The Car Crash Short Story Summary Essay

At the beginning of the trip the lawyer entered the bus. The driver was worried that such a large man would fit through a small door yet he expertly squeezed through the narrow crack boasting of his ability to fit through anything. One of the passengers snickered. Once he entered he paused to slick back his hair. Then he straightened out his suit which was extremely peculiar. His suit from one side it looked blue and from the other side red to be ready for any occasion. Just before he sat down towards the back there was the wailing of a siren.

Then he quickly jumped up but alas he was too late for the doors was already closed. After several minutes, he called the police chief’s wife to ask if she had heard anything yet but then she hung up. Ironically the lawyer was made quite famous fighting for the ban on devices harmful to the body while he was extremely fat and unhealthy. It is no secret that he has hopes to be a politician some day. He is well known in certain circles where few want to be mentioned. The lawyer prided in know things no one else knew. He never spoke of what he knew for he valued his degree and head too much.

One of the children snickered because they recognized him and knew the story that one day he was offered a piece of chicken then drove off with the coop. He was a soldier once long ago. He bears the scar to prove it. Yet only a few know that he was sent home after dropping his knife on his foot. He wears sandals a lot and simply says he acquired the scar in combat. He never lies yet never elaborates on the scar. As the bus moves along he begins to tell a story of a man named Oliver Davies. He begins by telling on the outside Oliver had the perfect life.

He had a beautiful wife, a child, and a promising career. But now he is more scared than he has ever been. Oliver has overextended himself. He put all of his money into an investment deal which he lost. The bills were coming in and he had no way to pay them. He was scared and he did not want to be remembered as the man who lost it all. The whispers they had already begun. When he walk into a room everyone became quiet. Screaming would have been better. He could already see the pity in their eyes. He felt like a child but now it will all end.

His pain, his destruction, their stares would be over. Oliver then took a final check over his will and life insurance. Then he got up and walked from his office to his house. When he arrived at his house he took a deep breath then straightened his suit and walked inside. He was greeted by his son showing him a picture a drawing of a whale that he had made at school. It took all of his strength to hold back the tears. He gave him a hug and told him to always remember that his daddy loves him. Then he when to the kitchen where his wife Rachel was preparing supper.

He told her that he loved her and that everything he does is for their family. She then asked what was wrong he replied that he had to go into work again and simply left. Then he took the subway station downtown checking his pocket for his gun that he stole from his boss. There he found was the man who had caused all of his pain. They were alone now and it all would end. Then he drew the gun as the man he had lost his money to pleaded for his life . The fraud then pulled out a briefcase and said, “this is all of your money and everyone else I scammed I am so sorry I did not mean it to go this far”.

Oliver then took the briefcase and looked inside. He found all of his money and more. Suddenly the investor leaped at Oliver overpowering him as a shot rang out. The investor then picked up the gun. Just at that moment, a policeman arrived to investigate the shot and drew his weapon. The policeman spooked the fraud who turned to see who it was. Then the policeman fired once then again . When the smoke cleared Oliver was gone and so was the briefcase. Oliver was so happy and was in disbelief about what he almost did.

Oliver then several blocks later opened the briefcase to look inside but when he did he failed to check the streets. He heard the horn but it was too late and by the time he hit the ground he knew that he was over. He panicked because only now does he realise what truly matters but alas it was too late. One of the passengers asked the lawyer what was the meaning of the story. The lawyer then states that Oliver only lived for money and when it was gone there was nothing to live for. Oliver was too late to realise what really matters in life. His life was worth more to his family than money ever could be.