Essay on Personal Narrative: My Team In Elementary School

As the bell rang, my friends and I ran out of the classroom, and we were so happy. We don’t need to stand there for so long and play drums, because we found an excuse to be out as usual. At this moment, the weather is cold, and we cannot see any light through the window at three o’clock. Maybe something bad will happen, but we have never thought about that. When I was in elementary school, I joined the drum team in my elementary school. I was so excited, as expected at the beginning as all my friends, and I usually dreamt about performing at a large stage. That would be pride.

However, my dream became less important because the long hours of team rehearsal. For three months, I had to stand there during free-class time playing and memorizing the same rhythms again and again. The non- stopped practice made me about to give up. Why other students can do homework at this time so they can play around when they are home? Why we have to do the same thing again and again? Why I have to stand here while others are playing pokers? I complained with my friends in the team and they also complained with me: “I don’t want to waste my time here,” I said to them. “So do 1.

How come we cannot sit and play? All of teachers want students to have a hard time. That’s enough! ” Julia, one of girls in our team, was so angry. “Yeah, and they can seat while we are standing here with this heavy drum. ” Jim whispers behind me, “we can all be absent, so the principle would notice and fire them for abuse. ” “Ehh, you are right. But how? We cannot get out of the school unless teachers sign us out. ” Another girl around us thought for a while, and said, “I can pretend to have a stomach ache and ask my mother to call teacher. I will ask teacher to let you guys send me home.

How about that? ” All of us agreed. After ten minutes, four of us, with one bending over her body, walked out from office and the front gate. When we were sure that nobody is going to see us, we laughed loudly and were excited about what we had done. This was the first time my friend and I skipped classes successfully and played around. My friends and I had done this for two weeks, and nobody noticed, as our group became larger and larger. Everyone in the group took turn having his/her parents call the teachers. It is very exciting to have a skipping class party with a large group of people.

However, the happiness did not last long, and bad things happened during my turn. This became a lesson that I would never forget. As usual, boys and girls skipped the drum rehearsal and played cards in a small BBQ restaurant behind the school. My phone rang the ominous voice. While I answered the phone call from my mother, I heard an intentionally calmed voice, “your teacher is looking for you. You have to see her. “My friends looked at my face and knew what happened. At the moment, no one among us said a word. It was so quiet, and I hated quiet. I need someone to tell me what to do next. It was still so quiet.

Maybe we just didn’t want to face this situation, and nobody wanted to be the first out and to be scolded. After a minute, we started to wrap our things and check. While on the way back to school, I was looking for excuses, but I could not think about any. I hope the road would be longer, because I did not want to see teacher’s face. That was my first time being called to the office for doing wrong thing. Although I knew it was wrong, I did it anyway. The way to the school became very short, and we arrived at the office quickly. I saw the class teacher and drum teachers standing there unexpressive.

I believed all of us were all afraid and wanted to quit. However, we could not. “Call your parents and ask them come and see me. You explain the reason yourselves. ” Head teacher said calmly. Each one of us started to call parents one by one in front of them. Teachers stared at who was calling and made sure that they explained the reason well. Then it was my turn. I grabbed up the phone reluctantly. That was the first time I call my parents to office. What could I say? I had been the class monitor through the first grade to the third, and I was always one of the top students in the class.

My parents were always proud of me and did not need to worry about my behaviors at school. “Hi, Mommy, can you come to my school now. Head teacher wanted see you because I skipped class. ” I almost cried. No answer for a while, and my mother said that she was coming. The time passed so slowly while we were standing there and waiting for our parents. While I was waiting, I looked around, and from the window, the sky became darker and darker as the cloud covered the last sunlight. I couldn’t breathe. In about twenty minutes, most parents were there. Then the head teacher started to talk about how seriously we did.

She told in front of all these people: “she was the one who cheated teachers and brought her friends out of school. We teachers are responsible for your children’s safety in the school. But who is responsible for that once they are out? Jasmine, can you? ” I was shocked. I did not think about that the teacher would blame me for all of this. Everyone in the office was staring at me, and my parents as well. I was ashamed, so ashamed that I wanted to hide, and I can’t stop my tears out. The teacher continued and talked to all of students: “I believed you because you are fifth grade.

I thought you are old enough to distinguish right or wrong. But now, I am really disappointed at you guys. ” We were still in elementary school, and we were so young to comfort ourselves in this situation. Most of the girls in our group began to sob like me. I did not remember how the conversation between teachers and parents stopped. The scene I still remember now is that we got out of the office silently, and every student walked with parents away in different directions. I did not know what would happen to them, but this was what happened to me.

My parents and I got into the car and had remained silence for about five minutes. The time passed slowly, like as the time and air around me were freezing. Finally, the silence was broken at a waiting for a red light. My father asked: “Do you know why teacher criticize you the most? ” I shook my head. “I know that you have always been the top in your class. But do you know what the top mean? Being a top student doesn’t only mean the student with the best grades, but also a top student should be the most mature student who can take responsibilities of all other students.

Do you see what you did wrong? ” “But why do I need to take responsibilities of them? By the way, there is no danger outside. Why do she take this problem so seriously? ” | asked. “You can always manage yourself to study hard and earn a high score. So the teacher and we thought that you can manage your acts in school and know what is right and wrong. If you want to be a top student, you really need to be mature and act as an adult. We have high expectations on you, so we need to teach you a lesson about what responsibility you bear. Moreover, you need to be a model for other students.

If a good student even disobeys school rules, why couldn’t them? ” My father explained it carefully to me. Our conversation stopped quickly, because we got home soon. As my parents and I walked to the dining room, we chatted as nothing happened. It was over. I thought I would be punished but I was not. However, the conversation between my father and I have lasted in my memory forever. From this happening, I learned how to behave as a truly top student and a good person. Although it was not a happy memory, it changed me to a moral person with a good personality.