Zeuss Christmas: A Short Story Essay

One morning, about 5:00 a. m. , Sahara walked in the room and said to her husband, ‘What are we going to do about Makenzie? ” Then Alex said “We are going to Uncle’s then to a party, take care of the baby, and Zeus. ” Then they left the house. Makenzie, the bright tot, was very happy of the day she was going to have with Zeus. They all walked down the tan stairs. “Hold on! ” Zeus said. “It’s going to be fast and bumpy. ” Soon they entered the living room. Makenzie looked at the giant tree and said, “Ooooooo. ” They approached closer to get a better look.

Makenzie looked at a plant and wanted to make it hers. She looked at Zeus and he said “Ok. ” Zeus went into the office and grabbed a variety of ribbons, lights, and an extra ornament. Makenzie threw on the lights and ribbons. Zeus put the ornament on the plant. They looked at the plant for a minute and thought it was beautiful. Now, they were all very happy. Makenzie saw some white stuff fall in front the window. She hopped on the dog and went to the door. Zeus put on her favorite onesie and put on a hat. No colds on Christmas Eve. Zeus thought about the adventure they are just about to have.

Makenzie hopped back on the dog and looked outside, “could it be? ” she said, “Its snow! ” Then they set out for their adventure. Once they went outside they looked around for a minute just to have a good look and feel of the snow, and they thought it was amazing. As they walked and looked they came to a toy store and saw a basket in the window. It read “be our 100th costumer and win this basket! ” Zeus and Makenzie both said “Ooooo. ” They wondered if they should enter or not, but just decided to look for now. They looked over and see a dog wanting to be in the store.

They look inside the store and see what the dog wants, but it costs money. There also was a mother and her child that were also looking in at all the toys. Zeus thought that maybe she is looking for presents to get for her child since it’s almost Christmas. They walked in and an alarm goes off. They won the basket! They go outside and hear the ringing of a bell. The dog is still there and they look at him and give him a toy. The dog thanked them and said Merry Christmas as they did back. Makenzie reads the sign, “Help the needy this Christmas! ” Makenzie looked at the man in a Santa suite.

Zeus looked at him and gave him the whole basket. “Merry Christmas! ” he said. Then they began looking at other things. Makenzie and Zeus see people singing Jingle Bell Rock. They listen for a minute and sing along for a while. The song ended they started singing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. They sing for a little bit longer with them. Then they look over at a window. They look in and see a little boy and girl by a Christmas tree. They look in for a while. Zeus remembers about their Christmas tree both of them, the one they made of the plant and the on the one the parents put up.

They were both very beautiful just thinking about them. They look for a little while longer. They watch the children play and move close to the fire place area. They blow out the fire so they can play and run around and not go in the fire. After Zeus runs back to the house and his scarf flies off. When they get there they are greeted by Lora the cat. She says, ‘Hurry up, the fire is going out! ” Zeus runs inside with his cold paws. He tracked some snow in the house. Zeus sits down and puts the fire back up. They sit down with the two mice, the dog, and Lora the cat. They watch the fire until it goes out.

And now they are all warm and tired. Soon they’re all sleeping, and the fire is out. Makenzie is in her favorite spot, right on Zeus. Zeus is very warm so Makenzie finds him very comfy. Then Zeus hears jingle bells. Zeus picks his head up and looks around. He hears stomping and more jingle bells. He looks at Makenzie and she is sound asleep. He wants to get up and look around but doesn’t want to wake up Makenzie. He looks at Makenzie one more time and says “ok. ” Zeus get up carefully. He doesn’t want to wake up Makenzie. He looks around and sees the mice, Lora, and the dog.

Zeus thinks if he should run to the door and decides if he does it quietly he will not wake anybody. Zeus runs to the door! Zeus runs out the door and stops in shock. He looks at the ground and sees hoof prints. He looks up and sees a reindeer. He is so shocked he was frozen. He sees at the corner of his eye Lola the cat who came out to see what was happening Zeus looks around and sees all the reindeer! He looks over and sees a sleigh. He hears “Ho ho ho. Merry Christmas! ” Zeus’s wish had come true! He had always wanted to meet Santa Claus. Zeus loves Christmas very much and he also love Santa very much.

Santa went up to Zeus. He said “MERRY CHRISTMAS! You’ve been a good dog this year, would you please help me with this big bag of toys. There might be something in there for you! ” Zeus said “Ok it looks very heavy but I’ll try. ” Santa put the bag on Zeus’s back and Zeus said “wow! This is heavy! ” Then they just started walking towards the house. They went inside. He gave Zeus a bone, some cheese to the mice, and a fish to Lora the cat. Lora smelled the fish and woke up and started eating it. The mice were already awake so they started eating it too. Zeus took the bone and put it by the fire place.

Santa gave a red and green hat to Makenzie. Santa puts a letter on it, it says “From Santa”. He says “Merry Christmas” and put Makenzie on the carpet. All the animals watched as Santa put presents under the tree and filled all their stockings with candy and other joyful things for them. Zeus got a new red collar which also says “From Santa”. Zeus said “Bye! ” Then Santa went up the chimney. Zeus barks very quietly just enough to not wake up Makenzie, “bye! ” “MERRY CHRISTMAS! ” Santa said. And up the chimney Santa went to another house to deliver toys to other children.

Zeus picked up Makenzie and put her on his back and started going up the tan stairs. Makenzie was still asleep. “Good night” Zeus said. He put her in her crib and when he thought about it, Makenzie was a heavy sleeper. He found her favorite blanket and stuffed animal and put the blanket on her and put her favorite stuffed animal with her. Zeus laid down on the red rug in the room. He was almost asleep when he heard the door open and heard the parents come in and Sahara said to her husband “Shhhhh” the baby is probably sleeping. After that he fell fast asleep on the comfy and soft red rug. The End