A Soldier’s Short Story: The Purge Essay

In the dead of the night, nothing to look at besides the occasional car headlight shining through my window. I was laying in bed staring at the ceiling waiting. My mind was racing, so many thoughts going through my head. The main thing on my mind was The Purge. I kept flipping and flopping around on my bed. I couldn’t get comfortable even if my life depended on It was the night before The Purge. The Purge is one day, every year, that all crime is legal. It was the one day of the year that everyone dreaded. The one day that so many loved people, died, for no reason. I hated The Purge so much. I don’t know why this was ever invented.

I had never participated in this because nobody deserved to die. Thad lost a very good friend last year in The Purge, tomorrow would mark the one year anniversary. He didn’t deserve to die at all. He had been a good and loyal friend to me. Even though I hated the purge because I have little sisters and brothers to take care of, I would still protect them even if that meant killing or hurting someone. There were some people at school today talking about who they would kill first/if they would participate in tomorrow’s events. Man, people can be so stupid at times. My plan was to only try to survive tomorrow, not killing innocent people.

I’ll try to keep a close eye on my siblings, and risk my life for them. To be a good brother, I have to put my own fears aside. I stayed up for what felt like a million light years, waiting for The Purge to start. It would sound at 12 o’clock. I gathered some things that I knew I would need. A gun, a knife, a few bottles of water, snacks, a couple shirts, and a clean pair of clothes. I went into my siblings rooms and gathered a few things for them, too. We all would try to stick together the whole day. My parents had told us the day before that they will not be able to walk with us. So basically, they were leaving us to fend for ourselves.

I know, not a very good idea, but I just went along with it. I’ll be able to watch my siblings on my own, right? 11:45, 11:45. 11:45, the clock blinked. It was time to wake my family up and get ready for the chaos about to happen. My siblings and I had planned to stay together the whole time but I knew in the back of my head that things might not go as planned. We would go together to an abandoned warehouse where nobody would be. It was quite a distance from our house so there was a pretty good chance of someone getting left behind or taken, but I didn’t want to alarm my little siblings.

The upcoming 24 hours would be hard, scary, but we had to make it through, we just had to. “We’re going to make it through this, aren’t we? ” I thought to myself. I didn’t know how to answer myself. There was a war going on inside of my head. I didn’t know what to do, I was definitely going crazy and freaking out. Everyone gathered in my living room, waiting for the buzzer to sound throughout the whole city. Soon, we would be fighting for our lives. The buzzer rang out, we all walked out of our house. My family split up, parents going one way, kids going the other. I grabbed my little sister, Cait and carried her for awhile.

My brother said, “Adam, why did mom and dad leave us? ” I didn’t know how to answer him so I just said, “Bud, we’ll all meet back up later tonight and everything will be okay again. ” All he did was nod, he was old enough to not believe that what I just said was true. Elijah, my brother, was 12. We were the two oldest, me being 15 years old. We both had to stay positive for our little sisters which were both way too young to understand. Caitlyn and Kali were my younger sisters. Cait had these cute, bouncing blond curls that I was playing with as we ran to the warehouse.

Then we picked up speed as Elijah had pointed out that a large man was following us, wearing a scary mask. I put Caitlyn down so we could run faster. I grabbed hers and Kali’s hand and started running. One of my hands let go, but I figured that Kali had just wanted to run by herself. I was too distracted to look down and see what happened. We kept on running and running until the man was out of sight, according to Elijah. I slowed down and looked towards the ground, seeing that Kali wasn’t anywhere to be found. “WHERE DID KALI GO?? ” I yelled. I couldn’t have just lost my little sister on the scariest day of the year.

Elijah did you see where she went? I said frantically. “No I thought that you had her hand?! ” He sounded just as scared and out-of-breath as I was. “Cait, did you see where she went? Please say that you did.. ” I begged. “No no no. Where did she go? ” Cait whined. She didn’t know what was going on so she seemed very uneasy. “Just don’t worry about it okay? I’ll just figured it out on my own, like I always do. ” I snapped. I couldn’t be calm with them, this was serious and nobody even cared. I was on my own. I let Elijah go with Cait to the warehouse by themselves so I could go find Kali.

Adam to the rescue, like always. I got Elijah and Cait some things that they needed, then I set out to find Kali. I decided to go into every building that looked sketchy. I figured that would be where a kidnapped would go. “If I was a kidnapper, where would I go? If I was a kidnapper, where would I go? ” That sentence was on replay in my head until I got a few ideas. There are abandoned buildings in our town, everyone left when they started the purge, nobody wanted to deal with that. I went to the first one I thought of, knowing she probably wouldn’t be there. I needed to find her, 1 just needed to.

I walked in the front doors, yelling, “Kali?? Kali are you here? ” With no response to follow. As I was walking out, tears started pouring out, I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to. Where was she? Why can’t I find her? I’m so stupid for letting go of her hand, this is all my fault. I could sense that I wasn’t alone in this next building, there was someone here. I ran throughout the warehouse, tripping and falling because I wasn’t watching where I was going. “Kali?? Kali where are you? Just say my name, say something, make a noise. Please Cait! ” I pleaded. Theard a squeal louder than a clap of thunder, that had to be her.

I knew it was. I turned the corner to see her standing on a chair with a rope tied around her neck. Just as I yelled “Kali no! ” The man kicked the chair out from under her. “She’s gone, dead. God, I just lost my little sister. This is all my fault I lost her it’s all my fault. Oh my god what just happened. No no no this can’t be happening. Please breathe Kali. Breathe breathe breathe. Come back to me, don’t leave me come on Kali.. ” I begged and begged until I couldn’t even breathe anymore. I ran as fast as I could out of that warehouse, I couldn’t stand being in the place my sister died in.

I grabbed my gun out of my backpack and fired off a few shots. I saw a few men crossing the street and shot at them. Kali didn’t deserve to die, and I’m going to get revenge. I shot three of the six men. I just kept shooting, taking all my anger out on innocent people. I couldn’t handle this pain any longer. There was tears streaming down my face. I collapsed, my gun flinging from my hands. I laid there crying for quite awhile. I finally reached for the gun. I fired two more shots, but this time, the gun was pointed at my own body. “Bang-Bang. ” And everything stopped.