Looking Backward Analysis

There are many similarities and differences between Looking Backward and News From Nowhere. The two societies vary in several ways including their attitude towards labor and education. Ultimately the government’s control of its people or lack thereof would allow the societies to fall. The societies lack the ability to advance and grow due to the … Read more

Political Correctness Essay

“Political Correctness is tyranny with manners. ” – Charlton Heston. Being politically correct is not an extremely popular way of thinking these days. In fact, most people are not politically correct nor do they want to be. There are a few reasons that make sense as to why most choose not to join the politically … Read more

Foucault Power Analysis Research Paper

Foucault’s middle period is characterized by analyses of power: the structure of power within society and its distribution, and the way relations of power unfold. The problem is that Foucault seems to imply that all social phenomena, from education, law, policing, discipline, governance (the institutions that form society’s infrastructure), the apparatuses that engender and affect … Read more

Aldo Leopold’s Analysis Essay

Aldo Leopold was a conservationist, forester philosopher, educator, writer and outdoor enthusiast and was among the founding fathers of the North American conservation movement during the first half of twentieth century (Leopold, 1981). He argues that humans are part of a community that includes the land, from the soil to the rivers and seas (Leopold, … Read more

Essay on Hanne Darboven’s Clockwise From Right

The artistic display at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery of Hanne Darboven titled, “Clockwise from right”, proves to bring light upon the thoughts of Friedrich Nietzshe. One of Nietzsche’s important topics includes the idea of a rational and intuitive man. This essay will explore the question of whether Nietzshe was right when he said that rationality … Read more