Super Soldier Program: A Short Story

Our world is plagued. Never thought that things would end up this way. Without warning nations fell, bodies stacked, and there’s very few survivors left. At least that’s what I think… They said this would be for the greater good, but seems like the total opposite. “This is a new era in warfare! ”, “World peace at last! ”, their voices scream in my head. To me, it’s all bullcrap. Look at where it got us. No world peace. No safe haven. I look and see emptiness. The city is empty, quiet, and lifeless. I thought this would end all wars, but it’s much worse. Instead of helping people.

It infested them… Before all this I was a Navy Seal fighting on the front lines. I was sent to Russia to retrieve TOP SECRET stolen government plans our military needed. They told me it’d be mass chaos if it fell into the wrong hands. I was in charge of a special unit team to retrieve the stolen plans from the Russian Mafia and not get caught. It seemed to easy. We didn’t set off any alarms and left without a trace. There was no security to my surprise. We were walking trying to find a black briefcase that the plans are in when something caught my attention.

I heard banging down and hallway and decided to check it out. As I sneaked down the hallway keeping my guard up trying not to get caught by anyone, I found a room with the briefcase we were looking for. Inside the room there were video screens that went to static and a steel door locked with a red light flashing above it. The case was on a table opened with the plans scattered across the table. I gathered the plans but can’t help to read the large print saying SUPER SOLDIER PROGRAM. I scanned the plans quickly and they described a serum was given to soldiers to make them stronger, smarter, and faster in combat.

As I gathered the plans I noticed another spot in the briefcase where something is supposed to be. But what? I looked all around for something and found a syringe on the floor next to the locked steel door. As I picked up the syringe off the floor, from behind the door I heard a loud bang and a man screaming like he was the angriest man alive. I stepped back as one of the static TVs started playing a video on it’s own. It showed a scientist with the syringe I found and I could see the briefcase in the background of the video. The video was shot in the same room we were in.

Everyone in the video spoke Russian so I called Mike, the sharpshooter on our team who speaks four different languages including Russian, to translate the video for me. Mike was a big, wellbuilt guy who loved his guns, and a true American if you ever met him. Along with Mike and I, there is John, our field tech and professional hacker, and Randy, our field medic. As Mike and I both watched, another guy came into the video. He was a Russian soldier and he stood there next to the scientist as the scientist explained what he’ll do.

“Mike, what do you make from this? ” I asked. Well they know about the Super Soldier Program apparently. The scientist’s name is Alexander and he’s testing our Super Soldier serum on this soldier, whose name I think is Abram. ” “Super Soldier Program? I didn’t know they followed through with this. Thought this was disbanded a while ago. ” “No, apparently they just stole it from us. Want to get the rest of the guys over here to see this??? ” Mike asked. “Yeah”, I said and radioed the rest of the guys to find us. “Look at this”, Mike said pointing to the screen. It showed Alexander giving Abram the serum. After that Abram passed out and then started shaking violently.

Then every muscle on his body got bigger, blood started dripping from his nose, and his eyes turned bloodshot red. He screamed then attacked and killed everyone in the room and the video went to static. John and Randy found us and walked into the room. Before they can even say anything, there was a loud bang at the steel door. It had a bulge in the door like if Superman himself punched it for stealing his limelight in the movies. We all pointed our guns at the door and heard a deep low growl. Then without warning, the door bursted open and Abram jumped out like a locked up demon. We started shooting at him but nothing stopped him.

He attacked everyone but I barely made out alive. Then everything seems like a haze from that point on. From what I remember. The serum given to Abram went horribly wrong and turned him into a killing machine. The serum was like a virus can spread rapidly. It spreads by blood. When Abram attacked my team. He infected them from the shots we put in him. It’s sick… I managed to make it out alive without being infected. Now, I don’t know how many are left. Am I the only one left alive? Now I’m just trying to survive the best I can. Find food, have a strong shelter to keep out the infected, and fresh water.

