Personal Narrative: Freshman Year Essay

High school is a new atmosphere to everyone. There’s more people, new teachers. It doesn’t start to hit you that you’re almost done with high school until the first week of senior year. It feels like just yesterday you were coming to open house freshman year. You defiantly feel a little intimidated when you’re a freshman just because everyone is bigger than you and scary and you have a whole new school to get use to and to get to know the building. Sophomore year you’re still adjusting a little to the new school but you pretty much got it. Junior year you know you fit in and you’re pretty much just ready to get out of school and graduate. And now senior year your saying, “Wow that went way too fast to be over already.”

Freshman year was fun, but I got my homework done on time so I could have fun. That’s the thing about your first year, your kind of scared to see what your teachers do if you don’t turn in your homework on time. Everyone was so anxious and wanted to be there. Freshman year was probably the scariest for everyone. We didn’t know where any of the classes were, we weren’t all sure of the rules. There were many new things we could do, go to the homecoming dance, and go to formal. Those things made freshman year better

Sophomore year was not as good as freshman year. Didn’t try as hard on grades and they kind of went down a little bit. Sophomore year you’re just ready to graduate and you really want that day to come that you graduate. By this time you know where everything is, and you know who most of the people are but still a little scared because your still one of the smallest kids in the school.

Junior year you’re shaking your head because you still have 1 more year left and you have done 2 years already. You know everybody, you know the fun classes and the hard classes so you know what to take and not to take. You have heard about every story about classes and how bad the teachers are, or how good the teachers are. By this time in high school you just want to slide by in school and just get out of there as fast as you can. But you still need to make sure you get your homework done and not be a slacker in school. Junior year is one of the more important years to have good grades because colleges will start to look at your grades when you’re about to your junior year. Your junior year you have to worry about the ACT. It determines if you can go to a university. That’s a big thing to do good on because if you get a good enough score you can get academic scholarships and them can help a lot! Junior year is the hardest year of high school

Senior year is probably the best year, or maybe the worst year. The first day of senior year is heaven, much more privileges. You can show up to school when first block starts, you can leave early as long as you have a study hall fourth block. Senior year is where your high school career all wraps up. you remember all the fun times you have had so far. Now that senior year has come you kind of realize that you don’t want the year to end. You don’t want to be done with your high school career because it has been a great experience, and it has gone way to fast. Sooner than you realize you’ll be walking the stage at graduation and you’ll probably be crying.

Thanks for listening to my high school story. It has been a great 3 years already, and I would do anything to go back to freshman year and relive all of my memories. I just hope senior year will be as great as the rest of the years were. There are a few things I would have done a little different though. I would have tried way harder on my grades because they will determine if you go to college or not.