Should Prisoners Be Allowed To Vote Essay

The right to vote is a fundamental part of being an American citizen. Prisoners are not only denied the right to vote, they are even denied visitation rights with family members who have committed minor drug-related offenses. Prisoners are often excluded from society entirely both by law and public opinion. The most common argument against … Read more

Pros And Cons Of Compulsory Voting

The world is faced with a new type of threat. Like a disease, it spreads and seems to have no boundaries. It affects a variety of countries. It threatens republics, democracies, and even monarchies, criticizing their legitimacy until none remains and chaos ensues. This menace is known as low voter turnout. Low voter turnout affects … Read more

Essay On Abolishing The Electoral College

America is not a democracy, although America may say it is. This idea shocks and angers many Americans, however they would be more enraged if it was a true democracy. The definition of a democracy means the majority rules, but if this was how elections operated, the U. S. government would be hectic. The government … Read more

Should The Electoral College Be Abolished Dbq Essay

The founding fathers were not gods. Consequently, they were not perfect, and neither were the systems they set up to run the country. Nevertheless, they knew that things would change, and they set up ways to fix the government when needed. In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson wrote that the American people have the … Read more