Kimpton Hotels Earthcare Program

What does Kimpton gain from its environmental sustainability initiatives? And what does it lose? The benefit of the program is to replenish what we take from the earth. Many companies who support eco-friendly establishments will book specifically with Kimpton hotels because of our EarthCare program. The costs are greater for not putting back into the environment. In the long run, being non eco friendly will cost Kimpton hotels more than they spend on this initiative.

Many of the benefits and the sustainability of the program come from within the company. For example: “Our associates are passionate about sustainable living and are constantly finding new ways to reduce our impact on the planet”.

The EarthCare program is a great way to improve bookings from corporations and individuals who support eco-friendly initiatives. Kimpton hotels can set themselves apart from the competition by implementing an aggressive sustainability plan. This will not only help the environment, but also show guests that they are committed to making a difference.

Kimpton would also be setting an example for others in the hotel industry.

The business case for the board of directors would be that by reducing the ecological footprint of each hotel, Kimpton will save money on waste disposal, increase efficiency and reduce their overall carbon emissions.

In terms of marketing, the EarthCare program would be a great way to differentiate Kimpton hotels from their competitors.

There are numerous ways in which the EarthCare program would benefit both the stockholders and the board of directors, making it a sound investment for Kimpton hotels.

What challenges does the EarthCare program face, and how might Kimpton overcome them?

A couple of challenges that they face are the increased cost for some of the raw materials, such as sheets. A way to overcome that is to have aggressive buyers who work diligently to get the cost down by bulk buying for all of The Hub’s hotels.

Other challenges include the ever-changing environmental regulations, but Kimpton has a full-time person on staff whose job is to keep up with those changes and make sure that the hotels are in compliance.

The biggest challenge of all, though, is getting people to change their habits. The EarthCare program is designed to make it easy for guests to do things like recycle or reuse towels, but at the end of the day, it’s up to the individual to make the choice to participate.

There are some things that Kimpton can do to try and encourage more people to get involved, though. They can put up signs in guest rooms reminding them of the program and how they can help make a difference. They can also offer incentives for people who participate, like discounts on future stays or freebies during their stay.

Ultimately, it’s up to each individual to decide whether or not they want to participate in the EarthCare program, but if more people are made aware of it and given a reason to get involved, hopefully the program will be more successful.

The second challenge would be the employees’ acceptance of the program. This can be overcome by involving all employee’s in the initiative and keeping an open line of communication so that everyone stays informed and feels part of the decision process.

The Kimpton Hotels Earthcare Program is a sustainability initiative that was launched in 2008. The program has three pillars:

– Reducing the environmental impact of Kimpton operations

– Educating and engaging employees

– Supporting sustainable communities

Kimpton’s Earthcare Program has been successful in reducing the company’s environmental impact. In 2013, the company saved more than 3 million gallons of water and avoided using more than 16,000 gallons of chemicals. The program has also helped to educate and engage employees on sustainability issues. Through the program, employees have learned about the importance of conserving resources and have been given the opportunity to participate in community service projects.

The Kimpton Hotels Earthcare Program is a great example of a successful business sustainability initiative. The program has helped to reduce the company’s environmental impact, educate and engage employees, and support sustainable communities.

In order to prove its dedication to the environment, Kimpton should become ISO 14000 certified. This will demonstrate a commitment not only to customers, but also investors and shareholders.

The EarthCare program should also be updated to show the latest environmental initiatives that Kimpton is taking. This would include new recycling programs, energy-saving initiatives, and water conservation efforts.

Kimpton should also continue to partner with eco-friendly organizations to help promote their message and reach a wider audience.

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