Personal Narrative: I Want A Baby Essay

I Want a Baby I belong to the classification of people know as educators. I am a teacher and unfortunately, I am not a mother. Yet. Just recently my younger sister of 28 years, just gave birth to her third child. The most beautiful seven point fifty-two pound little baby girl. With hair brown like melted chocolate and eyes the color of honey, dressed up in a pink mommy’s little girl onesie. I see her kids every day and I see other parent’s kids every day too, but why don’t I have any of my own. I thought about that as I sat there rocking little Evelyn in my arms and it suddenly occurred to me that I, too, would like to be a mother.

Not just an educator or an aunt, but a mother with a baby of her own. Why do I want a Baby? I would like to stop the flow of overwhelming questions I always get from my family, coworkers and especially my students. The repetitive cycle of “how many kids do you have? ” or “how come you don’t have any kids? ” or my personal favorite “you better hurry if you want any kids you’re not getting any younger. ” In which I always respond with my favorite answer, “Why would I want any more kids if I already have 147 of them. ” Not just that but I want a baby to give all my love too.

I want a baby that I can call my own. A baby that is a replica of us and a symbol of love between my husband and I. I want a baby that will have hair like mine and eyes like his. I want a baby that will have a compassionate heart like mine and the contagious humor likes his. I want a baby that I can hold, feed and raise to my standards. To teach and educate however I see best. To love and cherish until my dying days. Forever bonded by the love a mother has for a child. To finally realize and feel for myself that powerful bond. I want a baby who will go through teething.

I want a baby who will learn how to crawl. A baby who will crawl everywhere, until one day they takes their first step. I want a baby who will toddle everywhere, then run everywhere. I want a baby that I can feed baby food too. Mashed green peas, sweet potato, carrot, apples and bananas. A baby who will then be able to eat real food. I want a baby so that I can film every part of their life and add it into a scrapbook. So, that when they get older we will be able to reminisce over. I want a baby who I can share stories about will to other parents.

I want a baby that will come to us when they get scared of the monster under the bed. So that I can be their hero. I want a baby that could be the next Beyonce or the next Bill Gates. I want a baby that will learn and grow. I want a baby that will bring me drawings, so I can stick on the fridge. I want a baby that will ask me to read them a bedtime story until they fall asleep so I can tuck them in. I want a baby that will wait for the tooth fairy to come. That will stick their tiny teeth under the pillow. I want a baby that will wait for Santa Claus.

A baby who will set up a glass of milk and a plate of cookies next to the chimney. I want a baby that I can teach how to ride a bike. I want a baby that will call me whenever they need help. I want a baby who will depend on me and me on them. I want a baby that will be waiting for me at home. A baby that will be waiting for love. Waiting for comfort. Waiting for its parents. Whether it’s a boy or a girl doesn’t matter as long as| have a baby. A baby who will be mine. The questions will then be answered. The feelings will then be felt.

A bond will then be constructed. When that four thirty bell rings and then kids head home, I, too will head home so that I can complete my motherly duties. OH MY GOD, I want a baby. Baby Babble: An Imitation of Judy Brady’s “I Want a Wife” “I Want a Wife,” by Judy Brady is about her expressing her underlying message geared towards feminism, where she explains the inequality women went and still go through today. Throughout the essay she creates a list based on all the things she feels that men take for granted and expect the women to do. Brady also epetitively uses the phrase, “I Want a… ” to express the selfish and ignorance men have when it comes to looking for a woman to marry.

In my imitation, “I Want a Baby,” I wrote about a teacher who concludes that she wants a baby because of the benefits. Similar to Judy Brady’s essay, “I Want a Wife,” expressing an overall feminist message, my imitation, “I Want a Baby,” mirrors the original by following the same basic sentence structure, point-of-view and organization. In my imitation writing “I Want a Baby,” | also followed the “I Want a … sentence structure to intensify my message of wanting a baby just like Brady did in her “I Want a Wife. ” Throughout the essay, “I Want a Wife,” Brady repetitively uses “I Want a… ” to show how selfish men, which I took and flipped to intensify how much I want a baby.

Brady’s use of “I Want a… ” was in a satirical way to express a feminist message of exposing men’s thoughts and expressing how they want everything to be handed to them on a silver platter. However, she does that by her repetitive use of “I Want a… I also used many “I’s” for example, “I want a baby that I can call my own” or “I want a baby that I can feed baby food to” to mimic her style of writing in a parody way. Not only did I mimic her sentence structure, but also her starting, “Why do I want a wife” question and her last concluding “my god, who wouldn’t want a wife” phrase. I followed her essay and used the same starting questions because I felt that it was an important aspect of getter her message across and it made it seemed as if she was having a conversation with a person.

I also used her last concluding phrase, but added my twist by saying, “OH MY GOD, I want a baby” to show how I came to the realization that | wanted a baby. I also used the same first person point-of-view that Brady used to show my perspective of being a teacher and wanting a baby just like she did with being a wife and wanting a wife. I used the first person point-of-view to make the essay a little more personal and relatable making it easier to read. By using the first person point-of-view in my essay, it showed how | will feel if I become a teacher and also how some teachers may eel and thoughts they may have when it comes to thinking about babies.

In Brady’s essay, she used first person because she was experiencing and actually lived through the things she mentioned which helped build up her credibility. I also used real quotes for my previous teachers which helped me in my credibility. By imitating her use of first person point in my essay, I felt it made the essay a little bit easier to read, write and grab attention because of its parody form and I’m still too young to actually know if I want a baby.

They say laughter is the best medicine so making a parody form of “I Want a Wife” except in first person point-of-view and in the role of a teacher makes it interesting to see my take of a teacher role. I also matched my organizational purpose and tone, by using an essay and list format to express my want, which is the same one Brady, used in her “I Want a Wife. ” I used her same essay pattern. She wrote an essay on her thoughts of men to hopefully make a change in another woman’s life and I wrote my thoughts about a baby in the role of a teacher and how it changed her.

Brady’s long list mentions, “I want a wife who will take care of my physical needs. I want a wife who will keep my house clean. A wife who will pick up after me,” all showing how selfish and traditional thinking men are, opening the eyes of all wives and in the end helping them (Brady, 58). I took that same long list feature and imitated it by using, “I want a baby who will depend on me and I on them. I want a baby that will be waiting for me at home. A baby that will be waiting for love,” which all changes how the teacher felt about babies and how at the end she realizes how much she wants a baby.

I also mimicked her ironic and goal orientated tone she used in “I Want a Wife” to help make my “I Want a Baby” parody essay. In Brady’s essay she was really ironic in the way she claimed to be a wife yet wrote about how she wanted a wife. Not only that, but also wrote on how good wives are and at the same time was protesting it. I also incorporated that into my essay by adding how the teacher already had “too many kids” but still wanted one of her own. I also shared the same goal oriented style Brady used to get what she wanted.

Brady used hers to focus on spreading her feminist views and I used mine to get a teachers baby fever thoughts heard. I chose to imitate Judy Brady’s “I Want a Wife” because I really enjoyed her style of writing and how she used it to advocate women’s rights in an ironic and sarcastic way. I also wanted to do the same, but with a teacher wanting a baby, partly because I want to be a teacher and also because I thought it might be a little ironic at the same time. This is why when I wrote my “I Want a Baby” imitation | used Brady’s basic sentence structure, point-of-view and organization to get my message across.