Personal Narrative: How To Become Successful In English 1304 Essay

“We learn from failure, not from success! (Stoker) My first thoughts about English 1304 was disgust due to the fact that I was placed in a class that wasn’t even counted as a credit. But, I stuck with it because I believed that it was going to be an easy A and, I will exceed in it without any troubles. But, boy was I wrong about that, I was struggling week by week on assignments and papers that were due. What actually shocked me was my grade on my first English paper and, from then on I knew this class wasn’t something to mess with.

With my perspective on English 1304 changed, I actually was able to gain more knowledge on how to become more successful in English in which I am able to apply in my future. Thinking that I knew everything about English, I actually learned many new skills that made me a stronger writer. Especially in learning how to properly annotate and give a person or author credit for information that I used in my papers. Because I now know for a fact that I have been plagiarizing in all my past papers and, I can’t believe that I’m not behind bars or have been caught.

Besides escaping from trouble, I actually had a huge problem in correctly forming sentences that were incomplete or not knowing how to combine them. This problem was fixed when I gain the knowledge on how to make better sentences from the teaching of tool 15. It taught me how to combine sentences without the use of the word and in which I over used. As well as helped me make my paper flow more smoothly and, helped in constructing and forming complete sentences. With a vast of new knowledge about English I was able to have a numerous of triumphs thought my semester.

Some small like having the ability to understand and how to construct an essay from top to bottom without any troubles. But, one of my biggest triumphs is that I gained confidence in writing an essay because I always had the mentality of being the worst writer in the world. Now I have no second thoughts about being horrible at writing because I know I can construct a perfect essay. With many successes throughout my semester, I was the proudest about my argument essay due to the fact that laid all of my knowledge on that I learned from the classroom.

Which came out to be the best essay I wrote thought the semester and received a decent grade that I was really proud about. With failure just footsteps behind me I actually believed that procrastination, managing my time, and having trouble in keeping up with my homework was going to lead to my failure. But, the matter in fact some of these things actually took a toll in my classes especially procrastination. Because with being lazy and pushing things back I encountered difficulty’s in managing my time.

Then with struggling to manage my time and procrastinating took a huge toll in keeping up with my homework. Because each time I kept procrastinating the more I fell behind in homework which then became like a hobby. Until I got to see my grades in all my classes which just slapped me across the face and woke me up to reality. From then on I tried my best to not procrastinate and to stay on top of my game so I can succeed in my classes and, pursue my long term goal.

The truth is that college isn’t easy, its going to acquire you to put your best effort in everything you do. There is no time to procrastinate or even think that you will go through classes without any troubles unless ur Einstein or the next Steve Jobs. In fact, take every class seriously even though it might be easy and, always look forward no matter what happens. Because life is not easy, you are bound to encounter many failures but, what determines you from succeeding is what you do with your failures learn from them or let them defeat you.