Personal Narrative: My First Day In School Essay

MOVING DAY Waking up to an average morning walking outside in the crisp morning air to get breakfast for myself. After I ate l headed for school to finish those standardized tests at the end of 6th grade. So far my class did well and was eager to get them over with. While I was in my zone working on the test, I could hear the clock ticking away every precious second passing. I had to get done with my English test before recess. Finally I looked at the clock and the time read 1:53 pm, just with a few minutes to spare, I finally had finished my test.

I was glad that one was over with, as I raced home to grab a quick snack before I had to return to school. I looked in the refrigerator and noticed something missing from the cooler. In the morning before getting breakfast, I saw that there was ham and cheese laying in the refrigerator and there was a big bag of potato chips laying on the counter which was now missing. Searching frantically for it, I ran to my sister Marissa’s room to ask where it disappeared to. My mom, who was napping, woke up and heard me talking to Marissa and came into the room and told me the news…

My dad and 2 of my brothers Jeffrey and Daniel left to get a head start on getting jobs and housing arrangement’s set up for our whole family. My mind was buzzing the whole time. We’re moving she exclaimed! Tears were streaming down my face like a waterfall as I thought leaving the place I grew up, my friends, my childhood and my life. I was walking back to school trying to hide the fact that I had been crying so none of the kids would suspect anything or make fun of me.

My head was buzzing with excitement, nervousness nd sadness all at the same time. I knew walking in the school coming back from recess that this was one of the last times | would walk into that school all the emotions and the bitter sweetness was so confusing at the moment. Walking sheepishly back to my desk, I tried my hardest to concentrate on the math test that I so dreaded to take. My mind swirling I started working on the test, also while in the back of my head I was thinking what our new house going to would like? What color is my bike going to be? Where will I go to school?

Will I have friends? It was too much to take in all at once. Hurrying through the test so | could just be done, not even caring what my score was going to be. I had bigger questions standing in front of me than the test score. The day was a blur packing up everything in my room the room where I had decorated the room where we talked about our crushes, the room where my sister and I told each other stories about the crazy things we had done when our babysitter was taking care of us and mom was out of town and dad working all day.

There were a lot of emotions and thoughts going through me as I taped another box together ready for the move. The afternoon my mom and I left was crazy, we were scurrying around to pack more things. Before we left Iran two doors down, to my friends to say good-bye for the last time with all the hugs the crying knowing I might never see them again and when I did it wouldn’t be for long only a few short minutes weren’t enough to make up for the lost time.

Walking home was the hardest thing I have ever done because I knew as soon as | would step through the front door it was time to leave my old life behind and start a new one. A few days later my mom told me it was time to get up at seven in the morning. I climbed out of the bed and got dressed ready to conquer the day ahead of us. We were standing in our old house as the giant semi-truck with its trailer pulled up to get all the boxes out of the house.

I remember the day it was a very sunny with a light gentle breeze blowing through my hair. Climbing up the ramp of the trailer to put boxes into it I realized how full it was getting and I walked calmly to where my old room was at. I opened the door peered inside and I felt my eyes getting misty again, as once again the realization of leaving this life, this place, was forced into my head. Walking into the room looked around with its bare walls closing in on me.

Part of me wanted to stay but there was also the side of me that wanted to get out so badly and not think of moving I just wanted the whole process to be over already. What I have learned is that a few days of packing and all the emotions of saying good-bye to your friends, your family and your life is one of the hardest things | have ever done. It made me realize that you never know what tomorrow will bring so live and love every day. Don’t take people for granted, make time for your friends and family because it’s not the what in life that makes you happy it’s the who.