Abigail’s Hut: A Short Story Essay

It was a bad omen from the Gods. Just as I had set out for Miss Abigail’s Hut it had started snowing heavily and I was not prepared for it. Maybe I should turn back, I banished that thought from my head Miss Abigail may be in grave trouble.
I walked along side my horse as the terrain was too slippery and treacherous to ride. The ground was a mix and match of colour, some leaves from autumn were still being blown about by the bone numbing Wind of the Milford Sound, Dead leaves crunched under my shoes. I continued walking for hours never stopping but by night I had only made it half way. Luckily for me the snow had stopped, I found a small cave in the forest and gathered some damp wood and lit a pathetic fire. The rhythm of the rain hitting…

What does it want me to return?, I thought maybe the greenstones but that just confused me even further and what about Miss Abigail was she okay, hurt or worse…. No, I couldn’t think about that.

I woke up with my heart pounding and my vision blurry, I packed up my pack and started walking, a fog had rolled in and I couldn’t see anything in front of me, a powerful ancient voice boomed through fog.
“First You Must Understand” The Voice Urged
Then in the fog a vision appeared of a spirit of the sound falling in love with the mortal and whisking her away but she cried for years…. I know this story, it is how the green stones were created
“Now Do You See?” The Voice Asked in a curious tone
I felt stupid for whispering into now where but I did
“Yes” I Quietly Whispered into the wind
“The stones must be returned or face the consequences for two long we have let man desecrate this land no more” It Rasped
I didn’t understand we native people respected the land and cared for it, must be me the new immigrants, they were always digging for the stone for…

Used matches were sprawled all over the place, I went into Miss Abigail’s Room and they was blood on the floor and sheets but no Abigail. Inside my heart was being torn into two pieces, I went to the edge of the sound, what I saw broke me, my eyes stung as I looked at Miss Abigail body floating over the water, she had regal expression on her flawless face, her arms crossed over her chest and a Silver Gown.
She Whispered “Goodbye Ikaw”
She came forward tried to hug me, but her hand went right through me like she was a spirit. She had pained expression on her face and with that she floated into the sky, gone forever. I sobbed to myself, then a freakish gust of wind and it knocked me into sound. I tried to swim back up, but a sweet and gentle voice whispered to me
“Why do you try to return? Stay and you can be with your beloved” It Gently Whispered
My body went against my will, it stopped trying to swim up, and I thought drowning and getting to be Abagail didn’t seem that bad. I only had seconds to live then my mind kicked back in, I started to swim up again. But it was too late my lungs filled with…