Personal Narrative: My Baby-Turned Baby Essay

I walked down the stairs counting each step I took. I approached my mom getting ready to leave for work. “Morning Sophie we have cereal and cinnamon roles in the fridge for breakfast. ” said my mom. I stopped talking to my mom and ate the cinnamon rolls, warm and soft it took my mind off of my dream for a second. “I had the weirdest dream last night mom. There was this baby-headed baby with a spider body who consumed all the eggs in my body and took away my ability to have children. It scared me I woke up shaking. ” I said anxiously. “Haha that is a weird dream, but don’t worry about it Sophie, it’s just a dream.

I don’t have time to talk, I’m late for work, but have a good day at school. ” spoke my mother as she raced out the door. I continued on with my normal day as I got ready for school. Everything went normal. I started playing with my puppy before I left for school since I had extra time. My puppy started glaring off into the distance and began to bark rapidly. I looked to see if someone was there but there was nothing. I blew it off, I gave her a treat and left. I got in my car and left for school. As I was driving all I was thinking was, Michigan drivers are the worst.

A car was tailing me even though I was already going the speed limit I looked back into my rearview mirror and saw the babyheaded spider in my backseat. It was gross, and slimy, it had black and brown fur and was drooling, the monster smelled like old socks that were wet. I screamed and turned around to see that nothing was there. All that was left was my scratched up seats and a tiny drop of drool. I didn’t know what to do I kept thinking it couldn’t have just been my imagination since there was evidence of it on my back seat. I didn’t want to keep driving, my heart was beating faster than it ever has before.

I continued driving still shaking. I arrived at school and just wanted to go back home. I didn’t feel safe. I went through the dreadful seven hours of school. Nothing abnormal happened but I knew something eventually would. I got home and no one was there besides my dog. I went straight to my room. As I opened the door I could hear something breathing, take giant, long breaths. I creaked open the door and saw the monster of my biggest fear. It went inside me head and wrapped a vision around my brain, it told me that it consumes babies. Babies from women’s bodies.

I have always had the fear to not be able to have babies as I grew older, but I am 16 years old so I didn’t worry too much about it. Now my biggest fear has come to life with the body of a spider which I am deathly afraid of spiders, big or small. The monster started running after me. I ran to my mom’s room and locked the room door. I knew the monster would get through, so I immediately ran to the bathroom. My parents have a bench in their room so I pushed the bench as fast as I could into the bathroom to use to block the door. The spider started thumping hard on the door.

“THUMP THUMP THUMP. the sound kept repeating until I heard a crash and I knew the door was broken. The spider started walking around the room to see if I was in there. I had the bench, a stool, and a bunch of random objects I found in my moms room and closet. I ran to the closet and locked that door as well, and the top of the closet there was a hole leading up to the attic. I was always too frightened to go up into the attic due to spiders, rats, and other unknown things that could be up there. I knew if I had to go up though. I started climbing onto the shelves of the closet and opened up the cover into the attic. There was cobwebs and I was covered in them.

I shut the door to the attic and sat trying not to make any noise at all. I sat in the attic as silent as Anne Frank was while she was in hiding. I sat in a room full of stress and anxiousness. An hour passed and there was no noise. I couldn’t sit in the attic all day, I had to get out eventually. Thirty minutes later, I peeked open the door to see into the closet, nothing was there and it was dead silent. I jumped out of the attic trying to be as quiet as a hummingbird. I tiptoed to peek out of the bathroom. There right in front of me was the monster. I was trapped, there was nothing I could do besides to plead and cry.

I felt a big wind that felt like something was being sucked out of me. The monster looked at me almost as he was seeing through me. The baby head laughed and slowly, the whole monster slowly started to fade away into thin air. My mother got home later that day to see me crying in fear. I explained to her what happened and obviously she didn’t believe me. “Sophia that is impossible are you sure you weren’t dreaming? Are you okay? Are you on drugs? You’re scaring me. ” my mom said with a concerned tone. “Mom you don’t have to believe me, but this happened and I know that for a fact because I just lived through it. answering back to my mom.

Everytime I tried to tell people about my weird, frightening, yet unreal day, but no one seemed to believe me. 10 years had passed since that day and I haven’t seen the monster since. I thought that maybe it was gone forever. I always had questions that I know could never be answered. Questions like, what was that? Why did it come to me? Have other people seen it? What did it do to me? Why did it only come for a short time and never come to me again? I will never know the answers to those questions, but I have learned to just accept that fact and move on.

I was happy that I got to experience something so unreal, and unbelievable. I was happily married now and we were ready for a baby. That was my biggest fear to find out if I couldn’t have kids or not. Luckily I ended up becoming pregnant and I was perfectly healthy and so was the baby. I was going to go and find out what the gender was today and I’m super excited. I have always wanted a little boy, but obviously I would be in love with my little girl if I had one. I got to the doctor’s with my husband and I was nervous. “Are you ready to find out the gender of your baby? ” politely said the doctor.

“I am more than ready. I replied back. They were moving the little scanner thing around my stomach and looking at the screen. The doctors were making a weird expression on their face. “What! What is happening? Is there something wrong? ” I said to them very nervously. “Hold on. ” the doctor’s turned away and started whispering. “I need to know the problem right this minute this is our baby you are worrying my wife. ” shouted my husband at the doctors. They turned around and looked at us speechless. All they did was turn the monitor to us to show what our baby looked like. It had a perfect little baby head, with the body of a spider with 8 legs.