Pursuit Of Happiness Essay

Everyone’s life is dependent on their own objectives. When someone reaches their goals, it brings them pleasure and contentment. The pursuit of one’s desires is just as gratifying. While preparing for a goal, one imagines the satisfaction of achieving it. Once they’ve completed the objective, the pleasure might not be what they imagined. The ideal … Read more

Dilemma of Determinism

Determinism is a philosophical concept that suggests all events in the universe are caused by previous events. This means that everything, including our own behavior, is predetermined and could not have been otherwise. Determinism has been debated by philosophers for centuries and there are many different arguments for and against it. One argument against determinism … Read more

Greek Contributions

The Ancient Greeks were one of the most influential cultures in the development of modern day society. Many aspects of our culture can be traced back to Ancient Greece, including literature, philosophy, and medicine. In this essay, we will focus on the contributions of Ancient Greek philosophers and physicians to the development of medicine. Ancient … Read more

Man Is The Measure Of All Things Meaning Essay

The Sophists were a group of philosophers who lived in Greece during the 5th century BC. They believed that man was the measure of all things, and that there was no absolute truth. They believed that everything was relative, and that opinions differed from person to person. The Sophists were some of the earliest philosophers, … Read more

Similarities Between Ancient and Modern Philosophy

Philosophy is a field of study that dates back to ancient times. It is concerned with the nature of reality, morality, and the meaning of life. Philosophy has had a profound impact on Western civilization, shaping our views on everything from politics to art. There are many different schools of thought within philosophy, each with … Read more

Essence Of Love Essay

What is love? This is perhaps one of the most asked questions throughout history. Love is a feeling that we all experience at some point in our lives, but what does it really mean? There are many different interpretations of love, but one common thread is that love is a deep emotion felt between two … Read more

Relationship Between Mathematics And Philosophy

The relationship between mathematics and philosophy is an old one, dating back to the dawn of mathematics in ancient civilizations such as Egypt and Mesopotamia. Many mathematicians such as Archimedes were also philosophers or vice versa, such as Thomas Hobbes who made great advances in mathematics but never received a degree in mathematics [1]. For … Read more

John Locke and John Stuart Mill

This essay compares John Locke and John Stuart Mill’s moral theories. It will be shown how Locke is concerned with the consequences of actions whereas Mill focuses on intentions. First, it will be argued that both make use of rules to determine if an act is right or wrong (1). Furthermore, the significance of consent … Read more

Immanuel Kant On Human Nature

Immanuel Kant’s philosophical views of human nature and the ethical systems that govern human actions are primarily summed up in his composition of the “Categorical Imperative. ” By his own logic, Kant attempted to describe the mechanics of nature and the morality of mankind. As Mitchell states: Indeed, as Kant showed us, the world appears … Read more

Callards Dichotomy: The Weakness Of Will Essay

The weakness of will is defined as a lack of self-control or the state of acting against one’s better judgment. Philosophers have debated for years about the philosophical puzzle surrounding the concept of the weakness of will. At the heart of the philosophical puzzle is the dichotomy between acknowledging the best course of action to … Read more

Meaningful Life By Susan Wolff Essay

The Subjective Meaningful Life “What do we want when we want a meaningful life? What is it that makes some lives meaningful, others less so? ” (pg. 1). These are questions we all ask ourselves at some point or another during our lives. We spend the majority of our lives aspiring to achieve a meaningful … Read more

Essay On Lao Tzu

Lao-tzu is one of the most famous philosopher and writer in Chinese history. Also, he was known as the father of Taoism, who wrote the philosophical document “Tao-te Ching”. According to Lao-tzu, the main theory of “Tao-te Ching” is “Tao”. The term “Tao” is not that easy to define which not only simply mean “the … Read more

Life Boat Ethical Analysis Essay

Aristotle, a famous Greek philosopher, had a theory of trying to simplify the task of arguing by dividing and classifying arguments into three types. The three types are called Logos or logic-base, Pathos or emotion based, and Ethos or credibility based. The two classic essays, “Life Boat Ethics” by Garrett Hardin and “A Modest Proposal” … Read more

Essay on Hanne Darboven’s Clockwise From Right

The artistic display at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery of Hanne Darboven titled, “Clockwise from right”, proves to bring light upon the thoughts of Friedrich Nietzshe. One of Nietzsche’s important topics includes the idea of a rational and intuitive man. This essay will explore the question of whether Nietzshe was right when he said that rationality … Read more

Confucian Virtue Ethics Research Paper

Finally I argue that the evidence produced and discussed at length within the thesis provides abundant evidence for strong similarities in Aristotle and Confucius’s outlooks concerning ethics. Emerging from the point that both of their works can be classified as examples of virtue ethics and building upon the numerous areas of convergence between them too … Read more