For Cause And Comrades Essay

In James McPherson’s “For Cause and Comrades”, he talks about the various reasons why union and confederate soldiers risked their lives for the civil war. To arrive at his conclusions, McPherson gathered information from over 25,000 letters written by uncensored men on both sides of the conflict as well as nearly 250 private diaries. His … Read more

Political Essay Example

Political socialization is the process by which people learn about politics and acquire political values. It begins at an early age, as children are exposed to family members, friends, teachers, and the media. This exposure continues throughout life, as people encounter new ideas and experiences that shape their views on politics. Education is a major … Read more

Political Essay Example

Today’s society is rife with cheating, deceit, and scandal, as well as covering up cheating, lies, and scandals. It’s no surprise that these traits are prevalent in government given the circumstances. The government is extremely corrupt and the people are not being accurately represented. From my perspective, the government should be based off the people’s … Read more

Social Media And Politics Essay

The impact of social networking and media on political awareness is unquestionable. For years, mass communications was the primary source of political knowledge for individuals. People may now obtain their news and information from a variety of sources, thanks to new technologies such as social networking and media. As a result, an electorate that is … Read more

Political Correctness Essay

“Political Correctness is tyranny with manners. ” – Charlton Heston. Being politically correct is not an extremely popular way of thinking these days. In fact, most people are not politically correct nor do they want to be. There are a few reasons that make sense as to why most choose not to join the politically … Read more

The Party Decides Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Often in political campaigns, political scientists wonder and theorize factors that allow certain individuals to win and become president. Political scientists over several decades and a few centuries completed thought experiments and research subjects that large influence on the election process. Marty Cohen, David Karol, Hans Noel, and John Zaller, writers of The Party Decides, … Read more

19th Century Political Machines Essay

During the 19th century our governments were running under an organized group called political machines. These political machines had controlled the activity of a political party in the city. These groups had functioned like a pyramid, they had a political boss at the top who controlled most activity in the city, in the middle of … Read more

Pierre Trudeau – Prime Minister of Canada

Pierre Trudeau, former Prime Minister of Canada, was once described as “A French Canadian proud of his identity and culture, yet a biting critic of French-Canadian society, determined to destroy its mythology and illusions”. He has also been identified as “A staunch, upholder of provincial autonomy holding the justice portfolio in the federal government”. Such … Read more

The Presidential Election of 1972

The Presidential election of 1972 had two strong candidates, President Richard Nixon and George McGovern. There were many issues which had a great deal of importance to the election. The Vietnam war and the stability of the economy at the time were two main factors. The election ended in one the largest political scandals in … Read more

Political socilization

The person that I interviewed was a priest, Hernan Arias, who is currently a priest in St. Anthony of Padua in Passaic, New Jersey. Hernan believes that he plays a very important role in political socialization. The following is a thorough interview with priest, Hernan Arias and what roles as a priest he plays in … Read more

Richard Nixon

History will inevitably forgive Richard Nixon. Despite his obvious unlawful mistakes, he made a good president. Until 1968, most Americans saw Richard Nixon as a political has-been, a dour pre-McCarthy hunter of Communists. In 1968, however, Nixon won the Presidency by presenting himself as a healer of divisions. He demonstrated that he had greater ability … Read more