Herman Miller Essay

1. In most situation, Herman Miller company has to follow the product. It operates at the upper end of office furniture market in more than 100 countries around the world, there are only 10% of the profits from non-North American countries. Its producing team’s effort can be classified as related diversification . Historical cases are used great and is to allow students to categorize or label historical behaviors related to Herman Miller’s products and markets into product development or market development. In the 1950s, Herman Miller has introduced a number of new furniture designs, including those by Alexander Girard , Charles and Ray Eames and George Nelson .

Moreover, in the 1950s, Herman Miller began its first overseas expansion , selling its products in Europe. In the 1960s, Herman Miller introduced for the home and office of a number of new designs. By the late 1960s, Herman Miller has worked with the company responsible for sales and marketing throughout the UK and Scandinavian countries have established a subsidiary in the United Kingdom. According to country-specific circumstances, Herman Miller’s sales volume reached its highest point in 2001 of more than $ 2.2 billion and $ 144 million dollars in profits.

After the dot-com bubble burst and the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the company announced a $ 56 million loss. The company abandoned lifetime employment, laid-off workers and closing factories. These initiatives help companies prepare for the next economic recession began in 2007 for students who examined the 2008 financial situation would think Herman Miller company made $ 15.23 billion to just over $ 2 billion in sales and $ 144 million $ 2.2 billion, though small, 2011 ‘s profit of Herman Miller ‘s strategy and effectiveness of its implementation in 2001 these figures speak.

2. Herman Miller company’s values shape the implementation of the company’s strategy and tactics have played a profound role. This occurred climate policy by creating work. One example is the Paul narrative work who told his story “get your safety glasses back on .” This shows how much has been authorized employees generated different policies. The authorized employees of the company Herman Miller source of sustainable competitive advantage. Herman Miller’s core value are the following parts: Curiosity and exploration- these values by encouraging risk and practice forgiveness under girded. Engagement- This value is about the company, its problems and solutions and has the responsibility to take the first step of “ownership.”

Who cares about the people in their companies and communities. Performance – it works for everyone in Herman Miller. High performance at all levels to enrich their lives, delighting customers and creating value for shareholders. Inclusiveness- to succeed Herman Miller must pay attention to the whole person. The values emanating from Germany baler belief that all workers have the ” special talents and potential.” Design – This related to the “how” of the company to solve the problem. Satisfactory is not enough, the Herman Miller company. Foundation – the company’s importance in the past it has not been ruled.  A better world – Herman Miller to create a better world to live and work study through the pursuit of sustainable development and environmental wisdom. Transparency. If you have a decision, then you let people see how it was done.

3. Herman Miller’s financial performance was good into a recession, and only slightly higher than the published net operating loss during the recession years, once the parts counter. Instead of positive growth in 2011 occurred in net return HMI. Profit fell in 2009 and 2010 HMI, they recovered well publish 150% in 2011, growth in net profit over the same period last year. Competitors are facing similar problems, HMI, but has a strong design and great reputation ergonomic, HMI has obvious advantages.

4. Herman Miller company seems to be doing to attract talented managers and employees, build organizational capacity , link rewards to the excellent work performed before 2003. The first decade of the 21st century began a spectacular Herman Miller, with record profits and sales in 2000 and 2001, Herman Miller’s sales were dropped 34%. While sales continued to decline in 2003, Herman Miller company try to get profitability this year had to abandon its tradition of lifetime employment. About 38 % of the workforce laid off, and the entire plant in Georgia was closed. Herman Miller ‘s sales and profits began to climb from 2003 to 2008. To replace lifetime employment , Volkema, tradition and a lot of other input, the development of the company called the “new social contract.

5. Herman Miller offers several services ranging from the usual, health insurance, unusual, concierge services, non-monetary benefits. There are non-monetary benefits well into the efforts to improve efficiency, reduce costs, hire and retain high-quality workforce strategy. In more normal interest holding HMI competitive employment and help maintain a healthy labor time. Here they are: Long-term care insurance and On-site services Employee assistance programs. 100% tuition reimbursement Flexible spending accounts Life insurance & accidental death insurance Gym membership Short-term & long-term disability insurance Other benefits from the Herman Miller company, are not so common is the 100 percent tuition reimbursement, concierge services (such as dry cleaning, greeting cards and take home for dinner). and Site services (such as massage therapy , banking, personal trainer).

These advantages will undoubtedly help to attract the best talent Herman Miller company, but also help companies retain these talents. In addition, tuition reimbursement to help build the capacity of staff. Concierge and on-site service, allowing employees to focus on work and unnecessary distractions. Employees into the various aspects of the Herman Miller company’s operations, including its product lines, organizational structure, corporate donations and environmental protection measures described culture HMI . You will characterize HMI culture, health , largely support a good strategic execution instructions. Equality reinforcement structure of the company is reflected in the value of the enterprise . Senior management staff to live these values shows that they are willing to accept a pay cut.

6.HMI is a company focuses on people and sustainable development, friendly strategy and strong corporate culture. This is certainly a good strategy for a healthy and supportive implementation. Herman Miller’s corporate culture, continue to generate respect for all employees, and contributed to the pursuit of all holders of mining gifts and skills diversity. Equality reinforcement structure of the company, is the values recuperate. Senior management staff to live these values shows that they are willing to accept a pay cut before the other employees. Herman Miller in culture is characterized by respect, autonomy and responsibility. The company’s talent and employee work-related benefits and social .

7. After a long time, Herman Miller company has created a strong, healthy culture support policy it is being executed. My recommendation is to continue to practice and perfect those business strategy that bring success to Herman Miller. In addition they needed to seek to expand the company’s business in the international market , increase revenue and get more profits and percentage in the global market. For example, in China or India, those developing countries with a large population. And may expand into the high-end office furniture market. It is obviously that for Herman Miller to get more revenue and profit it they they pay more attention on improving this two aspects.