Walt Disney: The Influence Of The Mass Media Essay

In 1964 Walt Disney built four rides for the World’s Fair in New York. He discovered people loved his ideas in the Eastern U. S. just as much as the Western U. S. citizens did. (“ History of Disney World”. ) One of the best theme parks in the world came from the visions of a man named Walt Disney. He wanted to create a safe, family friendly theme park that all ages could enjoy, and he did just that. People wonder how Walt Disney thought of disney world, how it became so popular, how he had such an influence on the mass media, and whether they should hate it or love it.

Walt Disneys ideas for Disney World came from his other theme park, Disneyland. He wanted Disney World to be able to function as a city all on its own. Sadly, Walt Disney died before construction began. His brother, Roy Disney took over Walt’s ideas. Roy first built a theme park , Magic Kingdom, two resort hotels, and a campground. Disney World became very popular very quickly. Walt Disney used “fake” corporations to buy 27,000 acres of land. He did this so he would not attract attention to himself but, a reporter from the Orlando Sentinel Newspaper found out all the land belonged to Walt.

Out of the 27,000 acres of land Walt Disney decided not to build on 7,500 acres of land to conserve the natural environment. Now the staff at Disney has decided to conserve 8,300 acres of land. Disney World was opened on October 1, 1971. The staff at Disney had picked a non-busy season so they could still solve the smaller problems. On November 25, 1971, Disney World became a huge success. Since so many people came to Disney World on November 25, the staff at Disney had to close the gates.

Disney World ended up costing 400 million dollars and 9,000 workers to build everything. (“History of Disney World”) “He used mass media to make hundred of people happy. ” Walt Disney had a major influence of the mass media. Walt Disney made movies that were appealing to families, 240 million people have at least seen one Disney movie, 800 million have read at least one Disney comic book or magazine. Walt Disney used early film technology in the 1920’s to make short animated films.

He produced an one hour film every week. Disney made changes that began in 1920 when he first used the newest mass media vehicle – moving picture – for short animated films, and ended with television programs, high tech, full length animated films and amusement parks where the families can be entertained for a week. ” (Walt Disney and his influence on the Mass Media. “) Disney Parks has taken up eight slots on the top 10 list of the most visited theme parks in the world. Disney World has 5 theme parks all over the world. These locations are Florida, California, Japan, Paris, and Hong Kong.

The Disney World in Orlando, Florida is the largest of all Disney theme parks. It is the size of Manhattan. This Disney World contains 4 theme parks and has two water parks. Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida is the most visited theme park in the world. The Disney World in Orlando, Florida may be the largest but Disney’s Hong Kong location is the smallest Disney World. It has 4 major theme parks. Most Disney locations have 5 or 6 theme parks. Surprisingly, the Disney World in Japan is very successful. In this Disney Park they have a theme park called DisneySea.

This theme park is only in Japan’s Disney World. (“Disney Parks List”) The opinions about Disney World is very diverse. On TripAdvisor out of the 25,347 reviews 11,625 of the reviews are rated as excellent. 2,657 are rated very good. 1,352 are rated average. 771 are rated poor and 650 are rated terrible. One review said ” There is plenty to see and do for everyone… young and old!!! We will keep coming back to Disney world for years to come. ” This reviewer rate Disney World excellent. Another review said “We very much preferred the Disney Cruise as it offered more time to relax.

It’s really hard to relax at Disney unless you make time to do so. ” This reviewer rated Disney World average. (“Walt Disney World (Orlando, FL): Photos & Reviews – TripAdvisor. “) Overall, Walt Disney succesfully created a theme park that will always be loved by millions of people. His truly fascinating visions were brought to life by his brother Roy and this is why Disney World is so successful. Disney World was such a success that they built 4 other locations internationally for hundreds of other people to enjoy. This success was based on the influence he had on the mass media.