Lylas Attack: A Short Story Essay

A few weeks before the attack, “Lyla! ” I hear my mother shout as I run down the halls. I hurry down the halls and outside to my secret garden. I reach the secret door behind the tall mirror and I look around. No one is looking so I quietly pull on the mirror and open the door behind it. I slip through and shut the mirror and door behind me. I take my uncomfortable shoes off and let my toes dig into the cool grass. I walk back to the bench swing between the trees and sit down. I listen to the small stream flow by and sway on the bench.

I grab my notepad and colored pencils from the hidden compartment in one of the trees and sit in the grass. I flip past my many drawings to a blank page. I look for something | haven’t drawn in my garden yet and that’s when I notice something. I set my notepad down and walk over to the strange object. I pick it up and it’s a letter in a bottle, I pry off the cork and dump out the letter. I unroll the letter and look at it. On the 16th celebration we will strike! Be ready to suffer. -Army Z Treread the note over and over again until I can’t anymore. What do they mean by sixteenth celebration”, I whisper to myself.

I fold the note up and tuck it in my bra. The guards pat me down and check my pockets every night, but they wouldn’t dare touch my breasts. I sit back down by my notepad and start drawing the flowers I planted a few months ago. I’m so lost in thoughts I don’t even hear my mother come in. “Lyla, it’s dinner time sweetie”, she says calmly. “Ok mother, let me finish my drawing”, I say without turning from my drawing. “Where are your shoes young lady? ” she asks me angrily. Over there”, I say pointing to my shoes by the door. “Why are they not on your feet? You are a princess Lyla, it’s time you start acting like one. ” she says sternly.

“But mother I do, it’s just those shoes are so uncomfortable and this grass is so cozy”, I protest. “No buts, now let’s go eat”, she says as she stands me up and straightens my dress. I follow her out of the garden, down the hall and into the dining hall. I take my seat by my father next to my older brother. My brother Theodore is twenty and is visiting with his wife Tabitha and their newborn daughter Victoria. Hello Lyla”, my brother greets me as I sit down next to him. “Hi Teddy, hi Tabby”, I chirp as I lay my napkin on my lap. “Good evening Lyla, its nice to see you again”, Tabitha says politely. I smile and my father rubs my leg. I look at him and he smiles then gets ready to speak. “As you all know, our dear daughter Lyla is turning sixteen in a few weeks. We are arranging to have a royal ball to celebrate this mark in her life. ” he says with a deep booming voice. “That’s right, your going to be sixteen. I remember my sixteenth birthday like it was yesterday”, Tabitha hums. “Cool”, I whisper.

The chef comes in with our meals and sets them in front of us. I grab my knife and fork and carefully cut into my meat. “Lyla! Wait for everyone to get their food first. Then you need to lead the prayers”, my mom says sternly. The chef finishes setting our plates down and I start the prayer. “O Christ God, bless the food and drink of Thy servants, for holy art Thou, always, now and ever, and unto the ages of ages. Amen”, I rush out and dig into my food. “Amen”, the rest of the family chimes in and starts eating. I finish my food quickly and politely wipe my mouth with my napkin.

I wait for everyone else to finish their food before I get up. I scoot my chair out slowly and get up. “Lyla dear, there is dessert too”, my mother says kindly. I sit back down and smile. The chef comes out with creme bru le. I slowly eat it as my brother rambles on about his daughter. I pretend to listen but instead my mind wanders off about the note. I contemplate whether to tell my father or not. I go with no and hope for the best. After everyone finish the maid take the dishes and my mother excuses me. I get up and quietly walk to my bedroom.

I open the gigantic doors and step inside. I shut the doors and sit down on my bed. I day dream about my future and am disrupted by my maid Sophia. “Princess Lyla, it’s time to wash up”, she says quietly. I get up take my towel from her and walk to my master bathroom. She runs the water and then unzips my dress. She pulls it over my head and leaves. I finish getting undressed and the step in the shower. I wash up quickly and turn off the water. Sophia comes back in and hands me my night gown, she then leaves. I dry of and quickly get dressed in my pink silk night gown.

She comes back in and lotions me up then brushes through my tangles. I brush my teeth and let Sophia braid my wet hair. She’s a really good friend of mine. She’s only 4 years older then me and the same age as my brother. After she finishes I climb into bed and cover up. She brings in my family and they surround me. “Good night Lyla”, my mother says as she kisses my forehead. “Sweet dreams darling”, my father murmurs before hugging me. My brother is the last one left and he doesn’t say anything.

“Alright Lyla, what’s bothering you”? He asks curiously. “Nothing”, I rush out fast but too fast. Your lying and princesses don’t lie”, he says sternly. “Fine, I found this in my garden”, I say handing him the letter. He reads it twice over and his eyes grow big. “We need to tell father”, he shots. “No, Teddy we can’t”, I whine helplessly. “We have to and I will”, he says as he goes to stuff the letter in his pocket. I rip out out of his hands and rip it up. “I. remembered the letter”, he says tapping his head as a hint. “You can’t tell, it’s probably nothing”, I whine. “Just go to asleep Lyla”, he says as he kisses my forehead. I obey and close my eyes.

I hear him leave my room and shut the door. I fall asleep shortly after and dream of my garden. Ok, so what did you guys think? This is my first non fan fiction. I thought of this idea from the Disney movie Princess Protection Program. Lovely right? Any ways, please like and comment. Instead of QOTD’s I do ask me a question so. Highlight this text with a question for me it can be anything. About me, the book, I don’t care. Before I forget, I have another account for fan fictions under the username Olivia Gruss. Go check out my Harry Styles can fiction called My Sisters Dream.