Jongin Pov Short Story Examples Essay

The five minutes that Lillaya had given them had been far more time than he had needed. It hadn’t taken even half of that for him to change into swim shorts and a tank top. Xiumin had even had time to grab a few towels, just in case. Leaning against the hood of the special vehicle, he closed his eyes. The mission his hyung had given him settled heavy in his mind. It was like he had been asked to be a babysitter to Lillaya, which she would probably kill him if she ever found out, and Jongin. All to make sure they didn’t cause bodily harm to each other.

He had a feeling that it was going to be near impossible to keep the pair from starting stuff with each other. They were explosive and he couldn’t figure out why. Normally, Jongin was sweet, cute and loveable; at least that was how Xiumin saw him. Then there was Lillaya, he could already see how loving and caring she was, but he could see that there was more to her. I have to be missing something. “If you keep thinking that hard.. your brain is going to fry. ” The teasing tone came with a soft flick to his forehead.

Opening his eyes, he looked to the culprit. Seeing who it he olled his eyes at her. “Brat. ” He easily teased. “You should be nicer to those older than you. ” He poked her forehead. Being able to tease her was one of the only perks to his mission. Well, that and annoying the maknae at the same time. “Yah! You are not that much older. You are my aged friend. ” He was surprised when she meronged him, and a little bit of her aegyo could be seen. She was really too much. How could she not see that she was completely fluffy and adorable? Xiumin could only wonder as he laughed at her antics, while they waited for the others.

It wasn’t hard to see why the youngest member clung to her. It was easy to talk to her and be comfortable. It didn’t take much to get her laughing. Her laughter was cute and infectious, and it caused him to laugh as well. “What are you two laughing at? ” The interruption brought their laughing to a halt. Shaking his head he gave a raised eyebrow look to Lillaya, making her start laughing again. “Nothing. ” %3D “She is flirting with you Xiumin hyung, that’s why she is laughing. I don’t know why hyung is laughing. ” “Jongin. ” His tone showed the authority of his age. “Do not make e kick your ass. I will not hesitate to do so. ” “How about both of you shut up and get in my truck so we can go. Unless you’d rather stay here of course. ” Lillaya said with finality to her voice as she climbed into the pickup. Xiumin stared after her. He had not expected such sass and strength from a simple sentence.

But he was glad she wasn’t letting the younger boy get to her. Unsure on how to feel about her words, he decided to just get into the truck. “Hyung got owned by noona. ” “Shut up and get in the truck Sehun. ” LILLAYA POV She had barely waited for everyone to be in the truck and uckled before she turned the truck on, setting the radio to a local country station, and backing the Ford F150 truck out of the garage. Annoyance at Kai filled her. The gift of the truck for her to drive from Jaehee, had put her in a calm, yet excited state. But a few words from him and she was ready to snap again. The fact he thought that she was flirting was asinine to begin with. That added to him assuming that she would flirt with Xiumin… He is an utter and complete idiot. Not that she had anything against the slightly older boy. Minseok just wasn’t her type. She didn’t enjoy bantering with him though.

Thankfully the drive to her apartment was only a few minutes. Her mood seemed to settle over everyone in the truck. The only sound inside the cab was the music she had first turned on. It was as if the four boys had quickly picked up on her mood, and her want of silence. “Noona? ” She sighed. Lillaya had really hopped that the quiet would last the last few turns until they reached their destination. “Mmm, yes Sehun? ” “Are we close? ” He voiced his question quietly. Sehun must not like how thick the silence is. The thought brought the edges of her mouth up as she tried not to smile at ow cute the maknae could be.

“Actually we are here. ” She expertly parked the truck along the curb outside the complex she lived in. Getting out she waited for the others to follow. “Yah, come on slow pokes. No one stays in the truck. ” She was glad that Xiumin had got them moving. She didn’t want to have to make any more demands of the one she was on the outs with. As the boys got out, she should have expected the youngest to cling onto her arm. She hadn’t so when he glued himself to her, it momentarily caught her off guard, but she liked it all the same. After locking the truck, he patted his head.

Leading the way to her front door she didn’t even try to unlatch Sehun. She knew it would be of no use, and he’d likely re-cling to her again anyways. “Okay, this is home sweet home for me. There are rules before we go in. ” She looked at of them as she spoke quickly, hoping her mom didn’t hear them and open the door. “This is my home, my roommate is my mom. AlIl of you.. ” She gave Kai a hard look. “Will respect her and myself once we are inside. Disrespect me; you will deal with Jaehee oppa. Disrespect my mom, and I will deal with you. This is a quick in and out trip. Got it? ”

She sighed, hoping they would be able to follow through as they nodded in agreement. But there wasn’t much else she could do, short of leaving them outside. That wasn’t exactly an option either. Unlocking the door she opened it. It was quiet as she motioned the boys to come in. She hoped that it meant that her mom wasn’t home. It would make everything so much easier. “Lilly! ” Arms wrapped around her and held her tight. Luck, apparently, wasn’t on her side. Her mom must have been in the back when she had unlocked the door. “Mom, I’m fine. ” She hugged her back the best she could.

“And I’m not alone. “Oh… ” Her mom finally noticed the four boys that stood in the doorway. “I thought there were nine boys in the group.. ” Only her mom. Explaining the current situation and where the other members and Jaehee were, and why they were there, didn’t take very long. Her mom laughed at her when she got to the part of why she was stuck with Kai. Lillaya still didn’t think it to be funny, at all. “Noona? ” Sehun tugged at her shirt. “Yes Sehunnah? ” “Are you to actually introduce us… by name? ” She had almost forgotten. If it wouldn’t have raised some eyebrows she would have face palmed.

Introductions weren’t something that she should be able to forget. Yet, she almost had. “Sorry. I’ll do it now. ” She patted his head again. “Mom, I’d like to introduce the boys that are with me. This is Sehun. Next we have Xiumin, and Baekhyun. Last we have… ” “Kai. ” Her mom interrupted. “Hello boys. I am Lillaya’s mom. Please feel free to call me mom. ” “Woah awesome. ” “Wow. ” “Cool. You didn’t tell us your mom knows Korean. ” Xiumin said excitedly. “She only really knows that much, maybe a little bit more than that. ” Turning to her mom she gave a sweet smile. Mom, I need to go find something in my room. Please keep the boys out here. ” “Can do. Don’t be too long. ” “I will be right back boys. Please have a seat and get comfortable. ” — LILLAYA’S MOM POV Looking at the boys sitting so stiffly, she could imagine the type of talk that her daughter had given them before coming in. She wasn’t fool enough to think that Lillaya hadn’t explicitly warned them. It was just the way the girl was. Nothing would change how fiercely protective her daughter was when it came to those she loved. “Boys… ” She tired. Once their attention was on her she took a deep breath.

It was going to be a mix of languages but she hoped they would understand. “About Lillaya… She is really more… More bark than bite. She is actually quite shy…. At times… or unsure. ” She worried her lip. “What I mean is, don’t give up on her. She truly adores you guys. ” Lillaya would probably have a fit if she had any idea what she had said to the boys. But it was mother’s intuition that she was telling the boys something that had to be said. “Thank you. ” The one who had been introduced as Xiumin said smiling at her. “I will… let the boys know what you said. “