Personal Narrative: My Life As A High School Student Essay

As a high school student, I have to put much thought into the future. I was born in Guatemala, but I was raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana all my life. We came from a very poor place where we had nothing, education was low, crime was high, and food was scarce. When we first came here we honestly didn’t have much. My Mother and I didn’t know English but at the time I was only 3 years old. My mother was carrying my sister so it was very tough at the time for her to find a job because she was expecting to have her very soon.

We met with my Grandmother who decided that she wanted to help us until my mom could be stable enough to take care of us on her own. My mother Elizabeth had a degree in Law. She didn’t know English so it was a big problem for her to find a career as a lawyer, but she said in time she would do it and she got her first job at Cici’s Pizza. | was enrolled at River oaks Elementary school where I had no idea what anyone was saying, I couldn’t communicate with anyone at the time.

Well, a month pass by and I learned fluent English, I could speak with everyone finally, I could understand everyone to the fullest, I could write English very well, and I even started reading 2nd Grade level books when I was only in 1st grade. My mother raised me on her own as my mother escaped an abusive relationship with my father, when we were in Guatemala. She couldn’t help me very much as she worked a job from morning to night so she really wasn’t able to watch after me.

Thad to learn a lot of things on my own Math, English, Science, Social studies, speaking skills, how to use a computer, and the list goes on and on. As the years went on a learned to fend for myself, I knew I couldn’t count on anyone because the only person I had was my mom. I was bullied in school as a kid the way I looked, the way I talked, the things | wore, and the way we lived. We were basically new to this country so there was not much we could do as we started off with nothing. st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade year I was an amazing student 4. 0 with good conduct but not all great achievements last for long. I went down a very dark road as kids started getting to me, the more I was bullied the more my conduct started changing because I started realizing that if I didn’t change the way I acted then I would be bullied for the rest of my school career. I entered Middle school not such a great student | was still very knowledgeable of everything I did.

I refused to do a lot of work but I was an amazing student even if I didn’t do much and people didn’t realize I excelled at math and science those were my 2 favorite subjects. My entire middle school experience was terrible because no matter what I did I couldn’t change anything the bullying and my behavior. Well, I entered high school August 2013 where I had to choose 2 paths. Do I want to go the correct direction to my future? Or do I just want to try to fit in?

Well, again I made the dumbest choice of my life. I went through the middle when I should have just gone towards the light, the light being the correct path to success. I messed up my freshmen, sophomore, and junior year but I was still able to pull off getting some A’s and B’s in certain classes. Finally, I started going down the correct rode during the summer of 2015 when I knew if I didn’t make a change in my life and put myself first and others last then I would damage my life after high school.

I started reading books, I started studying history, I started working out math problems, and I started studying for the act. I changed my whole path to a completely different direction. Okay, August 6, 2015 first day of school l had gotten the best choices of teachers because they’re some tough teachers that require a lot of work and if they don’t get it they will push you to a limit so you can actually do it. They’ve motivated me until this day where I have a 4. 0 and we receive report cards next semester on January, I have never been this otivated to have amazing grades since I was 6.

My life was changing but at home at wasn’t getting any better because we’re not poor but we are also not rich. I have 1 sister and 1 brother who are in need of my aid, who are going through the same thing that I went through not having a father. I’m the father figure in their life because I help them with anything homework, life lessons, and driving them around where they need to go. My mom Elizabeth makes enough money to where she can support the 3 of us in everything we need.

I knew that it was up to me to change something. First, I needed to graduate high school and second I need to graduate from college. I want a job that I will enjoy but I want a job where I will make a lot of money. Wondering how this has to do with the first sentence in this essay? This experience has motivated me to a success path. I have 3 paths to choose from before I enter college and realize what I want to pursue, Neurosurgeon, Mechanical and Electrical Engineer, or Lawyer. In the end, As a high school student, I have to put much thought into the future.