The Salem Witch Trials Essay

In the British colony, Massachusetts, witchcraft hysteria broke out between February 1692 and May 1693, resulting in the execution of twenty people and the jailing of 342 people. The Salem Witch Trials began after young girls in Salem claimed to be possessed by the Devil and started holding local women of Salem accountable of witchcraft. … Read more

Summary Of Freedman By David Freedman Essay

Throughout his essay David H. Freedman keeps an authoritative tone on his subject by citing a large number of credible sources and statistics from many reputable sources. However, while Freedman’s use of said tone is backed by what is clearly a large amount of research, it seems in some key places hints of personal bias … Read more

Battle Of Antietam Analysis Essay

Between 1860-1865, the U.S. was engaged in a Civil War between the North and the South. It was unprecedented in its use of photography to document the various aspects of war. This picture is the bloody battle of Antietam. The photo was taken by Alexander Gardner displaying the horrific tragedy that occurred at the battle … Read more

Carrie Nation’s Inspiration For Prohibition Essay

Carrie Nation believed that alcoholism was one of the main causes for disruption in society. Nation was married to an alcoholic who later then died, thus pushing her to fight for prohibition. Carrie Nation is historically significant due to her crusade toward alcoholism which contributed to the ratification of the eighteenth amendment. She was also … Read more

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Essay

Sadie Nussbaum, an eighteen-year-old Jewish girl who had lived in the United States of America her entire life along with 148 of her fellow workers, was killed in the fire in the Triangle Shirt Factory(Nussbaum death certificate). Ever since, historians and advocates have asked the question, “Who should be held responsible for their deaths?” After … Read more

Racial Profiling Summary Essay

The article “Should Racial Profiling Be Accepted as a Law Enforcement Practice?”, published by discusses the pros and cons on if racial profiling should be practiced by the law enforcement. Those in favor of this practice admit that people of color are targeted more by law enforcement agencies because they are the ones who … Read more

Civil War North Vs South Essay

What do the words “civil war” make you think of? For many people these words represent a fight of good against evil, and in the case of the American civil war, the war over slavery. But these assumptions about the American Civil War aren’t always true. The Civil War was fought from 1861-1865, after 7 … Read more

The Crucible Bandwagone Essay

Everyone lost their minds when they thought all the computers would crash in 2000 because of the “turn of the century” or whatever. It is probable that a lot of people do not know why everyone thought everything would crash simply because of the transition from the year 1999 to 2000, but they did. It … Read more

Summary Of In The Time Of The Butterflies By Julia Alvarez Essay

Isabella Triggs Ms. Brown Adv. American Lit 16 December 2016 Julia Alvarez Julia Alvarez was born in the U.S., but raised in the Dominican Republic. She was raised in a patriarchal family, meaning the men worked while the women stayed home and cooked, cleaned, and took care of the children. She lived in the Dominican … Read more

Dbq Essay: The Role Of Women In Marriage

Historically, the respective roles of a man and a woman in marriage are different across religious, cultures, and political borders. Even today, different sectors of society have distinctly different guidelines and expectations for the husband-wife relationship. Often what sets apart some societies from others when it comes to marriage is the role that women are … Read more

Al Capone’s Accomplishments Essay

Al Capone is one of the most well-known mobsters in American History due to his booming success during the prohibition. His success was helped through his intimidation and his professional business attitude. Citizens in Chicago respected Capone mainly because they were scared of him but also, because he brought highly valued goods into the city. … Read more

Virginia Company Benefits Essay

Virginia Company: Profits or Loses, 1606-1624 During inception the natives agreed to trading provisions to the colonists in exchange for metal tools. In 1609 John Smith the governor, started establishing raiding parties for food from the natives. The Powhatan fled further away from the Jamestown fort which caused a period of famine for the English … Read more

Madison Vs Thomas Jefferson Essay

As a result of their ideas on the role of government in public and private lives, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were two of the most influential Founding Fathers. Perhaps their greatest influence was in regard to religion and the separation of church and state. To this day, their writings are influential to how we … Read more

Ymca Observation Essay

For my observation I chose to survey a few students that attend after school/day care at YMCA Elmonte. YMCA elmonte has guidelines for volunteers and requires A background check for non staff. I was not able to get full access to the YMCA as a volunteer due too time constraints for this first observation, but … Read more

Luna Hall Essay

Luna Hall Luna Hall was originally built in the time of 1918 and named Luna Natatorium in honor of Lieutenant Antonio J. Luna. The class of 1914 building housed the first indoor swimming pool of West Mississippi River in 1918.The transition from a natatorium to a museum began in 1980.The big building became the McBride … Read more

Smallpox In Boston Essay

Between April and December of 1721, over six thousand colonists in Boston contracted a world-wide feared viral infection known as smallpox. After the occurrence of over nine hundred deaths in Boston alone, the infestation of this disease in the colony became known as the Smallpox Epidemic. During the epidemic, it became widely acknowledged that survivors … Read more

