Good vs Evil In The Crucible

The Crucible , by Arthur Miller, is a story of injustice and the consequences that follow. The characters are thrown into situations where they are forced to look deep inside themselves to decide how their actions will affect others. The results can be seen as good or evil depending on the point of view of … Read more

Salem Witch Trials And Hysteria Essay

The Salem Witch Trials have long been an intriguing event in American history. Many historians have studied the witchcraft trials in order to determine what caused the afflicted girls to behave how they did. There have been several theories that have come about to explain their behavior. Among these theories is poisoning from food. Along … Read more

Tituba Salem Witch Trial Research Paper

The examinations for the first three accused women began with the examination of Sarah Good. During her examination, she did not confess to witchcraft and persistently claimed her innocence; the same went on during Sarah Osborne’s examination; but Tituba’s examination went almost in an opposite direction of the others. When Tituba’s examination began, it started … Read more