Hypochondriasis: Is It All In Your Head?

“Researchers estimate that 3 to 14 percent of all medical (versus psychiatric) patients have hypochondriasis,” stated psychologist, Dr. Paul Moglia (Moglia 2). According to HopkinsDepression. com, “The condition . . . is a chronic anxiety disorder characterized by a preoccupation with being or becoming seriously ill despite evidence to the contrary (“Hypochondria: Is It All … Read more

Physiological Pithole

Every so often we come face to face with an obstacle that seems even greater than the last. We fall into a deep physiological pithole where we fear our efforts to climb to the top will not be sufficient enough to actually reach it. First, we try to rationalize the situation. We tell ourselves that … Read more

Technology-Based Identity Disorder

Individuals with Technology-Based Identity Disorder believe that they are a very different person when they are using the internet to communicate with people around them. They are very dependent on technology. They spent a great amount of time on devices, social media, and the web is usually a common warning sign. When they are on … Read more

Observation Of My Coping A Cool Down Box Essay

The first meeting took place in March, at North Whittier Andrews School with a second grade teacher. After multiple encounters with a second grade student in the office, I decided to reach out to the teacher to further understand the student’s situation. After contacting the teacher and viewing the student’s records I was able to … Read more

Tourette Syndrome Case Study Essay

Tourette syndrome (TS) is a neuropsychiatric disorder, notable by the uncontrollable tics it creates. These tics can cause great stress to the individual while they are also a direct result of stress and anxiety. Starting out singular and simple, tics gradually develop into ever more complex movements. There are essentially two types of tics, motor … Read more

Baltimore: A Short Story Essay

It was another day in the city I love. Baltimore. Like any other resplendent city in all of the states. Baltimore has been my only home for years. However, today in Baltimore something felt different. “Ahhh… ,” | yawned and moaned as I tried to free myself from my bed sheets. I opened the shutters … Read more

Avoidant Coping Essay

How a person copes with overbearing situations or problems often times tells you a lot about what kind of person he or she may be. “Coping is a fundamental process in cognitivetransactional models of stress, which has been conceptualized as the cognitive and behavioral responses that moderate the effects of stress on outcomes” (Felsten, 1998). … Read more

Stress: The Four Types Of Distress Essay

Stress is defined as a state of mental tension and worry caused by problems in your life (ie. work, relationships, money),these problems can cause intense feelings and anxiety. There are four major types of stress are classified as : Eustress, Distress, Hypostress and Hypostress. Stress is commonly associated with negativity, but it is not always … Read more

Anxiety In Art Analysis Essay

Almost all humans, at some point of their lives, experience a sense of nervousness or worry known as anxiety. Anxiety affects the way humans act because of this unease that humans feel, it creates a fear of completing tasks or a fear of failure. Some of those who experience anxiety break down and have panic … Read more