Essay on Personal Narrative: Life Lookalike Dolls

“Mommy! Can I please get this life size lookalike doll? Please momma! All my friends have one! ” Eight year old Sarah wanted a life size look alike doll. Her mother was against it, but her father was convinced she deserved it. “Daddy is home from work! Maybe he got me the life size look alike doll. Daddy! You’re home! So did you get me a life size look alike doll?? ” “Well, how can I say no to that adorable looking face? ” her dad said to Sarah. “Oh! Thank you dad! I’m so excited! ” Sarah was as happy as she could be. She had all she wanted and later that afternoon, a stylist was coming over to do Sarah and her dolls hair and nails.

Sarah decided to call her doll “Emma. ” She liked the name. The stylist came over and gave Emma and Sarah curly hair with pink toes and purple fingernails. She said that Emma looked exactly like Sarah except for the birthmark on her right ear. Sarah’s father came in and took pictures of the two. Sarah’s mother invited some of Sarah’s friends over so that they could all play with their dolls together. 45 minutes after they came over, Claudia came running downstairs crying. “What happened? ” Sarah’s mother asked. “Sarah cut my dolls hair off and now she has no hair!

I want to go home! ” she took off through the front door and ran to her house across the street. Sarahs mom was very angry at Sarah. “SARAH ANN! GET OVER HERE THIS INSTANT! YOU ARE IN MAJOR TROUBLE! ” Sarah walked over to her mother, very frightened. “What is it, momma? ” she asked in an innocent little voice. “Don’t play dumb with me! I know you cut off Claudia’s dolls hair! Why would you do this?! ” “Claudia said that Emma didn’t like me. She said that Emma told her that. And after that I got mad… ” “I’m taking Emma away from you until you can learn to be nice!!

I am very disappointed in you! ” Sarah ran off and started to cry. Emma was her favorite toy and she had just got her. At breakfast the next day, the father, Ethan, and Sarah were eating when their mom came in… with Emma. Sarah’s mom put Emma right next to Sarah but wouldn’t allow Sarah to touch her. The mother got up to do the dishes, the father sat and ate while working on a computer, and the kids were finishing eating. Just then, the pitcher of water was pushed over,collapsing and spilling all over the father’s computer. Hearing the noise, the mother ran over and burst with anger.

HOW COULD YOU DO THIS SARAH! YOU RUINED OUR COMPUTER AND WE CAN’T AFFORD ANOTHER ONE! JUST GO TO YOUR ROOM… RIGHT NOW!!! ” “But mom! I didn’t do it! It was Emma! I promise mom!! would never do something like this! ” “Normally, i would believe you. But with your actions lately, I don’t. GO TO YOUR ROOM THIS INSTANT! ” Sarah ran upstairs to her room balling. Emma had moved and knocked it over, not her. Emma moved… Emma moved… Emma moved… how could she do that? Was Emma… alive? Sarah had a stomach ache and her mom got her from the school nurse’s office.

When they arrived home, the mom told her to eat some fruit then go to her room and take a nap, while she ran to the store to get some medicine. While her mom was gone, Sarah tried to look for Emma, but couldn’t find her. She went downstairs, ate a little bit, then fell asleep on the table. Her mother came home to find her asleep at the dinner table. But one thing she noticed was that Sarah had marker all over her hands. Sarah awoke to her mother’s scream, “OH SARAH! YOU’VE DONE IT AGAIN! ” Sarah ran upstairs to her parents bedroom. On the white wall, were the words “I HATE YOU MOM! “and “NAUGHTY NAUGHTY GIRL” and “DIE. It was all in marker… marker that was all over Sarah’s hands.

“YOU HORRIBLE HUMAN BEING! YOU ARE NO DAUGHTER OF MINE. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS? ” Sarah once again tried to protest that it was Emma. She told her mom that Emma was alive. Obviously, her outraged mother wouldn’t believe her. “YOU HONESTLY WANT ME TO BELIEVE THAT THIS SWEET LITTLE INNOCENT DOLL DID THIS?! ” was her mother’s answer to Sarah’s statement. “RIGHT NOW, I LOVE THIS DOLL MORE THAN I LOVE YOU! NOW GO TO YOU’RE ROOM. I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOU TILL TOMORROW! ” Sarah didn’t do it, but no one would believe her. The next morning, Emma had Sarah hostage.

Emma used her magic to transform Sarah into herself and herself into Sarah. Emma had become Sarah and Sarah had become a doll. While getting ready for school, fake Sarah (Emma) ate breakfast. Before she went to school her, she called a family meeting. She said she wanted to throw her doll (Sarah) away. Ethan picked up the doll and carried to the trash, but on the way there he noticed something. “Hey dad, mom. Can you guys come out here? ” Ethan questioned his father about what the stylist said. The father said “The only difference between Emma and Sarah is that Sarah has a birthmark on her right ear.

“Like this? ” Ethan asked pointing to the doll. “Yeah! Just like that. Weird. Hey Sarah can you come here a sec? ” “Sure daddy. Anything for you! ” but fake Sarah knew they knew that she was the doll. She sprinted down the street as fast as she can. Unfortunately, her face and her whole body turned to plastic. Emma collapsed. Ethan grabbed Emma and brought it over to his house. The doll Ethan had thrown away was in his sister. They decided to set Emma body on fire. To this day, Sarah can still hear the crackling of the doll and her final words “III……. be…… back… “