Essay about King David: A Short Story

“I already had,” King Robert shot back, cutting off King David. “You see, thanks to your men stalling. I was able to get a countless number of my forces through the tunnel. For I knew our meeting would not end in my favor. ” King David turns his head, giving him a viperous expression. “How many of your men got through? ” he screech with such force, his raspy voice broke apart. “Enough… that if I wanted to slaughter you today… I could. But I won’t, for I came here to end a war before another begins. ” King David snickers, shaking his head. “Your father would never have given me enough time to think before he ran his blade through my chest.

He would have reclaim what was his, and here you are negotiating when you have the upper hand,” he continues to speak, “are you sure, you are your father’s son? It is hard to believe his blood courses through your vein. Now your brother, Gabriel, your father’s blood is strong in him. He would’ve taken this opportunity no matter the cost to his people, to even the score. ” “I’m not my brother. ” “I see. ” “I would never hurt anyone without cause, even a vile creature like yourself. Especially if it means, my people will suffer more turmoil for my actions. ” King David takes his seat. I’m not heartless, as your father wants you to believe.

We all have done things in our reign that we may not be proud of… but everything that we do is for the government of our kingdom. ” He clasps his hands together on top of his desk, taking a large breath through his nose and exhale loudly through his mouth. “What insurances am I given, if I hand you the Shadow? ” “No harm will come to you nor any of your men. You have my word. ” He swayed his eyes to the left and to the right, before focusing them on King Robert. “The Shadow is dead,” he announces. “He attacked my Kingsman, slaying some and injuring several as he tried to escape.

That was the matter I was dealing with when you and your men arrived. ” “Lies,” King Robert shouted, slamming both his hands down on top of his desk. “What would I have to gain from this lie? ” King Robert voices the thoughts running through his mind out loud. “Either you had him slain, so I would not be able to take him, or you’re hiding him from me? ” He shakes his head in disbelief, before uttering. “If what you say is true… then show me his remains. ” King David lifts one of his brows to him. He glides his right hand over the left pocket of his coat, retrieving a golden key.

He then rose from his chair and steps to King Robert. King David and King Robert’s eyes are smoldering. Their postures are regal, as the old King and the young King stood face to face. King David’s dark eyes ablaze when he expresses in a sinister tone, “I guessed you’re more of an adversary than I realized; and here | thought the rumors were true. That you’re still that weakling little boy, who lives in his father and uncle’s shadow. ” He moves past him to the door, leaving King Robert simmering from his words.

King Robert saunters to the doors, where he stood, speaking. Well, I guessed the old saying is true, “not every King is born to be a great leader. Sometimes they leave behind a legacy that is constant, like the rising and setting of the sun. Then there are others whose legacies will be forgotten, like a falling leaf from a tree. ” He approaches him, saying. “Which one are you? ” King Robert’s words sting, deeper then King David wanted to admit. He reaches for the door, turning the knob. “Although we may show unity in public, we both know that this truce is only a last ditch effort to save our thrones… nothing more. ”

He opens the door, warning. Make no mistake… if you wish to battle me. I will not concede to the people’s will. I will ravage your lands like an insatiable disease and demolish anything you hold dear. Heed my words. ” “And if you believe it will be that easy, then do what you must,” King Robert replies staring onward. King David opens the right door completely to a waiting Earl Michal and First Commander Cipher, who are staring back at their respected kings. “Take him to see the prisoner,” he commands, handing the key to Michal. “King Robert,” Cipher calls his name. King Robert moves to him, speaking into his ear.

Cipher nods back, turning to another, and speaking privately with him. King Robert returned to King David and said, “It’s done. ” King David nods back. “Earl Michal will escort you and your men to his remains. Do not be startled if he has no head. ” He steps closer to King Robert, lowering his voice for only him to hear. “After you see the body… I wish for you and your men to leave my lands before nightfall. I cannot be held responsible for another death. Remember these are troubling times and you do not want to meet the same fate. ” He steps over the threshold into the study, slamming the heavy door in King Robert’s face.