Sirius: A Short Story Essay

Sirius made his way home to the Potter’s feeling strangely conflicted as he landed in front of the house. He stayed on his bike mulling over what he had done. He had had sex with Snivellus’ sister. Moony and Prongs ran out of the house with Wormtail trailing behind them. “Well, how was your date? ” Wormtail asked always eager to hear about his friends love lives. Sirius couldn’t think of a proper response for his friends. “Uh,” His mind was still racing with a million thoughts and he wished in that moment that he had a pensive. “Well, you made it through a date with the slimy git’s sister.

Here are your three galleons. ” James shoved the money into Sirius’ hand, however, he just stared at the shiny galleons. He knew he couldn’t take money for a date he had enjoyed, especially when he had slept with said date. Remus was the first the notice Sirius’ strange behavior. Genuinely concerned as to why his most outspoken friend was suddenly lost for words “Sirius, did she hex you? “James and Peter laughed at this. “She’s a Muggle remember. She wouldn’t have been able to hex me. ”

Sirius responded listlessly. Sirius couldn’t stand staring at the money is his hand another second “James I can’t take this. Sirius handed the money back. His friends were now becoming bothered by his strange behavior. “Why not? You deserve it for making through a date with that slimeballs sister. ” James was rather taken aback by Sirius’ behavior he was never like this. “I had sex with her. ” Peter’s face showed a rather shocked expression in response to this statement. James intervened, “So? You’ve had sex with plenty of girls? ” Curious as always Peter jumped in “What was it like? ” Shaking his head at his easily impressed friend Remus looked cautiously at Sirius. ‘Wormtail this is really not the time.

Sirius, you alright? You’re worrying us. ” Sirius finally seemed to find his voice again “I don’t want any money. We’re going out again tomorrow. ” His friends all reacted as if he told him he was running away to elope with a hippogriff. James was the first to respond. “Are you alright in the head! ” They all stood there staring, their mouths agape. Sirius finally climbed off his bike standing up to meet their eyes. “She was rather charming, You wouldn’t even know she was Snivellus’s sister. ”

Peter was completely befuddled “She is his sister, though. ” Silence echoed between the four marauders. Well I mean that’s cool If you really like her I guess,” Moony said supportively and Sirius nodded appreciatively. “Well I’m sure you thought she was pretty cool after you got her to-” James began but Moony smacked him upside the head. Wormtail backed away fear in his eyes. “James, Be respectful.. ” Moony always the voice of reason. James nodded and Wormtail seemed very relieved that there wasn’t gonna be a fight. “We all support you no matter what. Right, guys. ”

Remus shot a warning look to James and Peter. They both nodded knowing perfectly well that Remus could take them both if he wanted to. I mean you know I’ll stand behind you no matter how made you are. ” James grinned and Sirius laughed lightly but then a questioned rang in his mind. “Why did you feel the need to slam your antlers into the front door? ” Sirius asked James as they walked into the house. “I thought it would be funny. ” He shrugged and Sirius just grabbed a pillow off the chucking at his head unable to hold back any laughter. “Try not to crash our next date alright. ” “Wait you had real sex? ” Peter asked loudly only to be immediately shushed. “My parents are home,” James whispered. Yeah because they totally believe you’re celibate. ” Sirius retorted and all the marauders laughed at this. ”

But honestly, Wormtail, if you were any slower you’d be going backward,” Remus said patting him on the shoulder. Wormtail just turned pink as he stared down at his lap. They went on to talk about Russia’s latest Quidditch game against Ireland and Jame’s impending wedding. “Do you think I’ll ever get married? ” Peter asked shyly. “Doubtful. ” Sirius taunted and James laughed, but Remus just glared at them both. “I’m sure you’ll hoax some girl into it. He said supportively as Mrs. Potter came in with a tray of cookies distracting them all from the previous conversation. 3 OF 6 “SO…. what’s she like? ” James asked the next morning over breakfast. He felt extremely awkward to talk about Snape’s sister but he couldn’t help but be curious.

