

I was ready to ride the rides. I was ready see the famous Disney Castle. I was ready to meet all of my role model Disney princesses. I was ready to go. My mom was protective. She would not let any if her kids out of her sight. “Don’t leave your buddy! ” She yelled. “Hold hands when you are in big crowds. Keep track of the time. Do not talk to strangers. Meet back here at four o’clock sharp! ” My mom was really protective. My dad was childish. I am pretty sure he was just as excited as us kids. He wanted to ride the rides, meet the characters, and even buy little trinkets.

My mom made him stay with her though. I am sure he was disappointed because he wanted to go with us kids. Even though he did not get to, he still had just as much fun. My sister was outgoing. I stuck with her. She wanted to do everything. I do not think she stopped talking for one minute. Her bubbly words collided with mine. Before we even finished one activity, she constantly asked, “What should we do next? ” It was fun though. There was never a dull moment. My brother was finicky. He was a boy. Why would he want to get pictures with princesses and ride the tea cups?

I kind of felt bad for him. He was not trying to be fussy about what he wanted to do, but it made things difficult. He had no one he could buddy up with, so he was stuck with the girls. My family was full of different personalities that day. We experienced new things, and did stuff we would have never imagined of doing. There were some personalities that were negative, but the positive personalities kept us going. The personalities are what made the trip so incredible. The sound of kids crying ringed through my ears as we loaded the Disney All-Star Movies transportation bus back to our hotel.

None of these kids wanted to leave the magical place where their dreams come true; including me. Thad always fantasied about meeting real life Disney princesses. It had been my dream job since I was young. I remember looking at them like they were goddesses. Each princess was so unique and different in their own way, yet they were so much alike. They gave kids hope. Even though they were not actually real, little girls like me looked up to them. They showed me that you can solve all of your conflicts if you stay true to who you are; if you stay true to the personality that you have.

Google’s definition of personality is specific: 1. the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character. A definition like this implies that our personalities create the person that we are. Disney characters not only have distinctive personality types, but they are personality types themselves. Here are just a few examples of Disney character personality types. THE IDEALIST – BELLE “Well, some people use their imagination. ” – Belle The idealistic personality involves one who always aims for perfection.

They become guided by ideals rather than practical thoughts. In the movie, Beauty and the Beast, the main character Belle forms an idealistic personality. Belle is a young, beautiful girl that has an extraordinary imagination. She dreams of having adventure and romance in her dissatisfied, provincial life. Belle’s idealistic personality assists her in obtaining the things that she truly desires. Belle stumbles across an enchanted castle with an effort to save her father, only to discover that the prince and his servants living there were cast under a spell.

With much assistance from her new friends, Belle uses her idealistic personality to draw the beast out of his isolation, and eventually break the curse. Belle uses her optimism, bravery, and imagination to save the characters within the castle. If Belle did not have the personality of an idealist, the outcome of the story could have ended in numerous different ways. She uses her optimism to give the characters hope. She uses her bravery to stand up to her violent village. She uses her imagination to help her become open to the idea of saving the castle before it is too late.

Without this heroine the characters would have been cursed forever; fortunately The Idealist pulls through and they lived happily ever after. Belle encouraged me to be an idealist. I now hope to achieve and pursue higher goals in life. Belle taught me to be open to different ideas and see what this world has to offer. She set an example that we should see things how they have the potential to be, not how they are. Belle is her own personality. We should all strive to be like Belle. Who are you striving to be like? THE PROTECTOR-POCAHONTAS “We don’t have to fight them!

There must be a better way. ” – Pocahontas The protective personality involves one who is capable and willing to keep someone from being harmed. They become aware of their surroundings in order to protect the ones they love. In the movie, Pocahontas, the main character, Pocahontas forms a protective personality. Pocahontas is a free spirited young woman who offers wisdom, guidance, and kindness to those around her. She loves nature and adventure, and would protect these things over herself in a heartbeat. Pocahontas’s protective personality allows her to help the ones she truly loves.

Pocahontas falls in love with Captain John Smith when he and other settlers journey to the New World in hope to start new lives. Chief Powhatan disproves this relationship while the settlers plan to steal the gold that the Natives do not have. Pocahontas uses her protective personality to stop war and eventually save the man she loves. Pocahontas uses her compassion, wisdom, and knowledge of nature to help her people. If Pocahontas did not have the personality of a protector, the resolution of the movie would not have been the same. She uses her compassion to show love towards the enemy.

She uses her wisdom to know when war will not make things better. She uses her knowledge of nature to show the settlers the beautiful things they are destroying. Without this strong woman, war would have destroyed both the natives and the settlers; fortunately The Protector pulls through and they lived happily ever after. Pocahontas encouraged me to be a protector. I now know what I need to live for, and what I need to fight for. She taught me to defend what I think is right. She set an example that we need to stand up for what we believe in because it might just save someone’s life.

Pocahontas is her own personality. We should all strive to be like Pocahontas. Who are you striving to be like? THE GIVER- RAPUNZEL “But if you let me save him, I will go with you. I’ll never run. I’ll never try to escape. Just let me heal him, and you and I will be together, forever, just like you want. Everything will be the way it was. I promise. Just like you want. Just let me heal him. ” – Rapunzel The giver personality involves one who provides generously for individuals that are in need. They are selfless and put others needs before themselves. In the movie, Tangled, the ain character Rapunzel forms a giving personality.

Rapunzel is a clever, kind, and determined young woman who loves adventure. She never breaks a promise and longs to see the world beyond her window in the tower. Rapunzel’s giving personality guides her through the tough decisions on her journey. Rapunzel, who is capped with over seventy feet of hair, has been locked up in a tower by her pretend mother for years. After she finds him hiding in her tower, Rapunzel demands that Flynn Rider, the kingdoms most wanted thief, takes her to see the floating lights that appear on her birthday each year.

Through their adventure, Flynn has a change of heart and Rapunzel discovers that she is the lost princess while freeing herself from the woman she thought was her mother. Rapunzel uses her giving personality to save Flynn and restore the kingdom. Rapunzel uses her cleverness, kindness, and determination to find freedom and return home. If Rapunzel did not have a giving personality, the outcome of the story would have ended differently. She uses her cleverness to strike a deal in order to see the lights. She uses her kindness as a way to save Flynn’s life instead of hers.

She uses her determination to find where she belongs. Without this thoughtful teen, Flynn Rider would have died and the kingdom would have never found their lost princess. Luckily, The Giver pulls through and they lived happily ever after. Rapunzel encouraged me to be a giver. I now know what it means to sacrifice. She taught me to put other people’s needs before my own. She set an example that we need to find courage within ourselves in order to achieve what we are fighting for. Rapunzel is her own personality. We should all strive to be like Rapunzel. Who are you striving to be like?