Baltimore: A Short Story Essay

It was another day in the city I love. Baltimore. Like any other resplendent city in all of the states. Baltimore has been my only home for years. However, today in Baltimore something felt different. “Ahhh… ,” | yawned and moaned as I tried to free myself from my bed sheets. I opened the shutters of the windows to look outside the early sunlight began to creep out as all livelihood of the distant inner city began to awake. “Will, it is time to wake up,” shouted Will’s mother above the staircases. “Yes, mother I am wide awake,” I yelled at the top of his lungs.

First things first, I said my early morning prayers in hope for brighter and efficacious day. “Oh Eternal Lord, send down your magnificent glory and protect my footsteps as this bountiful day has finally set. I pray, and I plead for you to open up the 7 gates of your kingdom and send forth your blessed spirit. Amen. ” After I got back up, I stretched and began to fix the sheets of my bed. I felt today was a new day, but something did not feel right, whatever it was, it would linger my conscious for a while. Afterwards, I proceeded to undress from my dirty clothes and put them in a separate pile on top of my dresser.

Next, I turned the knob on the handle and began preparing my bath. Like always, I got a bar of cleaning soap and a towel to bathe. After soaking myself in the bubbly bath, I turned off the water. After drying myself and put on homemade butter lotion for smooth skin, I dressed myself up in clean well-touched up clothes. Soon after, I fixed up my room and packed my knapsack with all my important belongings and headed down the stairs. Finally, after all the hustling, I sat at the dining table in the kitchen. To compare, the aromatic smell of fresh breakfast would satisfy my nerves before another day in the busy city. Good morning,” said my father, Mr. Housley. Then I responded respectfully, “Morning father”. “Son, I have prepared a hearty breakfast for you,” chimed my mother happily at the kitchen counter. “Thanks ma,” I said enthusiastically.

As I began to dig into my plate of steamed vegetables, egg whites, and a satisfying buttered biscuit, my father observed me with ease. “Is something the matter, father,” I questioned discreetly as I stuffed my mouth with food. “No, but I have some errands for you to… um… do today after working at the boys educational school,” he replied cordially. Go ahead, you can tell me, I will make sure I carry out your orders,” I replied. “Ok, I want you to pick up a package from my colleague, Lewis Richmond estate near the edge of the inner parts of Federal Hill, close to three blocks east from the main harbor,” he said. “Father, what is the package for,” I questioned curiously. “It is the final parts to rebuild the hinges of the fence for our front yard,” my father replied solely. Federal Hill was a expanse and crowded part of the city.

Even though it was distant from the Mount Vernon neighborhood of Baltimore, it was marginally convenient, but served as an area for friends to meet. Uh huh, I almost forgot, if he is not at his estate, tell his slave, Elvira to give you the package, you’re the son of Mr. Caleb A. Housley. ” “Thanks father, I will complete the task as soon as possible,” I replied gleefully. After finish my breakfast, and enjoying my parents company, I packed everything in my knapsack for the boys educational school. While heading out on my trail to the city, Prince, the affectionate, burly dog was trotting beside me. As I walked, he followed, like an understanding companion. Prince, a middleaged dog, 9 was a delight to our neighborhood.

Even though old Mr. Caulfield, his owner, died over a year ago, he remained in the neighborhood as a lively, tender stray companion to all. “Shoo boy, go,” I remarked soothingly. His pearly, perky eyes gleamed with curiosity as I stared at him. Despite the fact, it was too early to play with Prince right now, I really couldn’t ignore his great, fervent companionship. “Boy, do not worry, tomorrow morning we can go fishing at the port,” I said gingerly. After barking and panting, he trotted around as I still walked.

When I was halfway out of the neighborhood, he still trotted beside me as if he honored me. C’mon boy, we can play later, I have to go teach the boys school. ” “Do not worry, I will be back soon to have entertainment,” I nodded to him. I stood there and shook my head. If not, I was already approaching Bolton Hill, I couldn’t stop in the middle of the pathway, carriages were on the other side of the street. “I am sorry, but for your sake, please go back to your yard,” I pleaded gently as I ruffled his light oatmeal, polished fur coat. He then understood my words, and licked my palm friendly. Bark! Bark! Bark! He scampered slowly behind me and he glanced fervently at my face.

