William Clifford’s The Ethics Of Beliefs

In the most basic sense evidentialism focuses on the justifications, beliefs, conclusions, and the evidence for each of these for any given person. William Clifford’s work, The Ethics of Beliefs, presents his principle of evidentialism and how one must judge the beliefs and justifications rather than consequences. Given Clifford’s definition, counter arguments regarding the necessity … Read more

Pros And Cons Of Rule Utilitarianism

Lost in his own despair, James Liang, an engineer at Volkswagen, stared at his own reflection seeing his life slip right in front of him. After a long day of trial debating whether to accept the consequences or fulfill his duty, James knew this decision will not only change his life but affect many others. … Read more

Kants Moral Theory Essay

Kant’s moral Theory and the problem of divorce by Adrian Navarro Kant’s moral theory says a lot about us people in general. That we should act as if our actions are a “universal law” Every action must have logic and reason, and must think about the greater picture, meaning you must take into consideration what … Read more

Mill And Immanuel Kant Analysis Essay

J. S. Mill and Immanuel Kant each believe that there is only one clear option when faced with a predicament that could cause suffering to other individuals, although what they believe to be morally right is not what you would immediately think to be morally right. According to these philosophers, there are occasionally situations where … Read more

Life With Respect Research Paper

What is being respect? How we show respect? When we need to show respect? Why we show respect? To solve these questions, we need know what is respect is first. Then what is being disrespect? Disrespect is Lack of respect, esteem, or courteous regard. Just opposite to respect. Then is not being respect is always … Read more

David Hume Sympathy Analysis Essay

Sympathy, under Hume’s definition, clearly varies in terms of degree with the different connections the objects of sympathy have with us: we are more able to sympathize with a person close to us than with an indifferent stranger, and we sympathize more readily with our compatriot than with a person from another country with a … Read more

Confucian Virtue Ethics Research Paper

Finally I argue that the evidence produced and discussed at length within the thesis provides abundant evidence for strong similarities in Aristotle and Confucius’s outlooks concerning ethics. Emerging from the point that both of their works can be classified as examples of virtue ethics and building upon the numerous areas of convergence between them too … Read more