Ordinary Time: A Short Story Essay

Today was Sunday, and like any other normal Sunday I went to church, and like most teenagers I don’t like going to church. I mean, I should at least pay attention in church, but I don’t and I feel kind of bad for that, but that’s just me. “Today, on this third Sunday of Ordinary time, our lord Jesus Christ… ” the priest said in a monotone voice. I sit there, on the pew, half asleep. My friend, Peter, flicked my forehead and whispered, “Yo sleepyhead, you know you’re not supposed to be falling asleep right? ” “Of course I know! ” I whispered to him. He just rolled his eyes and leaned back, I did the same.

And after what felt like a year, church finally ended. “Church took forever! I swear I was going to die in there. I would be totally fine if church was more fun, and engaging, but nope, it’s not. ” | ranted to Peter. “Kaylynn, that’s why you pay attention in church -” BOOM, BOOM, ZING. “Peter did you hear that? ” I waited for a response. A second went by, then a minute. “Hey Peter, did you hear me? I turned around and saw Peter lying on the ground. “PETER! ” as I tried to get closer to him, a figure appeared right in front of me, and touched my forehead with their ash gray pointer finger, and everything turned white.

As soon as I could see color again, the scenery was completely different. I was in a vast field of wild flowers, and in the middle of the field I saw a man with light brown hair, and a very tan skin tone. Looking at him made my heart flutter, he was extremely handsome. “Um, excuse me,” | said to the mysterious handsome man, “Do you perhaps know where we are right now? ” the man turned his face towards me, and I noticed something strange about him, he had one gold eye, and his other one was sliver. The man blinked a couple times before he answered me. “Well you’re dead, aren’t you?

This is purgatory, the place where souls go in order to cleanse their sins, and I am Horus the angel that guards this place. “|| gave him a puzzled look. “Yes, I know that Horus is one of the Egyptian gods, but that’s actually not true. An Egyptian was once lucky enough to escape purgatory, and that’s how Horus the Egyptian god came to be. And those crazy Egyptians came up with these “real” stories,” Horus made the quotation symbols in the air, “about me, and gave me a family of gods. Which is totally crazy. I mean, does it look like I have family here, in purgatory?

Does it even look like I am close to anyone? ” Horus sighed. I just stared at him, with a ‘what are you talking about face “That’s very funny, Mr. I Am An Angel Not A God, could you please tell me where I am? I really need to go home. ” Horus looks at me weirdly, and starts laughing. “Ah, you’re funny Kaylynn,” wait how did he know my name? “You can’t go home, the place that you’re aiming for is heaven. ” Horus points up, and I saw a city of white, sparkling and gleaming in the sunlight. I just stood there flabbergasted. “Once you reach heaven you don’t want to go back down to Earth.

I can guarantee you that. ” I just nodded my head, and started to walk away from him. As I scanned the field of wild flowers I saw a purple portal next to a red portal. The red Portal had dragon skulls and bones near the base, while the purple one had nothing growing near its base. Being the adventurous person | am, I decided to go through the red portal, even though it seems like I will have to walk through fire if I were to pass through the portal. I looked back at Horus he seemed to be preoccupied, looking at a book. I squinted, and realized that he was reading a book on ancient Egypt mythology.

I gave a small chuckle, Horus is such a funny guy, and I knew he liked being exalted back in ancient Egypt. I turned my attention back to the red portal. I stood their examining the fiery portal of death, which seemed to be luring me in. I looked back at Horus once more to find him staring right at me. I immediately looked away from him and started springing towards the red portal. “Kaylynn don’t you dare pass through that portal, if you do then you’ll go to Hell! ” too late, I was already through the portal, and I was swimming in a pool of red. I was scared, if Horus said the red portal lead to Hell, it probably does lead to Hell.

All of a sudden the temperature started to rise, and soon the heat was unbearable. I thought I was going to die… for the second time. I started laughing at the thought of that, can I really die a second time? Or am I just crazy right now, and I’m dreaming. I moved my body in a fetal position, and thought about my life, I have left so many things behind, I haven’t even lived my life to the fullest. There were so many words that I left unsaid to my parents and my friends. And I left all the good food behind too. Life really is short, and no one knows when they’ll die, I mean I didn’t expect myself to die at the age of 16.

As time went on I continued to think about what is should’ve done when I was alive, and the regrets I have. And out of my peripheral vision I saw a white light, and the white light continued to get closer to me. And soon I was out of the red portal and landed butt first onto the ground. As I looked up and saw the surrounding I realized I was back home. “Wow good job Kaylynn, you realize that you should be living a better life, and live with no regrets. ” I turned toward the voice to see my friend Peter with a trident and two horns curling from his head.