Then he disappeared into the thicket of the houses and grass. His harmonious company was an angel in disguise, but it was not meant to last. As | regrouped myself, I kept 10 walking until I past the depths of Bolton Hill. The busyness of the city began to evolve. Finally, I reached the gray brick, twostory building, the bright sky gleamed on its features. Suddenly behind me I heard “Welcome William,” said a gravelly, familiar voice. I turned beside me, I saw a medium, svelte, gray-haired, middle-aged, Mr. Bowen. “Good morning, sir” I said. “Morning to you,” he replied respectfully.

As I opened the door to the school, he followed inside. Since it was early in the morning the students would not arrive until ten minutes after eight-fifty, nine o’clock. The classroom was set, and properly polished, like a palace. “If you need anything, I will be in my office down the hall,” Mr. Bowen said heartily. “Oh before I forget, I need to see you after class. ” “Thank you sir, I will visit you later,” I said as | unpackaged the utensils for class. Soon, the children will be outside the classroom. The curtains of the windows were pulled out to brighten the room. What to do now?

I better go over the lessons on advanced rhetoric, and grammar. Already, I was enthusiastic my lessons wouldn’t take so long. Likewise, I set out the 24 slates for the boys, and two pieces of chalk each beside two pieces of paper. I filled the pail of water to its brim, and organized the textbooks in order. Finally, I was ready for a day of work. Suddenly, the door to Mr. Bowen’s office 11 creaked open. “Sorry to disturb you, but Mr. Housley, can we talk right now,” he questioned in a awkward tone. “Yes, sir,” I replied quickly. When I entered his office, I could smell the aroma of pine and wax begin to circulate. Okay, I have to break it down,” he said. “As you can see, I am of old age. ” “Even my wife is worried about my overall health. ” “The thing is that, I can’t run this school like usual, I notified the educational board of Baltimore, but those men do not understand! ”

“So the solution is to, either close up the school, or hand off the keys to you as a full-time principal, of the school. Honestly, I was too perturbed, I could not utter a single sentence from my lips. “You see what I am trying to say. ” “Uhh… yes Mr. Bowen, what of letting the other teachers try the position of principal,” | questioned in a state of confusion. The committee of teachers or instructors are devising a plan to begin integrating the school with a group of boys educational schools,” he sighed. “I want you to make the decision that will benefit your life. ” I wasn’t even prepared to teach for a long time. The basis for my teaching is to raise money so I can afford to go to Georgetown University School of Medicine, Georgetown is the college my father attended for years.

“Mr. Bowen, I am not sure if I want to take on this position, it will take time and consideration, sir,” | replied 12 absentmindedly. I understand, please, and I beg, take your time,” he said in a queer, trembling voice. “However, I will probably leave my position early next year. ” “Just do not worry too much about it, I hope educational board will take time to find a valuable replacement, before the season of autumn. ” “Thank you sir, I will keep that in my prayers,” I said as I left the office. After I finished the rocky conservation with Mr. Bowen, through the glass window pane, I could see the boys begin to march past the few buildings. The grandfather clock struck, nine o’clock, the rumble and murmur of boys could be heard.

I decided to open the door wide, and sit at my desk. Finally, the stomping and screeching of leather shoes could be heard on the pavement of the pathway, they were here. “Good morning, Mr. Housley” said the group of youthful boys. “Morning to you all,” | said boldly. “I have set up an assignment to be done from the textbook, when you are finished turn it into my desk, and wait at your seat. ” “Yes Mr. Housley,” said the group of eager boys. As I went outside to await the other clutter of boys, the buildings began to start-up. “Welcome,” I said to the other group of children. They greeted respectfully in the similar manner.