Personal Narrative: Princess Landia Essay

Once upon a time there was a young man named Prince Juan who lived in a magical place called Princess Landia. Just kidding his name was Greg, and he lived in an apartment building in Wethersfield Connecticut. He had a degree in science and was very smart. One night he got a call from his father at 12:09a. m saying that Greg’s mother had been diagnosed with cancer and only had a few weeks to live. So for the rest of the night he lie there on his bed thinking about what he could do to help his mother and Greg finally came up with the solution of making a cure for cancer. He thought to himself “why not?

I mean a lot of people have tried but those are only in movies and in books and stories”. But little did Greg know this was a story. The next day he went out, got a whole bunch of food, a bunny rabbit, his supplies, set up a testing lab, and locked himself in the house . He was not going to leave that apartment until he came up with a cure. After about a week and a half he had finally come up with a cure, or so he thought. He tried it on the rabbit with cancer and it had worked for about two seconds, and that’s when Greg noticed something different about the rabbit. It was just laying there not moving, not eating, nothing.

So Greg decided to check the rabbits pulse …. no pulse. The rabbit immediately hopped right up and looked perfectly fine. Then the rabbit started to tum green and its eyes became blood red. Greg got scared for a minute and that ‘s when he realized green, blood red, no pulse… IT’S A ZOMBIE! Greg ran to the door grabbed his key off the hook and unlocked the door just in time to pull it open and get bitten. For those of you who don’t know what happens when someone gets bitten by the undead it takes about 12 seconds before that person becomes a full zombie. After about a half hour every one in the apartment building had turned into zombies.

After a few months it spread to the whole world. But one family of four had survived the horrid rush of zombies. How they survived, well that was out of pure luck. You see my mother and I were sick and we took a few days off because we were feeling horrible. My father and brother had to also stay home and take care of us. None of us ever left the house. But then we got better and we felt fine so everything went back to normal. Me and my mom watched T. V. while my brother and dad played video games in my brother ‘s room. My mother and I were getting hungry and it was just about dinner time.

So my mom called “Joshua, it’s almost diner time, come help! ” and both my dad and brother came out of the room because my dads name is Joshua as well as my brothers name. But the thing is my dads name is Joshua J . Oates. But my brother ‘s name is Joshua J. Oates Jr. Anyway my dad said “little boy she’s not talking to you, and we’re about to die so go back in the room and make sure nobody kills us. ” My brother ran back up to his room. My dad started setting the table. My mom and I started laughing because of something Dean, the guy on our show (Supernatural ), said. My dad walked over and started laughing.

After a while dinner was ready so we all ate and went to bed. The next day I woke up early at around 6:48am, it was bright and sunny. I got out of bed, grabbed my smart phone, and walked across my navy blue carpeting out into the hall. As I opened the door to my aunt’s room right next to mine I noticed the shades were down and I walked to her bed to ask her if she wanted me to get the newspaper for her. So I tapped her on the arm and she turned around with a gross look on her face. It was pretty dark so I couldn’t see well. Then out of nowhere she attacked me! I fell on the ground and kicked her off of me.

I was so scared I ran back into my room and shut the door. I dialed my mom on my phone and it rang… rang… rang until. .. “IVYANA JUDITH CUADILL, WHY IN THE WORLD ARE YOU CALLING ME AT 7AM? ” my mother muttered in her annoyed tired voice. I found myself screaming into the phone “Auntie Judye is a z-z-(gulp) zombie! ” “Ivyana you are not going to call me, act all frantic, and try to pull a prank on me. You actually scared me, I thought something had happened to you or Auntie Judye” Mom said. I replied “Mom I’m not joking or trying to pull a prank on you. Does that sound like I’m trying to pull a prank? I held the phone up to the door.

There was loud banging and groaning. HMom can you tell the boys but be super quiet. Ifthe zombies hear us we will all be dead. We have to pack simple things but lots of sharp weapons. ” I said. “Yeah sure T can wake them up but you know your brother is a heavy sleeper. “My mom said. “I have an idea just wake up dad and you can have him wake up josh when I call you back but whatever you do don’t make noise or come upstairs. ” I said. “Ok just be careful I love you so much . ” “I love you too mom I’ll be ok I promise. ” I hung up the phone. I put on shoes and put on heavy clothes.

I was sweating like crazy. I mean it was in the beginning of the summer for crying out loud. I opened the door and the zombie was back in her room. I made noises so it knew I was there. It came running out of the room and I ran down the stairs, opened the door, ran outside, and hid next to the bench right outside the door. I know a lot about zombies. I’ve always wanted to see a zombie in real life, and I also have always wanted to be in a zombie apocalypse. This was like my dream come true. All of this had been going through my mind and while I was spacing out, zombies came running towards me and the zombie inside came out.

At first it didn’t know where I was, but it saw the other zombies and turned around. I knew I shouldn’t scream but it was in the moment and I … something stopped me from screaming. There was another family horribly pretending to be zombies. But it was good enough for the zombies. I signaled to them to go around the back of the house as they turned and saw me. I ran back inside and I ran downstairs. I ran straight to the back door. And there they were hot, sweaty, and tired from what 1 could see. I let them in and told them to check for bite marks. They were all clean.

We talked for a while and shared our stories. Then we shared names. They looked American. Their mother said “I’m Angelica but you can call me Ange. This is my husband Mark. This is my daughter Ella, she’s 10. And this is my son laden, he’s 12. ” My mother said back “I’m Kara, and this is my fiance Joshua. I call him Joshua, but you can call him Josh. This is my daughter Ivyana, but you can call her Ivy. And last but not least, my son also Joshua, but you can call him Josh Jr. ” we all greeted each other and while my parents finished packing and getting stuff ready, josh and I showed them around downstairs .

I offered them some water since they looked a little bit thirsty. They drank it fast and they asked if they could rest a bit. They were napping while my family and I were packing. “Mom, dad, what are we going to do? ” I asked. “Well, were going to fight for our lives and we’re going stick together no matter what happens, never leave a man behind. ” My dad said. Ella came out and said she couldn ‘t sleep. I took her upstairs to my room and we talked. We talked about our families, our qualities, and our problems. We had a lot in common, she was like the sister I never had.

When we were done and bored we went downstairs and woke up the Robinsons’ because it was time to go. We all got ready in all of our gear, and carefully scouted out the positions of the undead. We had a free chance to go, so we ran to the car and everyone got inside. There were no zombies’ in sight and that scared me. The car wouldn’t start so we had to walk. We went to the only place we could think of, the hospital. We all got inside and saw a whole bunch of zombies coming at us. Ella screamed which attracted more. Jaden ran away and his father followed him. I ran at the zombies, they were all bloody and stupid.

I kept on hitting them and hitting them until … “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! !! ” rang out the cries of my family and the Robinsons ‘. I turned around and everything and everyone was bloody and on the ground except for Ella and me. All of the sudden this crucial pain in my stomach came roaring out of me and I screamed louder than I had ever before with tears flowing down my face. Then in that moment, I knew that it was me and Ella against the world. And that the cure, life, and the world were all in the hands of two 10 year olds with no experience of the real world whatsoever.

Then out of nowhere, this nasty cry filled the room, I looked at Ella and she came running at me. Then… I woke up in my bed. Itwas a bright and sunny day. I got of my bed , grabbed my smart phone, and walked across my navy blue carpeting out into the hall. As I opened the door to my aunt’s room right next to mine, I noticed that the shades were down and I walked to her bed to ask her if she wanted me to get the newspaper for her. So I tapped her on the arm and she turned around with a gross look on her face. And well, you know what happens next.