Andrea Yates

People commit murder for many reasons, whether it is out of anger, love, jealousy, pure rage, etc. , but why is it that we never speak of those who just seem more inclined to the extreme emotion, or lack of, that can lead to murder? In fact, “Approximately 1 in 25 adults in the U. … Read more

Suicide Rates: Gender Differences In Depression

Suicide rates often vary between genders, ethnicities, and social classes, but in some studies suicide rates are shown higher in adults, specifically older Caucasian males (Suicide). However, depression rates, in general, display a strong lean toward women throughout their youth leading into adulthood. During childhood, boys actually show higher rates of depression then girls do. … Read more

Interpersonal Skills: Effective Communication And Listening Skills Essay

Question 1: Describe the key interpersonal skills you would have used in this interview to engage with Amelia. Interpersonal skills are the effective communication and listening skills required by nurses to engage or interact with clients and formulate a therapeutic working relationship (Hungerford et al. , 2015; SteinParbury, 2013). In a client experiencing psychosis, the … Read more

Schizophrenia And Mass Media Analysis Essay

Introduction People diagnosed with schizophrenia face numerous daily battles with managing the symptoms of their involuntary condition in order to live a healthy fulfilling life. However public perceptions of schizophrenia have been vastly influenced by the media’s negative portrayal of mental health, with the emphasis on schizophrenia. Key messages in media have predominantly shaped the … Read more

Tourette Syndrome Case Study Essay

Tourette syndrome (TS) is a neuropsychiatric disorder, notable by the uncontrollable tics it creates. These tics can cause great stress to the individual while they are also a direct result of stress and anxiety. Starting out singular and simple, tics gradually develop into ever more complex movements. There are essentially two types of tics, motor … Read more