Essay about Thomas Bradford: A Short Story

When Thomas Bradford woke up that morning, he realizes that the bed was too small for him because part of his legs were outside of it, but his hands were as small as always. He looked through the big window of his big room and he realizes that it was still dark outside and very cold, he was surprised because it was summer time and every day before this one had been sunny and hot. How could this be? He asked to himself. He had spent his whole life working since he was a kid just to build an empire, and be as powerful as he was right now.

He had stores in every state of the country, but still he felt everyday like if something was missing. He had a wife and two little girls, but for them, Thomas was just a stranger, someone who did not know how to show his feelings and was usually called cold or heartless. He always said he was going to change, that he was going to stop working, and take care of his family, but that never happen because he could not stop, he was obsessed with the feeling of being richer and richer, and he always wanted to be the best.

Always, while he was talking to his kids he realize how little he knew them- he didn’t even know their favorite food, and he slightly confused their birthdates, how careless can I be? He always thought. But yesterday, when he came from work late one of the girls was playing with this toy, which was supposed to be a giant and was meant to destroy the whole world. When his daughter saw him, she asked him to play but he was tired and went straight to the room without even noticing her.

He was so tired from the work that he just fell asleep without changing his clothes. He tried to get up but he was much taller than the roof of their house so he could not fully stand, he was naked and there was no sign of the clothes that he had on yesterday. He could smell the delicious breakfast that his wife cooked every day for the kids, but not for him because he was always running late and did not want to waste his time taking breakfast with his family.

He tried to grab the mirror to see his current state but his hands were so small in comparison with his body that they were almost useless, and could not reach anything. When his cell phone started ringing he realizes that today he had a public event, and he had to be present, so with the help of his foot he was able to grab the table and with his small hands he answer the phone. The man calling was his assistant and when Thomas managed to talk, his voice was so loud and deep that his family started knocking in his room to make sure he was okay.

Thomas are you feeling well today? ”, his wife asked, but Thomas was so scared of talking again that he tried to open the door with his foot, but he was supernaturally strong and he ended up destroying the door and wall. When the kids saw their dad they started shouting, and hiding behind their mom, but his wife did not react and found it even funny like if it was not the first time she saw someone turn into a giant with small hands. He was so surprised by her reaction that he stared at her for a minute, almost if Thomas was expecting her to freak out.

Put some clothes on”, she said, which made Thomas angry, because he was a giant and nothing truly fit him, but with a staircase and a lot of fabric the maids manage to cover him completely, he was placed in the garden even though it was cold and rainy, because it was the only place where he could fully stretch. Hours later, he started to crave dust, which made him eat all the soil of the garden until the point where there was a giant hole. After two weeks of the transformation, his wife was handling all of his business, and everyone was living life as normal as usually, just like if there wasn’t a giant in the garden.

The wife cooked everyday breakfast, she took the kids to school and then went to the office of her husband to take care of everything, and when someone ask her what happen to Thomas, she always said: “He needs time for himself”. No one of his family help him or ever visited him, sometimes he could see his daughters look at him through the window, and he always wanted to ask for forgiveness and promise them that when everything went back to normal he would be there for them, but deep down he knew that he wouldn’t, because the only thing that enables him to work was his transformation, and not the desire of being a better husband and father.