Ender’s Friendship Quotes Essay

Ender has been getting bullied by a boy in his school named Stilston. Stilston and his corrupt friends decided to pick on Ender and make him feel lonely. Having only himself to rely on, he feels that no one will be able to help him. As a result, Ender beat up Stilston to help himself. … Read more

18th Century American Education Dbq Analysis Essay

The 18th century in Europe was a dynamic center for changes in daily life. The prior centuries saw the decline in the social status of women and Renaissance ideals hoping to keep them in the home. It also was witness to the church’s dominion in education and the social gap between the privileged children who … Read more

Andrew Jackson Trail Of Tears Analysis Essay

The Trail of Tears The trail of tears was the forceful events to the Native American to relocate from the south eastern region to the western region. Andrew Jackson was the president, He fulfilled his ambition by changed the Washington and America, which is also called the Indian removal act. The removal was resulted destruction … Read more

Exercise 14.3 Exercise Analysis Essay

I chose exercise 14.3 II. In this exercise we had to watch the local news, national news, and the local paper and answer the following questions, how many stories are apparently intended to appeal to our emotions and our sympathies, which stories seem to have been intended to grab attention by appealing to our curiosity … Read more

Personal Narrative: The Bedford Female Labor Reform Essay

I wake up thinking I am in our old farmhouse. The sun streams through the window and a calm wind blows on my face. I feel almost content until I remember I will have to endure another long day of spinning cotton. When the machines came, we moved to Bedford, Massachusetts, and started working in … Read more

A Long Way Gone Essay

Journal 1 A topic that is shown throughout A Long Way Gone is the desire to escape the war. Ishmael Beah had the want, the need, and the desire to escape the war that was happening in Sierra Leone. He had to escape those who turned on the country and became rebels. Running away became … Read more

Explain The Difficulties Of Supporting Learning Activities Essay

There are a number of problems that may arise when supporting learning activities which could relate to any one of the following: the learners, the learning activities, the learning resources or the learning environment. In terms of the learners you may find that they are unable to achieve the learning objectives for a variety of … Read more

The Role Of Chicanos In Hollywood Essay

Throughout the years Chicanos have had to face many adversities, perhaps more than any other minority. Chicanos are considered to be those that are of the Mexican decent or of that origin, with that being said California had and has always had a vast population of Chicanos for many decades. Nowadays the triumph of many … Read more

Essay on Age Of Exploration Dbq

The Age of Exploration was a time period from the 15th century to the 18th century in which Europeans embarked on extensive overseas expeditions. European nations, such as Portugal, Spain, England, and the Netherlands, participated heavily in global trade and set up many trade routes and colonies. Many people would say that the Europeans’ only … Read more

Essay about Who Is Father Son Loyalty In Night By Elie Wiesel

The concentration camps and death camps ruled by the Nazis during WWII were littered with people who could live no longer, who had no strength to go on. These people would commit suicide by electric fence, or find a reason to get shot. Just so they could end their suffering. These victims are the ones … Read more

Essay about American Revolution Rhetorical Analysis

The American Revolution: Rhetoric The American Revolution (1775-83) is also known as the American Revolutionary War and the U.S. War of Independence. The war started because the residents of Great Britain’s thirteen North American colonies disagreed with the colonial government, who represented the British Crown. The first instance of the disagreement happened in August twenty … Read more

James Johnson Research Paper

James Ambrose Johnson also known as Rick James was born on February 1, 1948 in Buffalo New York. Best known for his hits Super Freak and Mary Jane, Rick James was a popular American musician and composer in the late 1970s. Inspired my musical geniuses like Marvin Gaye and Smokey Robinson, James Ambrose Johnson will … Read more

North Platte Canteen Research Paper

The North Platte Canteen affected the mentality of six million troops in World War II and gave the soldiers a reason to fight for America (The North Platte Canteen). The canteen started officially on Christmas Day in 1941 and did not stop serving American troops till the very last cargo train rolled into the North … Read more

Informative Essay On Pitbulls

It is understood that most people have come in contact with a pit bull at some point in their lifetime and, in some cases, they were positive experiences. Many people argue that the pit bulls in which they have met were always very sweet dogs. This may be true, however, pit bulls have displayed their … Read more

Chicago World’s Fair Thesis Research Paper

Positivity, Persistence, and Progression at the Fair that Changed America At the turn of the twentieth century, many American cities were struggling to find their place in the world. One such city was Chicago, Illinois, the focal point of Erik Larson’s The Devil in the White City, a nonfiction ode to history about the events … Read more

The Progressive Era In The 1920’s Research Paper

The Progressive Era was a time period in American history during the 1890s to 1920s. This era was a period in which, activist stood up for the in just. For example, women’s suffrage. The National American Women Suffrage Association fought for equality, like women’s right to vote. This was just a time period to where … Read more

Obamacare Pros And Cons Essay

Obamacare is the current form of healthcare that our country uses, and it is one of the worst forms of healthcare that has ever been came up with. It is a terrible system that has been a failure since it was first installed as a government mandate that is required for citizens to have. It … Read more

