Pros And Cons Of Compulsory Voting

The world is faced with a new type of threat. Like a disease, it spreads and seems to have no boundaries. It affects a variety of countries. It threatens republics, democracies, and even monarchies, criticizing their legitimacy until none remains and chaos ensues. This menace is known as low voter turnout. Low voter turnout affects … Read more

Essay On Abolishing The Electoral College

America is not a democracy, although America may say it is. This idea shocks and angers many Americans, however they would be more enraged if it was a true democracy. The definition of a democracy means the majority rules, but if this was how elections operated, the U. S. government would be hectic. The government … Read more

California Democracy Essay

What is democracy? And most importantly is the United States and California Democratic? One of the first societies that exercised democracy was Athens. The Athenian people were democratic and valued political affairs. Thought out 594 B. C. E to 338 B. C. E democracy in Athens flourished. To the Greeks, democracy meant that the people … Read more

American Revolution Dbq Essay

The American revolution happened 200+ years ago, and still reflects on modern day sentiments; to a certain extent. After breaking away from a Britain, America rethought how they wanted to govern themselves, at first choosing a “weak” central government with strong state governments, and then moved into a strong centralized government with lesser powerful state … Read more