“She’s really fascinated by magic. She told me she’s wanted to be a Witch since Snivellus turned her green. ” James laughed at this. Mrs. Potter was looking over the boys suspiciously. “You better make sure your family doesn’t find out that you are hanging around a Muggle girl. They’d slaughter her. She warned as she poured some pumpkin juice into Sirius’ glass. James and Sirius stared up at her staying silent. She was right and Sirius looked especially pained at this. He knew that if he associated himself with any girl other than a pure blood his family would take it upon themselves to ‘take care of her’. “Mom, I really don’t think that’ll be a problem. ” Mr. Potter was deeply engrossed in the daily prophet but even he muttered something disagreeing to what James had said. Mrs. Potter pursed her lips as she looked at Sirius. “Is it really worth the risk with you-know-who rising to power.

Do you really wanna put her in danger. Best to cut her off before you get attached. ” Sirius knew she was right. Bellatrix would love an excuse to kill any Muggle. “Sirius, don’t worry about that rubbish,” James whispered once she had left, Sirius just stayed silent as he stared down at the bacon on his plate. “She’s right though James. Listen it’s not a big deall only went out with her once. I’ll go out with her tonight and then I just won’t bother her again. ” Sirius stuffed bacon into his mouth hoping James would just drop it. But he was never one to keep his mouth shut. “I mean if that’s what you want.

But you’d do well to not shag her again. ” He said quietly so Mr. Potter wouldn’t overhear. 6:00 seemed to come sooner than Sirius wanted it to. He thought about if he should have just canceled; it seemed unnecessarily cruel to take her out again, knowing after this he’d just have to tell her he couldn’t see her again. With a loud crack, Sirius apparated to Olivia’s front door. She opened it a moment later with a smile on her face. “Hey! I called my friend, Her dad owns the bowling alley downtown and I’ve conned her into getting her dad to give us some free pizza and a lane all to ourselves.

She rambled on excitedly tripped over her own to feet as she stepped out to the porch. Sirius caught her and tried to stifle a laugh. “I don’t know what any of that means or where a bowling alley is so you’ll need to direct me. ” Olivia beamed at Sirius as he leads her to the bike quickly giving him directions. “Slow down woman, I can’t remember all that. ” He teased as he handed her, her helmet.

Sirius drove his motorcycle to the bowling alley without flying, for which Olivia was grateful. They arrived in front of a tacky building with a large clown painted on the front of it. Clown’s Alley? You muggles are weird. ” Sirius questioned as Olivia dragged him inside. Trying to explain to Sirius how bowling worked was proving to be more difficult than Olivia had expected. She caught him whipping out his wand more than once. “Well, I’m winning. ” Sirius declared proudly as the game was wrapping up. “Yeah because you’re a cheater,” Olivia grumbled and Sirius grinned at her cheekily. “Well, you mentioned Pizza. ” Olivia sighed realizing Sirius was far more interested in food than a game he didn’t understand.

They returned their shoes and Olivia lead Sirius to a counter in the back of the building with a bored looking teenager behind it. She lit up upon seeing Olivia. “Hey! Whose this. ” She winked at Sirius. “Oh uh, this is Sirius. He’s my brother’s friend. ” Olivia said shyly introducing him. “Well hello there Sirius, wanna be my friend. ” Sirius burst out laughing and Olivia shook her head. “Mellie! You’re foul! ” Olivia shouted at her causing a few patrons to stare at them. Sirius was just smirking at the girls.

“So one Mushroom Pizza and Sprite for Olivia and for you handsome? Mellie leaned over the counter rather obviously trying to show off her cleavage to Sirius who seemed oblivious to it. “Um. Plain? ” Sirius asked rather confused. Mellie shrugged disappearing back into the kitchen. “Haven’t you had pizza? ” Olivia teased once Millie was out of sight. “My mom never let me have it. Said it wasn’t real food. ” Sirius shrugged. Millie came back with their food handing it to them. “Why don’t we eat outside. There’s a park in the back of the building. ” Olivia suggested walking outside not giving Sirius a chance to respond.