Sioux Protests: The Standing Rock Sioux Reservation Essay

Andy Nunez Mr. Moody Standing Rock 12/6/16 Standing Rock Traditional lands and modern day standards of living have diminished tribal reservations creating conflict between native Indian tribes and industries. The Great Sioux natives have inhabited lands in the U.S for centuries therefore, I believe they have the rights to keep their lands reserved and separated … Read more

Persuasive Essay On The Outsiders

If you think about it, many other people have a different society than others. These societies have positive attributes and negative ones as well. In the novel “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton, the clip “On the Road: Middle School Football” with Steve Hartman; the poem “The World Is Not a Pleasant Place to Be” by … Read more

Emmett Till Murder Case Essay

In 1955, Emmett Till, a 14 year-old boy, went to a grocery store with his cousin, where he bought a piece of candy, and left the store. Emmett stayed in the store and talked to the white woman, Carolyn Bryant, running the counter, shortly after the woman walk out the store, Emmett wolf whistle at … Read more

Salem Witch Trials Essay

The Salem Witch Trials began in Salem, Massachusetts; the massacres could have been caused, historians believe, by many reasons such as the seclusion of the village, sickness, and overall boredom. The trials have many mysteries surrounding them. Historians still cannot come up with one specific cause that caused the ordeal to happen in the first … Read more

Frederick Douglass Learning To Read And Write Literary Analysis Essay

People would never believe that love, which would appear to be the most content feeling ever, is actually a destructive perpetual nightmare. Destruction leads to fear, and is everlasting. Light in that individual’s life suddenly darkens and then hatred possesses the soul. How is it that such positivities appear to be negative? Well, such is … Read more

Frederick Douglass Learning To Read And Write Essay

“All knowledge is connected to all other knowledge. The fun is making the connections.” Three connections I made while reading Fredrick Douglass’s “Learning to Read and Write,” text-to-self, text-to-world, and text-to-text, helped me understand the main idea, which is learning to read and write was key in Douglass’s journey to freedom. One connection, I read, … Read more

California Vs Bakke Case Study Essay

1. The court case that will be written about is Regents of the University of California v. Bakke 1978. 2. Before this case took place, there had recently been many cases and laws that had been implemented regarding racial segregation and discrimination. In 1964, The Civil Rights Act passed which forbids racial discrimination in any … Read more

Argumentative Essay: The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad was not a real railroad. It didn’t have train cars, tracks, or any form of a schedule. The Underground Railroad was a secret network of people all over the United States, who operated in the dark of the night. Their mission was a risky one_ to help runaway slaves escape from slavery … Read more

Wes Moore’s Short Story ‘The Saints And Roughnecks’ Essay

Some factors that lead the “bad” Wes Moore into the drug trade can be social immobility, national explanation of poverty, his has an older brother that is doing the same and statistics. Wes experiences social immobility throughout generations of his family. It is extremely hard for him and his mother to get out of poverty … Read more

Racial Profiling Effects Essay

For some people racial profiling is just something on television and for others it’s an everyday thing. It is 2017, and racial profiling is still going on everywhere. There are many of people who still profile other people every day. Racial profiling is when someone makes assumptions about someone else based on the color of … Read more

Mary Ann Shadd Cary’s Endeavours In Activism Essay

Mary Ann Shadd Cary’s Endeavours in Activism Mary Ann Shadd Cary was born into an elite free black community in the 19th century. Due to her economically privileged upbringing, she was able to occupy positions of power and became a teacher, abolitionist and activist to diminish poverty among black Canadians. She left the United States … Read more

Industrialization During The Gilded Age Essay

During the nineteenth century Americans were experiencing something they had never seen before. From one perspective America was flourishing, big companies owned a vast majority of America’s wealth and were gaining more power every day. But the truth was the majority of people were stuck in poverty with no way out. The upper class was … Read more

Hal B Woodall Interview Essay

An Interview with Hal B. Woodall, MD Going in to this interview, I was not certain what to expect at all. I had prepared a few questions and anticipated it lasting maybe ten to fifteen minutes at the most. However, my mental image of the interview did not remotely match up to what actually occurred. … Read more

Monopoly Subchapter Burton Summary Essay

In this subchapter Burton writes about how Vanderbilt got his start and became a major player in the steamship industry. It shows that even in the infancy of Vanderbilt’s career his practice of embracing competition and making better products for lower prices Vanderbilt was able to beat out the government subsidize companies. Burton starts off … Read more

Ohio River Research Paper

Introduction The Ohio River has had a big impact on Southern Illinois’ history. It helped with the expansion west and also helped with the early economy and market. The Ohio River became more trafficked by flatboats in the late eighteen hundreds early nineteen hundreds. The Ohio River is an English name. It came from the … Read more

John Brown Abolitionist Essay

John brown the radical abolitionist who believed in the violent overthrow of slavery. Brown was born in Torrington, Connecticut and he spent most of his childhood in Ohio. Brown’s father, was a very religious man, whose Calvinism formed the pillars of this family’s household. His professional life and some business failures which made him go … Read more