The necessities anyone would need to survive. I made my own shelter an old bomb shelter someone had in the mountains. It’s my apocalyptic paradise. I hunt in the nearby woods for anything I can find like deer, raccoon, bear, whatever to help my hunger. There’s a river that runs right next to the shelter I use as my water source. Everything is secluded, safe, and free. It’s a wonder how I found this after mass chaos and death everywhere I look. One day I decided to go on a long walk to the nearest town to find more supplies and firewood for the winter. The nearest town is about 25 miles out.

Normally a two days hike there and back. So for the trip I packed a good supply of water, my hunting knife, crossbow, and some fresh meat from yesterday’s kill as a small source of food. While hiking not much happened. Shot a rabbit, survived off what I had, and camped out a night inside a small cave. The next morning I reached the small mountain town. Trashed, abandoned, and quiet the town seemed to be as I walked through the streets seeing what I can find. In the center of town there’s a general store I visit often for tools, wood, and caned food. With my guard up I enter the store, cautious for anything that may be hiding.

After scanning the whole building, I let my guard down and start grabbing what I need. While grabbing a small sled and wood to put on it, I heard the door open as the small bell rang above the door signaling that someone, or something has entered. I stood still trying not to make a sound, crossbow at the ready. I listened and heard a small murmur like people talking. I can’t make out what they’re saying, but it sounded like at least three people were in the store. I peaked out and saw two guys and a girl together looking through the store. I stepped out with my crossbow pointed at them and everyone froze. “I mean no harm.

Who are you? ” I asked trigger ready for anything. “Just passing through”, the tallest guy answered, “Just trying to survive, like you. Name’s Rick, I mean no harm. ” I studied Rick. He was tall, light gray hair, green eyes, looked in his late forties or early fifties. He stood straight, and looked well built and healthy for his age. The other guy with him I assumed was his son. He resembled Rick with his looks, facial features, and body size. He had dark blonde hair and had a goatee unlike Rick.

The girl with them was very young. She stood at about half of Rick’s height, dark brown hair, light blue eyes, she stood behind Rick. Help me, help you. I’m just trying to survive. ” Rick said trying to smooth the tension in the room. I lowered my guard and grabbed my things. “You can come with me. Who are the rest of yuh? ” I asked Rick looking at the other man and little girl. “My son Cory, and she’s Kayla. We found her alone in the city and took her in. ” Rick said looking at the little girl. “My name’s Chris, retired Navy Seal. You guys come with me and grab what you need here. ” I said packing my things. The next day we reached my shelter, got everything settled in, and situated.

After a while we all grew to know each other and helped each other out to survive. Rick, Cory, and I all became good friends, and Kayla is just shy, saying little words and keeping to herself. Eventually we had to go back into town. So we all made the trek back, but when we arrive half of the town was in a blaze. Knowing this will be our last chance, we quickly ran to the general store to grab what’s left before the fire reaches it. Guns and my crossbow at the ready, we went inside and start raiding the place grabbing all we can carry. Then as we were packing things up, Rick, Cory, and Kayla froze staring right above me.

Then out of nowhere, blood started dripping on my head. I froze feeling the blood run down my head, over my nose, and across my lips. I look up to see an infected right above my. Rick and Cory fire with all their might at the less human creature. The thing drops and Rick bashes its head in to make sure it’s dead and dead for good. Then Rick looks at me. Concerned in his eyes he stares at the blood all over my face. “You know what I have to do… Right? ” He asked. “Yes…” I replied with loss of dignity, “Get it over with. ” Rick pointed the gun at me, but Cory pushed it away and shook his head.

He then turned to me and then lights out for me as Cory hits me upside the head with the butt of his rifle. I wake up later on a bed. Rick stands above me smiling. There’s doctors all around me helping people. We’re all inside a green tent. “You alright? ” Rick asks. “We did it, we survived. ” “Where are we? ” I asked looking around. “The resistance, they found a cure, and built this fort. We have hope! We have a chance! ” Rick exclaimed with tears in his eyes. From that day on we all united to fight the infestation. We later won and restored the world. The world was reborn again.